Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday's Summer Cup results

Photos (Top to Bottom): Corey Smith almost scored for the Knights; Kingborough's Marc Iseli (left) tangles with Knights' Josh Fielding; Zebras' Henry Fagg (right) tackles Olympia's Aaron Percy; A midfield scramble in the Knights versus Kingborough reserves match; Cosmos Paite scored the winning penalty for Knights; Kingborough defende a Knights corner in the reserves match [PlessPix]

Premier League Section Summer Cup

Group A

Olympia Warriors 2 (E Tsakiris 6 pen, J Wiggins 21) b Tilford Zebras 1 (R Self 5)

Group B

Glenorchy Knights 1 (D White 28) b Kingborough Lions United 0

Reserves Summer Cup

Group A

Tilford Zebras 1 (T Macgregor) b Olympia Warriors 0

Group B

Glenorchy Knights 1 (J Barabra 12) dw Kingborough Lions United 1 (J Schuth 27)

[Glenorchy Knights won 5-4 in penalty shoot-out]

Division One Summer Cup

Beachside 2 (B Klasen 2) b University 0

Hobart United 4 (A Guot 2, Thon, G Letiko) b DOSA 0

Steve Hudson Cup

South Hobart 5 (A Brennan 2, Yeong-Sun 2, K Kanakaris) b Launceston City 0

Women’s Summer Cup

Olympia 2-0 Taroona


Anonymous said...

Walter, Reckon you could find out whats happened to Aaron Brezandale and Fabian Lapolla for me?

Anonymous said...

south knights final should be a cracker

frog said...

yeh, cos knights are looking sooo good......naauuught

Anonymous said...

Brazandale moved to Qld and Fabian Uni committments.

Anonymous said...

South to go season undefeated. In centenary year it would be the perfect story. Have they conceeded a goal yet?

Kingborough in dire trouble already. Make no mistake, the lost again today and struggled to overcome Taroona the week before.

Get Charlie White back in there.

Anonymous said...

have knights conceeded either?

Anonymous said...

Not sure if Knights have conceeded but I can see a hat full of goals for South in a 90 minute final.

Knights will have to get man to man and make it physical to disrupt the rhythm. Eagles did a decent job on Saturday and South Will have to learn to break teams down. Get Sethe Otte in there.

Anonymous said...

knights havnt conceeded i the summer cup yet

Anonymous said...

Anyone can sit 10men behind the ball like eagles and nearlly ground out a result in a 60min game.

joke said...

wiggins scored lol

Tommy said...

From a neutral perspective it's great to see Upton playing again, as I understood it he wasn't going to this year, I think he is the fire in South's belly.

@Anonymous 7:45pm 21 games undefeated will be difficult, plus if as Ken has said they're chasing everything rotation might cause a loss somewhere. They'll go close though, they have a very good and deep squad.

Walter, I'd be interested to know how many teams have gone a season undefeated? I know Zebras did it in 04 and only lost one game in 03 (but still didn't win the title that year).

Afroman said...

knights looked in good form and will be a challenge for them going into a summer cup final against south,,, also this is a good result for both knights ad south hobarts reserves and seniors!

Anonymous said...

taroona 3 - rangers 1

Anonymous said...

I know the eagles in the early 90's went undefeated for a 2 year period where they won 4 state league championships in a row.

wag said...

taroona beat rangers?

also is there any chance walter of having some info on tasmanian football wags? some good lookers at the summer cup fixtures so far

Yoda said...

Defensive shape liked of borough i did. The transition from defense to attack improvement needed however.

Game picked up after saving of penalty.Great football conditions today they were.

Anonymous said...

I have a record of teams undefeated in a league season (wins only,no draws). Metro in 1950, then Caledonians in 1956, and Launceston Juventus in 1969.
A feat with today's competitive league looks almost impossible.

Anonymous said...

Undefeated runs

Eagles went undefeated for the last 15 of 1988, all 18 games of 1989 and the first 2 or 3 in 1990 - a total of 35 or 36

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Women's Summer Cup Premier League

Taroona 0 Olympic 2

This was a close game between two evenly matched teams.

Taroona did well to stifle Olympic's passing game in midfield. There was considerable off the ball pressure exerted by Taroona. Holly Ayrton lead the Taroona midfield in closing down Olympic's irrepressible, midfield general, Vanessa Johnson. To stifle her, is a key part of winning any game against Olympic.

Ayrton's strengths are to negate opposition midfielders from playing, and, beating players one on one. Her range of passing is not equal to Johnson's and the Olympic player's ability to bring team-mates into the game.

The distance between the lines was pretty tight. Olympic have been used to playing with more time and space in midfield against most teams encountered last season.

Hannah Manuela was very effective at the back for Taroona in repelling Olympic's thrusts and marshalling the rest of the defence. She is finding it easier being screened by a stronger midfield than last year at South Hobart. Manuela is the key figure in a strong defence, whereas Olympic's is more of a collective effort. Taroona kept the usually dynamic Bliss Cantrell, very quiet.

Some of Olympic's regular players have been training spasmodically in preseason and it showed. With the rapidly improving young Clarence side, augmented this season by the capable Dixon sisters, and the strong Taroona side, not to mention other strengthened squads in the Southern Premier League, they will struggle to remain unbeaten this season.

Nevertheless, the Olympic defence, which kept rotating positions, yet keeping its compact shape, of Adele Jarvis, Ellie Longo, Nicole Hale and Natalie Price, were effective in containing Taroona shooting from distance, unless from set pieces. This defence was pretty miserly last year in preventing teams scoring against them. Nothing has changed. The distancing, cohesion and compact nature of the line, not to mention the individuals' positional play, makes this defence very difficult to penetrate. They also play out well from the back. Han Berger would be pleased!

Olympic have also added the impressive Maddie Jonah as a goalkeeper, which has strengthened their defence even more. Taroona, to their credit, put them under more sustained pressure than they were used to.

Taroona's impressive Ashley Tolman went close early in the match from a superb header. But it was the always dangerous Sarah Morris who converted with an accurate shot to beat the Taroona goalkeeper.

A short time later Hannah Manuela cleared off the line to prevent Olympic from scoring again. this involved great anticipation and reading of the game by the Taroona defender.

Half time: Taroona 0 Olympic 1.

In the second half the usually dominant Olympic midfield was probably outplayed, until McNeill was hacked down in the penalty box from a fast break down the left flank. The ref pointed to the spot and Johnson converted a well taken penalty to make Olympic two goals up.

Taroona created a lot of pressure by defending from the front, preventing Olympic from executing their renowned 8-12 pass sequences from one end of the pitch to the other, which demonstrates excellent teamwork to create the effective passing lanes to achieve this end.
Hopefully, Olympic will be able to repeat this pleasing feature of their game from last season in 2010, as it is good to watch. Often Olympic's possession game involves deft and technical, continental one and two pass sequences. This needs to manifest more frequently in Tasmania in the premier leagues of both genders.

Olympic started to control more possession towards the end of the game. They won a hard fought match played in good spirit.

The Women's Premier League is gaining more depth. This augurs well for the future of women's football. The standard should continue to improve as the ambitious challengers try to knock Olympic of its pedestal.

Anonymous said...

good to see Emmanual Tsakiris getting some game time. Hope this continues into the season proper. He seems to be improving all the time. i believe he is only 16?

Anonymous said...

Did Riverside Olympic play in the Women's Summer Cup?
Or was Anon referring to Olympia??

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is right, Eagles were almost unbeatable between 1988-91. However,they choked when playing arch rival Juventus. Their 1988 run came to an end with a loss in the State KO Cup (Qtr Final) to Juventus 0-1. The next year saw them loose the Summer Cup to Juventus 1-2. A winning run of 24 games (23 won 1 drawn) was stopped by guess who, Juventus. This time Eagles lost the end of season Cadbury Cup 1-2.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
good to see Emmanual Tsakiris getting some game time. Hope this continues into the season proper. He seems to be improving all the time. i believe he is only 16?

Emmanuel has just turned 17.

It seems as if Jakob Malakoff, the 17 year old NT Eagles premier league player, has retired from football.

Anonymous said...

Keith, the Eagles unbeaten run I was referring to was purely league games

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I can guarantee, unequivocally, that Dirk didn't write the Taroona/Olympia match report.

Walter can substantiate this.

Anonymous said...

I can guarantee, unequivocally, that Dirk didn't write the Taroona/Olympia match report.

Walter can substantiate this.

Some of us can only access this site through Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

did Brezandale move to live there?

Walter said...

Dirk did not write the report.