Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday's Summer Cup Results

Photos (Top to Bottom): Taroona's Hugo Luttmer (left) chases Kingborough's Marcus Bremner; Olympia's Aaron Smith-Richardson gets in a cross ahead of South Hobart's Greg Downes (left) and Bart Beecroft [PlessPix]

Premier League Section Summer Cup

Group A

South Hobart 4 (K Kanakaris 19, L Scott 26, J Lo 32, 37) b Olympia Warriors 0

Group B

Kingborough Lions United 1 (Greg Freeman 6) b Taroona 0

Premier Reserves Section Summer Cup

Group A

South Hobart 0-0 Olympia Warriors

[South Hobart won penalty shoot-out 7-6]

Group B

Kingborough Lions United 3 (B Nelson, T Wailes, C Hughes) b Taroona 0

Division One Section Summer Cup

Group B

Beachside 2-1 Hobart United

University 4-0 Northern Suburbs DOSA


Anonymous said...

taroona had signed croswell they wouldve won 40-1

Anonymous said...

yeah well they didn't and they lost 1-0! and will lose every game all season while south reserves looked strong today or not after their star player seth otte obviously has taken his mind elsewhere

Anonymous said...

South put out its kiddies team for the reserves match. I thought they did well against an Olympia outfit with plenty of experience.

Brian Young said...

At times, South Hobart was quite clinical in attack, scoring some good clean goals after great interchange play in the build-ups.

However, Olympia was far from disgraced though, & harassed well for most of the match. Four nil was a little harsh, but South's neat one touch attacks had to be admired.

South Hobart is still the team to beat.

Anonymous said...

South look like a team that have been going for months. Couple of bizzare goals today pushed the score to the limit of what South deserved. South will probably put an entirely different team out tomorrow and still win.

Richard Bennett said...

agreed Brian

although I thouht South were sloppy at times and that may be an issue with a very full program of pre season and 2 pre season cup campaigns.

still very comfortable today.

good to see geordie legend Stephen Binns involved today also.

howay the lads!

Anonymous said...

extra needed on Olympia bench for the interpreter.

Anonymous said...


very funny I thnk you are - NOT

roundball said...

New faces at olympia - new captain also?

oh............and lovin' you Yoda

Yoda said...

Apologies. Disapointed i was at the game.

More from olympia i hoped. said...

i am shattered that i wont get to see daniel white marking a post tomorrow and i wonder if eamonn has looked at this situation at training as i know that he sees his professional post markers as a key part of his gameplan

Anonymous said...

Good choice of captain for olympia today... im sure the experienced players would have loved taking orders from a 16 year old... However good to see a bit of youth in the olympia team, trying to play football, but south and knights are still the teams to beat. should be a good final.
and Anon @ 8.53pm... lol...
Clarence to take points from knights tomorrow.

omg said...

seriously who do south hobart think they are wearing manchester united colours now, seriously get a life

Anonymous said...

sth hobart are streaks ahead of everyone and morton streaks ahead coaching wise so who cares what they wear for example who are olympic to wear the greek national strip and who are knights to wear croatian strips and who are zebras to wear juventus shirts and who are metro to be gaylords

Anonymous said...

Agree with omg,
South are looking alot like Man U now days. What happened to south wearing blue and red.
I guess we should start calling them the red devils!!!

Anonymous said...

Hugh Richardson is Olympia captain for 2010.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 9:34

how can you say that sth and nites are teams to beet and then say clarence will beet nites?

zebras and clarence deserve to be faves to fite out 2nd and 3rd.

Anonymous said...

walter would you be interested in doing an article on eightball as a blogger? it could have the headline "eightball goes public"

frog said...

not sure why so many bad comments on teroona. only saw second haf today but they look ok. but am still looking forward to playin them

Anonymous said...

not much been said about dwayne walsh in a while? has he lost his scoring ability?

Anonymous said...

This does nothing to make anyone want to take Tasmanian Soccer seriously looking at the illeterate and verging on rascist comments. I wait for the Tasmanian Super League where it consists of South Hobart one, South Hobart Two, South Hobart Three (the illegitimate offspring of the two prior clubs , and a couple of TIS kids teams.You all have delusions of grandeur. I played soccer here in the seventies, it was bad then but 40 years later and it's worse.

finally some sense said...

anon i think a super league would be brilliant and i know several associations that would be all for it

Hugo said...

good to see you deleting some of the rubbish off the site walter.

well done!