Sunday, February 7, 2010

South Hobart do double over Olympia in pre-season friendlies today

South Hobart beat Olympia Warriors 3-0 in a pre-season friendly this afternoon.

The goals came from David Abbott, Josh Heerey and Greg Downes.

“We were just ordinary,” said South Hobart coach, Ken Morton. “We’ve got to get some cohesion.

“We experimented with a midfield diamond, but we’ve got some learning to do before it gets serious next week.

“Olympia made us work hard.

“They stuck to their job and played to instructions and they showed some good signs for the future.”

Adam Powell played for Olympia, as did some of last year’s first-teamers such as Youssef Mohamad and Dmitri Nester.

In the reserves, South Hobart beat Olympia Warriors 14-0.

Andy Brennan netted five goals, Colin Wain four, Andy King and Mizael Linhares Caires two each, and Elliott Lovell one.

South’s reserves included players such as David Cooper, Jonathon Ladic, Matthew Brown and Mark Moncur.


Captain said...

I think the ressies was 14 and if you add up the goals by socrer in the article that's 14.

Olympia was obviously outclassed with 1/2 dozen players unavailable on the day and up against a very strong outfit.

Walter said...

Thanks, Cahill. I obviously can't count! All fixed.

Anonymous said...

ladic playing ressies cant see him staying at south

Anonymous said...

first half south looked very ordinary, just the 1 goal considering that 90 percent of their regular senior players played, and olympia without chris, peter or fletcher also their first time playing together as a team! good signs for olympia.

Captain said...

south looked pretty slick all day and should have scored 6. theyre only problem is how to keep all them great midfielders at the club

cant believe colin played for south at 2 and then wnet and played for beachside. how long will kenny put up with that

Anonymous said...

Although not a bad result whispers of trouble in house at Olympia. Coach and possibly president have upset a certain group of key senior players. Namely 4-5 who have been the foundation of the club for well over 5 years and some 10+ (no prizes for guessing names). Interesting to see what develops here after hearing rumours these players may still not commit after the summer cup if things dont improve.


Anonymous said...

The best thing to ever happen is the appointment of Chris Hey at Olympia. He has given no favoritism and also committed players to training setting simple rules like 'If you dont train you dont play'.

To many player at Olympia think they are better than they are and think they dont have to train.

Keep it up Chris!!!!!

Interested said...

Anonymous at 5.08 .
Those 4 or 5 you are talking about seem to be the ones who have set the foundation , as you put it,for the poor results and lack of commitment that has been Olympia's achilles heel for the last 5-6 years.
Chris has a huge job ahead and many more will be disappointed before they turn the corner.

Anonymous said...

No problems at Olympia. Everyone is training and trying to get a senior berth for the start of the season (forget the summer cup).

Competition is good. It is what our society is built on.

Anonymous said...

What a load of SHIT, of course Chris Hey has his favourites..... Lets see how the Olympic seniors go without those 4-5 players i know u are talking about.

Time will tell,......

Anonymous said...

Olympia will be mid table this year, fletcher,grillas will be welcome inclusions. Still worry about depth and Defence.

Mr Hey seems to be doing a good job there lets not judge now n see what happens at the end of the year. Everything takes time...

P.S. How much is people paying for rego??

Anonymous said...

I am not sure if you are realising what may be happening, is it not obvious all the youngsters have been promised a seniors chance at some stage.....ready or not. just ask the real 'senior' players'with a bit of ability.

Hey is ignorant of what is happening in front of him in dividing new from old with his different aproach towards each individual there.

It is a very real fact that the clubs best players are simply not happy and if the committee and coaching staff dont realise that the outcome will be disasterous for the whole club.


Who cares said...
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Anonymous said...

Every coach has favourites. They're the ones that train hard and give 100%. Isn't that what he's looking for?

It would be disasterous George (to use your rather dramatic terminology) if a handful of "real" senior players (whoever you think they may be) managed to derail a new coach's direction.

4 stages of change - Storming, Forming, Norming, Performing. Move out of the storm George because change is happening and most people at the Club are already at stage 4.

Chris hey said...

Anonymous (very brave of U) posts5.08 / 7.13 / 8.32 your full of CRAP!!!
Setting and announcing rules prior to a ball being kicked, gives individuals an opportunity to make decisions based on set parameters.
Senior selections for the Summer cup have simply been based on these simple rules.
Note I am trying to keep it simple for U.
Creating some genuine competition amongst club players, I would hope improves commitment/enhances competition for senior spots and better club environment.

Sound like U are talking about a potential player revolt. That will not happen because I know the integrity of the players U are referring to and know they will be committed to the 2010 season.

Are U one of these "real senior" players who lack ability and therefore are concerned at to where you stand in the bigger picture? or are you concerned you may actually have to get off your arse & work for a position?

You talk about favourites and youngsters who play whether ready or not. 3 x 16 Yr old lads played yesterday and all stood up to the test. All had attended atleast 15 training sessions.
Succession planning - look it up.
Not bitter - just getting even.

PS 3 of 20 trainings does not give a person the right for a senior game.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame Chris you are drawn to retort to such a cowardly wanker.

Keep up the good work and don't let the bastards get you down.

I see last years players training hard. That's what we all want to see. I agree with you there is integrity in that group - George may be on his own.

Anonymous said...

Foundation of Olympia happened a long time ago. Contrary to what you may believe no one is bigger than the club regardless of his or her surname. President and his Committee are doing a good job putting the pieces back together and creating a different culture for the club to move forward. Coach Hey and President of the club have the respect of players and supporters to continue down the current path of changing the rules of how Olympia operates. In short good things are happening.

Anonymous said...

On a more positive note the mentioning of Kosta Grillas back and also Fletcher Tracy returning is good news for the team/club. Kosta will always score goals and fletch wil bring a stronger and harder tackling presence in the centre. Is it true that Chris Kumpalainen is also playing again? I rememeber him from a few years ago as a very skillful centre midfielder.

old knight said...

Chris, RE:
'3 of 20 trainings does not give a person the right for a senior game'
Glenorchy Knights have players who hardly train. These players must feel they are already a sure selection under Kelly. Don't misread, I love playing alongside these guys, they have been my team mates for a decade.. but it turns out it's not about commitment, but how close you are to the coach at Knights. Training sessions have been average, with little variation and players consistently standing around waiting..
Kamba only turned up to training last week and is already in the senior squad, when people of similar ability have been training since November.
Kelly playing Goran and both the Shermans in the senior team against Nelson on Sunday when all three of them will not be there by the start of the season is concerning considering the amount of players they had, Kelly must not have any faith in the ressies team or any of the kids coming up through the system.

it's all greek to me said...

Chris H, stuff the naysayers. Stick to your guns, Athens wasnt built in a day (well, you know what mean)

Anonymous said...

Obviously the comments about not training and thinking we are too good are aimed at Peter and myself. We have never thought we are bigger than the club (no one is). We have both been with the club for a while now and in regards to training we have been the regulars who have trained week in week out. This year could be a bit different now that we both have young families, soccer takes a back seat and always will now. We do not expect a senior spot if we can not commit 100%.

Chris Tsakiris

gag said...

the less said about the reserves scoreline the better, other than Olympia obviously played a few who will probably be playing U19's this season whereas South fielded a v.strong side even with 3 or 4 injuried regulars on the sidelines. Wouldnt be suprised if that reserves side could finish top 4 in the SPL if FFT allowed such indulgences!

Senior lineup for South was outright scary in terms of quality but I'm guessing 3-0 would have been more satifying for the coach in blue.

Anonymous said...

Chris T - I hope you can find the time. New at the Club looking forward to seeing you playing alongside ...

Please find time for baby and football.