Monday, February 22, 2010

Knights almost certain of appearance in final after downing Clarence

Photos (Top to Bottom): Clarence's Alex Nandan (left) and Knights' Andrew Robb; Knights' Amadu Koroma tries to get past Clarence's Ben Parker; Knights' Corey Smith (right) tangles with Clarence's Ben Parker; Knights' Anthony Grundy (left) exchanges pleasantries with Clarence's Luke Cripps; Knights' Anthony Grundy about to be booked by Mr Galloway; Clarence's Luke Cripps shields the ball from Knights' Alex Holmes; Clarence's Matt Lewis goes for a run; Knights' Josh Fielding wrestling with Clarence's Sam McIntyre; Clarence's Sam McIntyre goes for a tumble after a confrontation with Knights' James Sherman; Knights' youngster Andrew Robb controls the ball on his instep as Clarence duo Alex Nandan and Luke Cripps charge in; Knights' Amadu Koroma (left) battling for possession in midfield with Clarence's George Stevens [PlessPix]

Premier League Section Summer Cup (Group B, South Hobart, Sunday, 21 February 2010)


Glenorchy Knights 1 (A Holmes 45)

Clarence United 0

HT: 0-0 Att: 150 Ref: P Galloway

Glenorchy Knights: Tatnell - Dzelalija, Grundy, Holmes, J Huigsloot - T Sherman, J Sherman, Fielding, Roberts - Smith, Koroma [Interchange: Robb, Garth, Hope] [Coach: Eamonn Kelly]

Clarence United: Sweeney - Toghill, Lewis, Parker, A McIntyre - Stevens, S McIntyre, L Huigsloot, Nandan - Cripps, Hamlett [Interchange: Rees, Ling, Reibel, Sweetten] [Coach: Andrew Brown]


Glenorchy Knights beat Clarence United 1-0 in this Group B match to top the group with six points and place one foot in the Summer Cup final.

Alex Tatnell, the Knights keeper and a former Clarence player, had little to other than to punch clear a couple of corners.

The Knights could and should have scored a few more goals, but they were guilty of poor finishing.

Corey Smith headed a good cross from Josh Fielding over the bar after just three minutes.

Fielding was in fine form, defending well at set-pieces and showing creativity in attack. He was an inspiration to his team-mates and looked like a Vic Tuting Silver Medal winner.

In the 19th minute, Will Roberts put an effort over the bar following Amadu Koroma’s pass, which created the opening.

Nine minutes after the resumption, Fielding fed Smith, who turned beautifully, only to blaze high and wide of the target.

Defender Alex Holmes ventured forward in the 41st minute but fired wide after Koroma had flicked the ball on from a position wide on the right.

Midway through the second half, a shot by James Sherman took a slight deflection for a corner.

Fielding took the corner from the right and Holmes popped up to head it home from 10 metres to give the Knights a 1-0 lead.

Smith had a shot blocked by keeper Cameron Sweeney8 minutes from the end as the Knights continued to dominate in the areas that mattered.

In the final minute, they created another good chance when Brendan Garth crossed low from the left and picked out Andrew Robb, but the youngster fired well over the bar.


· Glenorchy Knights coach, Eamonn Kelly, said:

“It was the same as last week. It’d be nice if we put 60 minutes together.

“I thought we were unlucky. A fair result would have been three nil.

“We missed a couple of goals in the first half and certainly missed two or three in the second.

“It’s starting to come together slowly. We’re building week by week by week.

“We can see that we want to play football, and that’s what we’re here for. We’re not here just to keep bombing balls in the air. We’re here to play football with a bit of patience and definitely with a bit of discipline.”

· Clarence United coach, Andrew Brown, said:

“I thought it was quite a dour, uninspiring game.

“We weren’t functioning well in the final third.

“We were managing okay and competing well, but we weren’t as creative and we weren’t as bright.

“Chris Hunt coming back in for us will be great, while Julian McMahon is back in training and Cannamela will be back next week and Andy Baron the week after.

“We’re building towards the future and I feel good that we’ve blooded these kids, but as for the game itself, I thought we made some elementary errors defensively which allowed them a lot of space.

“We weren’t organised and we weren’t bright and going forward we were naive in the way we tried to break them down, even though we had a lot of possession in the first twenty minutes.”


eightball said...

jackson marsh will not even need to bother testing eamons patience at training this week as he had his wisdom teeth taken out yesterday so will not be in contention for the weekends game

Anonymous said...

8ball is it true you could be making your comeback this weekend for a premier league team?

Anonymous said...

Team nominations closed last Friday.
Does anyone know the Nominations for Div-1. Premier League should be a given.
But you'd think FFT would post the Div 1 Noms.......
Nah sorry that was a stupid comment.

eightball said...

anon 10.26- why aren't you posting under the teacher now?? it is true what gets said on here- i am a hack and retired. i have no intentino on chucking the boots on again. some things are more important than football. but this is the southern premier league, so who knows

Anonymous said...

Walter, I came down from NSW over the weekend to attend the game... and boy was i shocked. From what i saw of the Knights & Clarence game... the standard has dropped a great deal from the 80's. The refereeing was very ordinary. One of the knights players got a card for a tackle..yes it wasnt the best but when the clarence players did exactly the same thing ... the ref just played on, then the clarence player then came and patted the ref on the back .. like saying thanks. Can you also let me know if the rules of the game have changed, where it's now the linesmans job, to come onto the field and move the players back off the ball when the ref is to busy walking away with his back to play.... this happened twice.

Also what do they teach the young kids now???? the where on numerous occasions times when a ball was passed to a player...and they couldnt even trap it... this is very basc stuff.. Have we gone away from teach players how to do the basics or are we now only trying to teach them how to look good and to act like babies if they get tackled. I think a lot of the players need to toughen up a bit and stop moaning.

If a game was held between two teams ... one from the 80's and one from current players .... the 80's would win hands down ... and Brian Clarkson refereeing. We would have to bring a lot of dummies for the current they could spit a few out when they dive for a free.

relegated eagle said...

fielding looked slow and unfit to me and he was one of knights worst while i thought holmes was brilliant as was huigsloot who showed clarence what they are missing some of the players struggled in the clarence line up and maybe its time for browny to go

Anonymous said...

wat did holmes do that was so brilliant?

eightball said...
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eightball said...

anon great post.

relegated eagle- fish had about 5 good games last year, but its not his fault thats all you need to do to win a vic trophy now.

holmes will get worked against better strikers. if he wants to continue to be one of the better centre backs in the league, his game needs work

Bruno said...
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Bruno said...

Fish had a very good 2nd half on sunday, I dont know what game some of you guys were watching.

Anonymous said...

sorry walter but is there any way we can find out wat the two removed comments were... it must of been good if it was taken off? hhaaha

Anonymous said...

maybe fishy doesnt realise what affect he has on the playing group. it stemmed all the way into reserves where jackson marsh missed a one on one then hacked a player for no reason as he was a bit hot under the collar

wolf the dentist stanton said...

marsh didnt have his wisdom teeth out he was hit by a mick morley bouncer at cricket on the weekend and has a broken jaw

Anonymous said...

Anon from NSW, you obviously haven't been anywhere near the Laws of the Game for a while if ever.
1. They are not called linesmen, they are Assistant Referees. and
2. The laws clearly state that the Assistant can assist the referee by getting players back the required distance.

bed wetter said...

Anon 2.38 pm

wat did holmes do that was so brilliant?

well he scored the winner and kept cripps quiet all game.
btw the score was 1-0 to the knights, incase you missed that too ;)

1 hand 1 bounce duh said...

browny didnt shake hands with the knights players after the match on sunday! he must of been abit upset the poor bugger :(

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:55 ... thanks for that about the assistant ref... and by the way .... i've done quiet a bit when it comes to football, probably more than you ever will. But you just keep on watching ... one day you might get there

soccer TENNIS said...

i know a few ex clarence boys wanted to shake his hand! haha

smithers ol man said...

True the refs and there assistants can and do help each other out but these professed well trained officials need to leave there (ill get even with you on saturday) attitude out of the game .
Too many times a card is issued for garbage when play on should occur and its so easy to see that the ref got even for a bad night at isobar were he missed out on the girl haha.
Come on guys be professional or at least consistent it may improve players respect for you.
ok now ive had my dig (rare occurance) at the refs it was good to hear the nights looked good and showed some nice play.
look forward to seeing the south - knights game when it happens

Soccer Volley said...

Brown must copy Morton in his post match comments, he says Clarence weren't bright enough, Morton just about always says his team was bright etc.
Fish is brilliant, a real leader on the pitch. Not many of these around in the Tassie game.
PS - what was the score in Soccer Tennis at Knights training last night?

Yoda said...

I dont know what much more you can ask from a centre half, holmes kept his man to absolutly no sight of goal. Scored one himself and managed to conduct himself in a decent manner.

I think some people need to realise that players cannot be expected to play 10/10 every game and you dont just go from a 6 to 10 straight away. It needs to be worked and earned.

It is all about consistancy and being consistantly dependable and reliable. To use Alex as an example he did he first job, (defensive) didnt give the ball away and provided and attacking threat. A silly comment really eh!

That is why fish was good.

Anon 4.45. Pointless arguing like that mate what do you need to prove :)

ow puddles on the pitch said...

i think the team in yellow won by 5points in the soccer tennis at the knights training! tony and fishys serves were amazing.. sid had no chance and danny not tall enough

Roy said...

i believe soccer tennis ended up 1 - love to the orange team finishing with a golden point (next point wins!). Such a low score due to wet and greasy conditions with a steady drizzle, it was also a very firey game with at least thirty points deducted by the big man in the chair, Mr kelly.

rodger federer said...

puddles sort your napper out

Anonymous said...

Relegated Eagle

Your two posts sound like you have a bit of the green eye monster in you!!! maybe Jealous of Fielding

sticky tape said...

yeah eagle boy shhh shh sh .. sh shhhh shhh, fish is amazing such a good soild player! has led the way for the knights and is a good role model on bus trips! luv you fish

Anonymous said...

NSW Anon

Fighting words, shame you still don't know anything about the Laws.

Anonymous said...

Looks as if J.Hugs performance agaisnt his old team will make Browny regret losing him even more.

Anonymous said...

What the summer cup has told us all is that the whole competition needs to be revamped.

No supporters, average standard and no publicity or advertising.

State league pre season comp or full season required urgently. Some new ideas need to come from the FFT office.

What about a system like the State league Aussie rules where bus company provides transport as their sponsorship. It immediately wipes out the travelling costs.

Surely there must be something to reinvigorate Tassie soccer.

State league: South, Juve, NTE, Croatia, Clarence ,Olympia, Devonport, Laun City, Nth Rangers and Somerset.

Div 1 South: TIS, Metro, DOSA, Rapid, Kingbor, Taroona, Hobart Utd, Beachside, Nelson and University.

How I long for the great days at South Hobart where we lined to get in the ground to watch the likes of Gilbert, Snowy, Molly and McGinn from Devonport play against Juve featuring stars like Pace, Lapolla, Falzon and Pullen.

There were even back to back senior games increasing the crown numbers and inetrest. The bbq and wet area's were packed!

Sadly it is only when our great friend, Walter, digs into the archives that we will see those times again.

Anonymous said...

it will say knights young gunn garth is a 50/50 to play this weekend as he has a broken buttox and apparently fft wont let him on the feild with the donut made for the buttox

Anonymous said...

Kelly outcoached Brown.

Anonymous said...

worth having a look everybody.