Friday, February 12, 2010

Zebras begin defence of their Summer Cup title against league champions South Hobart

Tilford Zebras are the kings of the Summer Cup, having won the trophy for the past three seasons.

They begin their attempt to make it four pre-season trophies in a row at South Hobart on Saturday at 2.30pm when they take on league champions South Hobart in Group A of the competition in what promises to be a thriller.

They will have a new man in charge in Romeo Frediani, who coached the reserves last year.

Frediani realises he has big shoes to fill now that Nick Lapolla has handed him the reins, but he is looking forward to the challenge and does not mind taking on the league champions in the first match.

“I am confident,” Frediani said from Queensland this evening, where is doing some work.

“We’ve had a good pre-season. It’s been a long pre-season.

“I’m ready to start, and I think the players are ready to start, so we’ve got to start some time and it may as well be against South Hobart.

“We don’t have any injuries and I have a full squad from which to choose.

“It’ll be a strong squad. The other night, when we played Knights, I had a squad of about 20 odd players to choose from, so we’ve definitely got a full squad.

“I can’t see why we cannot win the trophy for a fourth year in a row.

“I’ve got big boots to fill, I suppose, with Nick gone and trying to keep up with his record.

“But, yeah, I don’t see why we can’t. The confidence is there, and the players are confident, so I don’t see why we can’t do it.

“Ken [Morton] taught me well when I was young and I haven’t forgotten what he taught me.

“We’ll see.”

Frediani confirmed that Troy Kaden would be in goal and that Ben Crosswell would play.

The Tilford Zebras squad is: Troy Kaden, Henry Fagg, Ryan Smith, Andrew Telega, Kurt Engels, Ben Crosswell, Ricky Self, Matt Hall, Luke Engels, Jayden Welch, Dwayne Walsh, Ashley Fisher, Josh Thorpe, Adam Young.

The South Hobart squad will be: Sam Kruijver, Josh Heerey, Daniel Brown, Hugh Ludford, Liam Scott, Matthew Brown, Bart Beecroft, Greg Downes, Jonathon Ladic, Jim Pennicott, Kostas Kanakaris, Shae Hickey, Jonathon Lo, David Cooper, Garry Upton, Andrew King.

“We’re looking forward to it,” said South Hobart coach, Ken Morton.

“They’re obviously the cup team, having won the Summer Cup a few times in the last few years.

“We expect a hard game. We understand that they’re very fit and strong.

“With Crosswell and Walsh, you’ve always got to be on your toes because they’re good strong strikers and good finishers.

Morton conceded that his team had probably had the best preparation of all the sides, but he did not want them to be at their peak yet.

“We don’t want to be fighting fit at this stage, where we’re bursting out of our skins,” Morton said.

“But, we believe we’re in good condition. We’ve had good preparation and, while I’ve played a lot of players, we feel whatever combination we put out, that combination has generally played together at some time, be it a training match or be it a practice match.

“I think we’re in good shape.

“We have some little injuries. Tom Roach is not there, and David Abbott, because of a few little knocks, but hopefully they’ll be fresh for Sunday as well, so we’re just trying to juggle a little bit.”

Clarence United will be missing some players from last season when they take on Kingborough Lions United at South Hobart at 11.30am on Sunday in a Group B match.

“I’ve got a few out this week,” said Clarence coach, Andrew Brown.

“Changes from last year are Chris Hunt out, Alex Nandan from the TIS in, Julian McMahon out, Adam McIntyre in, and Michael Moschogianis retired, and Cameron Sweeney from TIS in.

“It’s hard to say how we’ll go against Kingborough.

“We’ve only had two hit-outs. One was against the TIS and the other was against Taroona.

“It’ll be a good test. We’re looking forward to it.

“We’ve got very good mental strength for young boys and we’re looking forward to playing a real game, where there’s a winner and a loser.

“We’re not going into the game to lose. We’re going in it to win it.

“Other players not available or injured are Sam Cannamela, David Hoppitt and Andy Barron.

“But, we’ve got good depth, so we’re looking at blooding kids.”

Clarence lost 5-4 to the TIS and beat Taroona 1-0.

The TIS game was purely to assist the TIS before they attended the Institute Challenge in Canberra, so Clarence played to the requirements of the TIS in terms of tactics and formation.

“Technically, it was a hit-out for Dean [May, the TIS coach] and the TIS players,” said Brown.

Clarence reached last year’s Summer Cup final, where they lost 4-3 to Tilford Zebras.

The Kingborough Lions United squad is: David Leamey, Ross Hinkley, Andrew Davies, Isaac Lucas, Michael Palmer, Marc Iseli, Trent Pearce, Ryan Bevan, Marcus Bremner, Greg Freeman, Tom McDonald.

“It should be a good game,” said Kingborough coach, Geoff Freeman.

“They finished quite strongly last year and I’m imagining they’re pretty keen to build on that.

“We’re looking to try and start the season quite positively as well and the Summer Cup is an extension of our pre-season. Not that you want to play it down, but that’s what it is really.

Marcello Marchioli will be in the reserves, while Brett Andrews will be rested as Saturday night is his 21st birthday party.

Damien Pearce has a sprained ankle and will miss the opening match.

In Group A, New Town Eagles meet Olympia Warriors in the main game on Sunday at 2.30pm.

The Eagles squad is: Nathan Pitchford, Mark Page, Andrew Clark, Steve Louden, Chris Wass, Alexander Leszczynski, Joshua Quon, Ethan Menzie, Jacob Clamp, Matthew Fennell, Jamie Vernon, Josh Hadfield, Michael Anderson, Shane Kent, Adam McKeown and Ben Whitehall.

“They’ve got a very young side, but they can run, run, run,” said Eagles coach, George Krambousanos.

“He’s got them very fit and they’re very good little runners.

“They gave South a bit of a headache for at least three-quarters of the game in a practiced match last weekend.

“This game will be only 30 minutes each way and anything can happen. The runners can win a game like this, compared to skilful players.

“We are missing four very good players who could probably make it anywhere else. They are Nick Ferrall, Jacob Malakoff, Cormac Collins and Alex Gordon.

“We’ve trained well and have been averaging over 30 players each training session, but when these four players are out, it gives another four players the chance to come in.

“Everyone has been attending training and everything has been really good. We finished off with very good vibes.

“It’s a Summer Cup and we’ve only had one practice match, against South, and we had a few players missing in that game.

“I suppose it’s the same scenario as last year when we only had one practice game.

“The positive thing is we’ve got Nathan Pitchford back and also we have Michael Anderson and Shane Kent, three players we missed last year at this time.

“I think we can beat them, but I’m not going to take anything away from Chris [Hey] and his players. I was impressed with their running style that they had in the game I saw and also with their quickness to the ball and to the player with the ball.

“It’s 30 minutes each way and it’s going to be hard, but I think we can beat them, and we should, too, really.”

Olympia have added Emmanuel Tsakiris to their squad, but the club still has not received a clearance for their Zimbabwe player, Warren Wadawu.

“We’ve got a couple of changes from last week’s squad, and I was pretty happy with the way we played last week,” said Olympia coach, Chris Hey.

“We certainly need to have more penetration in the front third. That probably let us down a little bit last week.

“But, we’re confident and there’s no reason why we can’t play to the standard we did last week and, if we can penetrate a little bit more in that front third and get some shots on target, then it should be a good game.

“I haven’t seen Eagles play, but I know they’re a young side so they’ll have a lot of mobility across the park and we’ll see how we go.”

In Group B, Taroona meet Glenorchy Knights at South Hobart at 11.30am on Saturday.

“We’re a little bit stretched this weekend,” said Taroona coach, Ben Horgan.

“There’s last-minute panic about getting people registered in time and all that sort of rubbish.

“It’ll be a bit lightweight. It’ll be a big challenge against the Knights.

“We’ve got pretty well the same squad as last year.

“We’ve got Chris Cox and Cian Carey both injured, unfortunately, and our two normal centre-backs are both out.

Ben Schaap has a broken toe and Sam Johnston has work commitments but will play in Launceston on Sunday in the Steve Hudson Cup.

“We’ve got a lot of guys who have to juggle work commitments and who can’t get free for both days on the weekend.

“Knights are looking good for the top two or three, so it will be very hard for us.”

Glenorchy Knights coach Eamonn Kelly is likely to field a similar line-up to the one that drew 0-0 with Tilford Zebras in a practice match at Prince of Wales Bay on Tuesday night.

Alex Tatnell missed that game with an ankle injury but should be fit to play in this game.

Tony Dzelalija and Anthony Grundy are back in action for the seniors, while Kelly may choose to play Tom and James Sherman, even though they are expected to head overseas soon.

Daniel White is also certain to play after signing from Whittlesea Zebras in Victoria.

Amadu Koroma may have earned himself a trial with Melbourne Knights and he has shown good pre-season form.

Given Taroona’s injury problems, this should be a romp in the park for the Knights.


the sheppard said...

good to see lions made the tough stance and drop marchioli for his past indescretions. and andrews is showing the determination to succeed in this league by forgoing the opening game of the year for his little party. 100&1000's usually work a treat

Anonymous said...

Predictions for the weekend:
South vs Zebras 0-0. South to win on penalties, their defence will keep out Zebras at one end and Kostas to try and do too much as always at the other and squander the opportunities.
Knights vs Taroona 5-0. Even with a full strenght side Taroona would struggle. Knights too big and too quick.
Olympia vs Eagles 1-0. Both sides still warming up to match situation. Olympia's pace may just be enough to get in behing the eagles defence.
Kingborough vs Clarence 2-0. Kingborough to struggle for cohesion in first match. Clarence to run run run this game out like last year.

Anonymous said...

great work again Walter

Anonymous said...

Surely Eamon wouldn't be playing The Shermans for Knights seniors as they won't be there for the upcoming season?

The Teacher said...

8ball's posts are the best thing about the blog.

football oracle said...

Summer cup tips:

Zebras 2 South Hobart 1
Knights 7 Taroona 1
Kingbourgh 1 Clarence 3
Eagles 2 Olympia 1

Zebras sleeping giants
Knights best team in the land
Clarence on track
Eagles have super coach GK

Anonymous said...

It looks like it's going to be very tough for the roona boys especially meeting a strong Knights outfit first up.
Size will definately work against them.

ginger said...

18 blokes in souths ranks who should be starting. kenny is going to have to be at his charming best to keep all happy!
looks like plenty of time on the pine for a few 'stars'. wonder how long they'll be happy doing that....
no koreans, ross, eaves or wain in that line up either. the later 3 will be big losses i think.
oh to be a 16-17 year old at south pushing for a senior gig. more chance of snow in february me thinks!

Weather forecaster said...

Ginger, isn't the game all about having competitive squads? South's situation means that most positions have an understudy ready to fill them if the incumbent does not perform. Surely that's the situation all coaches strive for.

As for snow in February, this is Tassie, mate. It could happen!

the soothsayer said...

grab a coat, Ginger, it's snowing -J Pennicott 16 years old!

Anonymous said...

$6 Entry fee for adults apparently. Isn't that a bit high?

Walters lovechild said...

steve louden is technically rubbish and some of those other eagles players are trash while kent should get strong legs carrying that keg belly around for 60 mins every game but it will be interesting to see

Booby Watcher said...

some interesting predictions below..
Eamon, as much as u want to put Taroona in their place... why bother with Shermo..??
Also played him and Goran the other week in a friendly.. why not give some of the other more "permanent" players in your squad a run...

dice rolla said...

that is not Kelly, but for arguments sake let's say it is. you give players a spot in your senior squad who only turned up the other week and you guys have been training for 3 months or something stupid! how do u reckon that makes all your fringe players and youngsters feel? have a think about it. take a page out of Chris Hey's book. no train, no play.

george k said...

why all the hostility??? eamon is a great coach he knows what he's doing. there should be nothing wrong with competition amongst the squad. with a few more players in my squad i will have the same

ginger said...

weather forecaster - i agree that is surely what every coach aspires to. but do you seriously think there is enough talent in hobart to have 22 'senior' players at one club. not in the 20 plus years i've been watching tassie soccer anyway.
all i am saying is 90min seems a lot more attractive than 15 each week and that some may want to play not watch!

point taken re pennicott, i knew he was young, was more in reference to kenny's youth academy and them needing tougher competition. winning 10 nil in a crap comp doesnt teach you anything as a player.

Roy said...

Just letting all know. Goran has been at every session whilst he has been down seeing his family and he needs to train to stay fit for his Vic duties. He has been working hard and it is the exact same situation with J.Sherman although he has been down training since knights started training end of last year. I is good for other knights players to play with guys of this calibre and has many positives. Definitely helps everybody who plays with, against and trains with these guys. yes it takes away two positions. but they have not been starting in the two preseason friendlies and they have only filled spots whilst ur more 'permanent' players have a rest. Thank you :)

Roy said...

Always happy to help out kelly. You aight? Ah yea!

Anonymous said...

Don't get too excited girls...

South to win at a canter. I can see a clean sweep of all competitions. So much depth and talent but there is a spirit at the club that will see them win the tighter games. Anything less may be considered a failure though.

Kingborough are the big concern for the competition. A huge area in which to recruit and develop players. They have gone backwards in the last three years. It won't get any easier without Voss and White. Perhaps the return of Tim Dale can improve the senior team.

The summer cup format also needs to be reviewed. No other senior football league I know has an interchange rule and 60 minutes are simply not enough.

Perhaps a statewide pre-season competition on alternate weekends in Launceston and Hobart. It would attract good support especially in the warmer months and back to back senior games have always well received.

Anonymous said...

sorry but the "loss" of voss is a bonous for kingborough! hopefully now there wont be as many stupid keeping errors costing the club 13 points!

no mate said...

Roy is Ivan. Goran has not been at every training session, hes been to probably 5 at most. J.Sherman has been to 75% of the sessions.

B P said...

Love this time of year..
Ginger well said re too many quality players at one club. The problem is where else do they go? Taroona??, Eagles??Kingbourgh??.. Players will go where there is a good coach and club structure.. This league should be cut to 4 teams. Sth, Zebras, Knights, Clarence, put the others back in Div 1 and make it competitive for both leagues.. Yes 4 in top won't work so bring back a state league with those 4 and 4 from up nth, Rangers, Port, City & 1 other...
This will make every game a good one, all we will have this year is a top 4 then 4 teams that get cricket scores against them!!!
Good luck to all anyway... Recon I'll go watch Dosa in a friendly!!!!

Anonymous said...

sth 2 zebras 1
knights 4 taroona 0
olympia 3 eagles 1
clarence 3 kingbrough 1