Friday, January 21, 2011

Beachside make four new signings, and Tassie football back on air

Photo: Premier League Football Show to be revived for YouTube by South Hobart and Mr Video, Stefano Lufi [PlessPix]

Beachside have made four important signings for the 2011 Premier League season.

Former Somerset and South Hobart midfielder-cum-striker Ricki Eaves has signed, as have former Nelson Eastern Suburbs striker Tom Gordon, ex-Olympia striker Jamie Walker, and former University winger-cum-striker Sam Crosswell.

These four players will considerably strengthen Beachside’s goal-scoring potential.

Eaves is an experienced and skilful player and knows how to score, as does Gordon.

Walker will be a useful addition to the club, while Crosswell, younger brother of Ben Crosswell, was a very promising player with University.

Crosswell had a wonderful turn of speed, great vision and tactical awareness.

He decided to concentrate on his very promising athletic career but was somewhat hampered by injury, so it’s wonderful to see him back in football.

Beachside have a couple of friendlies coming up prior to the Summer Cup.

They will play Kingborough Lions United at Lightwood Park on Sunday, 30 January, and South Hobart at South Hobart on Saturday, 5 February.

Beachside are also pleased to announce a junior sponsorship to the value of $3,000 which will enable the club to set up new junior teams from under-10s up.

And, the club extends an invitation to all young boys and girls to attend Sandown Park on Sundays at 3pm for a fun summer kick-about.


Some of you may remember the Tasmanian Premier League Soccer Show which was shown on the Australia-wide Aurora channel about three years ago.

South Hobart are reviving the program in the same format for YouTube.

It will be a weekly show filmed by Mr Video and featuring all of South Hobart’s matches.

The show will have a couple of hosts and a guest each week to discuss the weekend matches.


Anonymous said...

Tom Gordon is spent but will prove a valuable asset for the youngsters coming through. Do they have any?? Likewise, Ricki Eaves & Sam Crosswell but can these three remain on the park? Walker will be a fringe at best unless BP han pull a few swifties...

Speaking of Lions, who are the comings and goings down there? Has Andrews signed with Zebras?

Who are the departures and arrivals at Eagles? I hear Minty has gone.

Anonymous said...

Good to see some of the old Beach Boys coming home, the squad is building nicely! Carn the Beach!

Bodies in the sand
Tropical drink melting in your hand
We'll be falling in love
To the rhythm of a steel drum band
Down at the Tropicana

The calculated building of the clubs junior program is also a bonus.

Anonymous said...

Those players signed are all div1 standard besides Ricky.

Anonymous said...

Hey Walter,
Will the Mr Football show be a south hobart show only or will it feature 2-3 games highlights like it used to, with interviews etc of players and coaches from many clubs?

Anonymous said...

Minty is the only one who has left the Eagles, he has gone to the Zebras.

I believe that he wasn't going to get a game in front of Fez.

Good luck to young Minty.

Moreeta Pennicott said...

Hi Walter,
You forgot to mention in your article re the football show that you and Ken Morton are the key presenters and invited guests and coaches from both north and south will appear each week. Content will be varied and cover the local game and other matters of interest in the football world.

SHFC is only stepping into a gap that has been left void for too long.

Cheers Moreeta

PS To businesses who would be interested to have naminig rights or put there logo up there loud and proud to a large audience across three sites please contact the SHFC office or myself via Walter :)

Dippa said...

Brilliant move by south, Anything to get the publicity up for soccer in Tassie will help!

will said...

i remember the old show on the aurora channel, good stuff, no reason why all games couldnt be filmed every week really