Monday, January 31, 2011

Mixed fortunes in latest pre-season friendlies

Photos (Top to Bottom): Marcello Marchioli scored a penalty against Beachside; Peter Frank netted for Knights against Ulverstone; Matthew Nowicki was on target for the Knights against Ulverstone; The Knights' Andrew Robb scored against the North-West Coast outfit [PlessPix]

Kingborough Lions United drew 3-3 with Beachside in a pre-season friendly on an excellent pitch at Lightwood Park on the weekend.

Ryan Bevan gave the Lions the lead after 10 minutes, but Liam Brown made the most of a long ball out of defence to beat David Leamey and equalise.

Kingborough led 2-1 at the break after Marcello Marchioli scored from a penalty.

David Cooper had three chances in the second half to put Kingborough further ahead, but he converted only one.

He fired over the bar with the first, hit the post with the second, and converted the third with a clever back-heeler to make it 3-1 for the home side.

Two goals in the last five minutes by Beachside made it 3-3.

Newcomers Sam Crosswell, Ricki Eaves and Tom Gordon played for Beachside, while Kingborough’s new faces were David Cooper and Andy Taylor.

In the reserves curtain-raiser, Beachside beat Kingborough Lions United 3-1, Benn Watkins netting for Kingborough.

Liam Brown scored one of the Beachside goals.


Glenorchy Knights beat Ulverstone 3-1 in a pre-season friendly on the weekend.

Ulverstone coach, Nick Owen, was satisfied with the exercise and considered it a valuable pre-season hit-out.

“It was good for us to have our first hit-out for the season and there are some good signs from the match to say that we will push into the top-4 this season,” Owen said.

“In the first half, our we played the ball well through the midfield and probably should have been one or two up early, however, the knights keeper made some good saves and our finishing needs a bit more fine-tuning.

“A mix-up between Will Cox-Haines in goals and Kyle Baldock at the back cost us the first goal, but we still stuck to our game plan and were rewarded by a well-taken goal by Dallas Baldock from a Brayden Mann through-ball.

“The game deteriorated midway through the second half due to some tired legs, which gave both teams opportunities to win.

“We thought we went ahead from a Brayden Mann header, but the goal was disallowed for offside.

“The Knights went on to score another two opportunistic goals in the last 10 minutes to take the victory, one of which was due to another keeping error.

“It was positive for me to see some composed play in the middle of the park by Adrian Foote, who was in and out of the seniors last year, but who has worked hard in the off-season to get himself fit and firing.

“I was also happy with our centre-back, Tom Maine, a young reserve player from last year, who wore Corey Smith like a glove in the first half.

“Joel Stone was also a solid performer who did a power of work throughout the game.

“Most of our other players showed they are capable at senior level and will be sure to gain consistency soon.

“We certainly need someone soon to commit to being goalkeeper as we had two outfield players sharing the role.

“Will Cox-Haines would be a good option as senior keeper, but he is a solid player at sweeper.

“Hopefully, a keeper shows up soon.

“Knights played a solid game and held their formation well. I would say, overall, that we had more chances, but they took their opportunities and we didn’t.

“Knights were very hospitable after the match, putting on drinks and a barbecue, which the lads and I greatly appreciated.

“Thank you to Nick Harrison and the club.”

Knights scorers were Matthew Nowicki, Peter Frank and Andrew Robb.

In a reserves friendly, Nelson Eastern Suburbs beat Glenorchy Knights 5-4.


Corey Smith has been selected for the Vikings Australian side to contest the Futsal World Cup.

Yosef Kolele was chosen for the Australian under-16s for the Vikings Junior World Cup series in New Zealand.


Tilford Zebras beat Nelson Eastern Suburbs 10-0 in a friendly at Sandown Park on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

I assume Abbott didnt feature for KL?

Anonymous said...

Excellent! Tassies most disciplined well behaved player to play for australia!

melikesfootball said...

I would have to say that Lightwood is amongst the best football pitches in Tassie. It is only used for games as the Lions seem to have several good training choices in their "complex".

I think Kingborough should be congratulated.

There- a positive comment on this blog, see, it's not that difficult!

Corey Smith said...

I'm in the initial squad of 20 which will be put through a final selection camp on Feb 19th-20th in Brisbane. The final squad will then be announced for preperation for the AMF World Cup.
We will have two training camps in NSW and VIC if selected and then travel to tournaments in Malaysia, Spain and France from what I understand as preperation.
Pretty exciting but i'm not in the team just yet so will have to train hard between now and then.

Anonymous said...

My god another great Viking success story!!! Both Abbotts were missing from Kingbourgh line up as well as a couple of other potential senior boys(from what I was told).. Beach were also missing several but that gave opportunities and that is what this time of the year is about.. Lightwood Park surface fantastic, turn the wind off and it would be perfect!! thanks to the refs and to Kingbourgh for the hit out for both squads.. Cheers


Anonymous said...

Are both Abbotts likely to turn out for the Lions this year - thought the older one was playing with Beachside.

Anonymous said...

pity the vikings world cup is not the true ffa world cup. that would be an amazing tournament. so what i've heard and seen on youtube

Anonymous said...

'melikesfootball' if only it were a decent/correct size....! It also doesn't remain the best throughout the year, not much good being the best pre-season!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you mention the men/boys that got selected, Lauren Grant who played in the Zebra's U/16 side last season and is a current member of their youth squad was also selected as both an All Star in the 14 Girls age group at the recent Vikings Nationals and was selected to tour the UK as well, how about a little bit more research guys!!

Anonymous said...

Its not a vikings world cup, it's the AMF World Cup who are the world Futsal Organisation. This dates back prior to Fifa and Futsal's origins if you did some research. You will find that FIFA is not the main Futsal body in the majority of countries around the world and that they are all under the AMF banner. Vikings is purely an AMF affiliate which is why they gain entry.

Anonymous said...

anon 9.17,

I think walter has mentioned these two as they will be partaking in a world cup.

The other players selected in touring vikings squads are on vikings only tours and do not play in a world cup at all.

Its still a great achievement although there will always be the knockers for anything.

Anonymous said...

Annon February 1, 2011 1:59 AM

Obviously played Div 1 last year as it was one of the best surfaces all year..

and you are brain dead if you are complaining about the size of it.. get a grip, or perhaps loosen your grip on it...

will said...

anon. 1.59am. are you kidding? clearly you have not seen the pitch for some time as lightwood is definitely one of the best in the state. And what's wrong with the size??

Anonymous said...

well done kingborough council as the club does nothing to help itself

melikesfootball said...

Anon 1.59

I can't believe you are complaining about the size of Lightwood park.

I am pretty sure (maybe someone from the Lions can confirm or correct), that the dimensions of Lightwood were based on the dimensions of KGV, that is they are identical!

In relation to the surface staying good all year round, I think it is one of the few grounds where a grass top is maintained regardless of weather.

So I gues you really don't have much of an idea!

Anonymous said...

Great ground! Poor club!

Anonymous said...

great ground, even greater club

Anonymous said...

Great ground, average club.

Anonymous said...

Good Ground, Club

Mico said...

Good bad, ground club.

Anonymous said...

kingborough completely kill beachside played off the park. well done for the first knock

Anonymous said...

haha - not sure what game you were watching. kingo gonna get flogged with only chel, iseli and cooper. beachside very comfortable against relegation threatened kingo

Anonymous said...

Well i saw the game different to both of you.... I'm not sure when Beachside were flogging Kingborough? And I also wouldn't say Kingborough killed Beachside at any point either?
Kingborough certainly had good periods of possession and seemed to have control of the game for the majority. Probably took the foot off the peddle in the final 5 minutes and Beach took their chances well and scored the 2 goals to get the draw. Also didn't help Kingborough's cause kicking into the strong wind which picked up considerably in the 2nd half and in particular the final 15 minutes.

At the end of the day it was a pre-season friendly and i think both sides will be able to look at positive and negetive aspects of their play. Good hit out for both sides.