Monday, January 31, 2011

South Hobart beat New Town Eagles in fierce encounter

Photos (Top to Bottom): Storm clouds brew over Wellesley Park and the match reflected this; Wellesley Park and strangely shaped storm clouds; Eagles' Jamie Vernon (left) confronts South's Kostas Kanakaris; South's Tom Roach in possession; Jim Pennicott congratulates Jonathon Lo on his goal; South's Shae Hickey (left) and Eagles' Andy Clark in a chase for the ball; South's Jim Pennicott is airborne against Eagles' Jacob Clamp; Eagles' ben Whitehall (left) battles with South's Loic Feral; South's Hugo Bladel controls the ball despite the attentions of Eagles' Ben Whitehall; South's Loic Feral (left) gets in ahead of Eagles' Andy Clark; Eagles keeper Nathan Pitchford is beaten by Loic Feral's shot; Eagles' Alex Leszczynski (extreme left) about to volley the opening goal; Leszczynski's shot hits the back of the net; Eagles celebrate Leszczynski's goal; Eagles' Ben Whitehall (left) and South's Loic Feral contest possession; South's Brazilian striker Mizael Linhares Caires limps off with a foot injury; Mizael is led off for treatment by Noel Clark; Josh Quon puts Eagles ahead on the picturesque Wellesley Park ground; Eagles keeper Nathan Pitchford takes a cross; South's Jim Pennicott beats Nathan Pitchford to put South ahead [PlessPix]

New Town Eagles eventually succumbed 4-3 to South Hobart at Wellesley Park on Sunday afternoon, but they gave the hosts a run for their money.

Eagles scored first through a magnificent strike by Alex Leszczynki after South failed to clear a corner. The ball fell to Leszczynski on the edge of the box and he volleyed an unstoppable shot past keeper Jess Van Hyster.

Frenchman Loic Feral equlalised a clinical finish from the left of the box after Jim Pennicott’s pass from midfield.

A long kick by keeper Nathan Pitchford led to Eagles’ second goal before the break. Josh Quon outpaced the South defence and scored to make it 2-1 for the visitors.

Fine goals by Jonathon Lo and Pennicott made it 3-2 for South Hobart before Mark Page’s speculative lob from range deceived the South keeper and bounced over him to make it 3-3.

Tom Roach, whose sights had been calibrated too high for most of the game, hit the winner when he finally shot low and beat Pitchford for the winner.

It was a physical and tense game and tempers boiled over at times, causing the referee some anxious moments in terms of whether to book players or even send them off.

Loic Feral was excellent for South Hobart, as was defender Cameron Williams.

South Hobart's Mizael Linhares Caires came off with a foot injury in the first half. He was probably not fully recovered from an earlier foot injury and would have been better off to sit this one out.

“It was like a cup final,” said South Hobart coach, Ken Morton.

“It was better than Southampton versus Man U last night.

“I thought it was a good game of football. Obviously, one team goes very long, very direct, very straight, very quickly and they do it well. People read and anticipate and run off and they keep you under pressure.

“But, I thought we had the ball for long spells and eventually the chances came and we put them away.

“Following yesterday’s game, it’s another good work-out for about 18 players, so we’ve done well.”

New Town Eagles coach, George Krambousanos, said: “I thought it was a very physical, hard game.

“Tempers became a little bit frayed, but that’s okay. I don’t think Ken minds that, and I don’t mind that. You’ve got some big boys out there.“The goal that we first scored was world class. I don’t care what anybody says. No matter which keeper was in goal, they would have copped that.

“Our third goal was, I thought, a little bit of an error from the young keeper, but we’ll take it.

“Did South Hobart deserve to win the game? I thought a draw would have been fair. Both sides fought well. We had a different type of game plan.

“We enjoyed it and the guys who have written us off already can go and jump.”


Anonymous said...

Loved your comment George and you've got the lads playing their style with passion and commitment. Some terrific direct football and anticipation and playing to the strengths of the group from Eagles as you said, and you're missing a couple of good players, so I reckon it's looking positive, and yeah a lot of wafflers on here oughta go jump as you said. South were a bit dozy at times, but even though we know we'll always find Eagles a handfull, I have to disagree a little bit with your comment about the draw being fair enough - as you acknowledged the 3rd goal was a gift, we had a non goalkeeper current Division 4 player in between the sticks - really good on the field player (& lovely lad) - but no keeper. We had enough chances to win it by a few goals more. Anyway, whatever, all the best for season 2011 to all the Eagles.

Richard Bladel

Anonymous said...

Yes George, south Hobart did deserve to win the game.

Anonymous said...

Where do suggest we jump??

Anonymous said...

When there are no Knights players spectating the match (especially Corey Smith) there are only a few comments.
Isn't that strange?

Anonymous said...

I'd say up and down on a packet of marshmallows with no shoes and socks on.

Anonymous said...

George, not South's finest hour for sure but plenty good enough to take the points IMHO.

Credit to Eagles for having a real crack.

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone come and watch Eagles play?

Anonymous said...

Great photo of young Pennicott Walter, that's an impressive leap.

Anonymous said...

Kind of funny that once South Hobart actually get challenged they start making excuses! There was no stopping that first goal from lezsynski no matter who was in goals. The goal that went over the keepers head more than likely would have been saved normally but these things happen in games, you see these kind of goals, keeper mistakes and flukes happen all the time. It was a well fought out games from both teams, it was good for south to be challenged and good for eagles as a team after the draw with metro.

Anonymous said...

why would knights care about eagles?

Anonymous said...

is krambo feeling the heat? he must be stoked with his 4-3 match even though in the end the still LOST what a larry loser pants

Coxy said...

I reckon we(Eagles) are happy with the result as only a few days prior we had drawn against metro. Also who the hell says larry loser pants lol???

roundball said...

I did when I was six, but couldn't get it up in lights then, only had an atari