Sunday, January 30, 2011

South Hobart overcome Launceston United 3-1

Photos (Top to Bottom): Launceston United's goalkeeper turns a cross over the bar and to safety; South Hobart's Jon Foley-Donohue (right) chasing Launceston United's Agele Luate; Jim Pennicott opens the scoring for South Hobart; South Hobart's central defenders Hugh Ludford and Daniel Brown keep a close check on Launceston United's Agele Luate; South's Jonathon Lo receives the ball as a couple of prospectors from Port Headland talk about the weather and look for gold; South Hobart's Tom Roach controls the ball despite the attentions of a couple of Launceston United players; Tom Roach (left) and Jonathan Lo (rear) watch patiently as a Launceston United player demonstrates some ball skills; South Hobart's Shae Hickey in possession and about to weave some magic; Jim Pennicott puts South Hobart into attack; South Hobart's Nick Di Falco (right) gets ready for a challenge; Mark Egan, the Launceston United coach; Callan Paske played in goal for South Hobart [PlessPix]

South Hobart beat Launceston United 3-1 at Wellesley Park on Saturday afternoon in a pre-season friendly.

It could have been regarded as a match in which one of two records may have been brought to an end. South Hobart’s record run of unbeaten games would have been ended if they lost, which would have meant also that Launceston United’s record run of games without a win would have ended.

South led 1-0 at the interval through a fine goal by Jim Pennicott, who hammered home from the right after being put into the box by a pass from midfield.

Launceston United equalised in the second half when Agele Luate out-fought Pennicott and got into the box before scoring inside goalkeeper Callan Paske’s left-hand post.

Paske was filling in as goalkeeper in the absence of Sam Kruijver, who is still recovering after suffering concussion in the game against South Melbourne.

Mark Moncur has been persuaded to come out of retirement and is likely to play in the Summer Cup for South Hobart.

An own-goal by Amos Gibsie restored South Hobart’s lead before Nick Cuthbertson netted the home-side’s third.

South Hobart also had Jon Foley-Donohue in their line-up.

“It was a good work out for us,” said South Hobart coach, Ken Morton.

“We had a first phase of pre-season, which was the match against South Melbourne.

“Now, obviously, we’re preparing for the Hudson Cup and the Summer Cup and we start all over again.

“I thought possession was all right from back to middle third, but from middle third to front third it wasn’t as sharp as it could have been. We delayed making those passes.

“Until Dean Willcock came on, we didn’t put the crosses in. But, all of a sudden, when he went forward, the crosses started to come in behind defenders and we looked dangerous again.

“It was a good work out for us.

“I thought they played really well. The young lads worked hard for each other and I wish them all the best, but our focus really now is to use these practice matches and the Summer Cup to put us in good shape for the premiership.

“Nothing changes. We’re out to win every game we play. That’s what we have to do.

“So, a little bit disappointed in the final third, but I thought, generally, we controlled the pace and the tempo of the game.

“When you have a lot of new faces in, the rhythm just changes a little. We just need to get our pace and our rhythm back. A good work-out.”

Launceston United coach, Mark Egan, said: “I was very impressed with my boys.

“Obviously, we were under the cosh for quite a bit of the game, but you expect that against South Hobart.

“Last year, we just haemorrhaged goals, but today we restricted them to two and an own-goal and I’m pleased with that.

“This was our first hit-out for the season. Now it’s straight into the Hudson Cup. Our first game is next week.

“Mr Morton has been involved with Launceston United before and there’s a connection there, and so we’re trying to build on that and develop a good rapport.

“South Hobart have always been good to Launceston United with the Hudson Cup. They’ve always supported that, so as a gesture of friendship, I suppose, we came down here.

“We’ve brought in a few new players and the players that have been there have worked very, very hard.

“We mustn’t get ahead of ourselves. On paper it wasn’t a bad result, but South Hobart had a lot of the ball, a lot of the ball. So, I’m not getting too excited.”


Anonymous said...

callan paske, luke cripps, liam scott, sam mcintyre, sam canamella, seth otte and brendan garth all have something in common

Anonymous said...

yes all have trained with Olympia at some stage over the last 2months or so.

elsimo7 said...

it was a pretty decent game as i saw from the side lines... for me i thought it was like a mouse sitting at the bottom of a mountain as we haven't won a game in two years and south having not lost one for 3 i think. i had never seen south hobart play before and it was obvious why they are the benchmark team for tasmania... the finesse, control and the great passing. towards the end south started to get 15 passes together easily and controled the the pace of the game. Thank you south hobart for the game as i saw it as a learning experience for our team

Anonymous said...

the own goal was by Amos Gbasie


Walter do you have details of this years Steve Hudson Cup, please ?

Anonymous said...

who cares who trained with olympia as their real team is a joke, they go they laugh about the trainings and leave again

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:55am & 11:09am - You are both correct in the names you have published in the training with Olympia - BUT..................How many actually signed for them???? To my knowledge 5 out of 7 are playing for other clubs. What does that tell you ????

Anonymous said...

Chris Hunt to Northern Rangers is this true??

Anonymous said...

Amos has had more clubs up north than tiger woods. Surely he wont play seniors even at Lton United.

Anonymous said...

How can coaches prepare teams when players drift in and out.