Saturday, July 25, 2009

Clarence and Rangers to meet in State-wide cup final

Clarence United reached their first State-wide cup final ever when they beat Tilford Zebras 3-1 at home at Wentworth Park this evening in the semi-finals of the Milan Lakoseljac Memorial Trophy competition.

In the final, they will meet Northern Rangers, who downed Somerset 5-3 away at Cardigan Street this afternoon in the other semi-final.

Rangers, who were only formed in 2000, reached the final of the State-wide Vase competition that year, where they lost 7-1 to Metro.

Clarence and Zebras both squandered early chances, but it was Zebras who hit the front after 6 minutes through Jayden Welch, who struck home a cross from the right from close range at the second attempt, after he initially had appeared to lose control of the ball.

Sam McIntyre equalised in the 12th minute after Zebras failed to clear a corner and the youngster toed the ball over the line.

Zebras, who were without the injured Ricky Self, almost regained the lead shortly after, but Kurt Engels’s shot, which bounced just in front of the diving goalkeeper, Michael Moschogianis, hit the left-hand post and rebounded to safety.

Dwayne Walsh, the former Clarence player, then missed a good chance for Zebras from close range, flicking the ball wide with only the keeper to beat.

Zebras suffered a set-back on the stroke of half-time when Paul Cairns was shown a second yellow card and sent off by Mr Jozeljic after the midfielder had prevented Clarence from taking a quick free-kick.

Ben Hamlett put Clarence in front in the 51st minute with an accurate low shot on the run.

The body language of the Zebras defenders said it all at this stage. They had their heads bowed, walked slowly upfield at goal-kicks and did not even face their own keeper to see where the ball was going to land.

Their hopes should have been revived in the 63rd minute when Clarence striker Andy Barron was sent off after using foul, abusive and threatening language towards an opponent, in this case, Henry Fagg.

But, seven minutes later, Zebras fell further behind when Ryan Smith conceded a penalty by bringing down Mattias Toghill, who was in full flight down the right.

Hamlett stepped up and calmly stroked home the spot-kick to make it 3-1 for the home side.

Both sides made substitutions before the end, but nothing could change the course of this match and Clarence ran out comfortable winners.

Andrew Nicholson put Rangers ahead against Somerset when the home side’s goalkeeper could only punch a clearance straight to Nicholson’s feet.

Rangers should have taken the lead in only the second minute, but Derek Schipper missed a penalty.

Former Clarence player Paul Bremner made it 2-0 when he pounced on the loose ball, which had been struck at goal but stopped just short because of the heavy conditions.

Bremner added the third after Nicholson’s shot was parried straight to him.

George Miller pulled a goal back for the Sharks with a fine 30-metre drive, but Rangers’ centre-back Sam Luck made it 4-1 for the visitors at the interval.

Mark Ambrose added Rangers’ fifth after the break when he beat the keeper at the near post following a through-ball from Gabriel Tams.

Somerset managed two more goals in the second period, through Barry Hamilton’s shot from the edge of the box, and through a deflection by Miller, but they could not make up the lost ground.

In Forestry Tasmania Northern Premier League games played today, Prospect Knights beat Riverside Olympic 1-0 at Harley Parade, and the visiting Burnie United overcame Launceston City 2-1 at Mitsubishi Park.

The win put fourth-placed Prospect Knights level on points with third-placed Somerset, while third-last Burnie stayed in seventh spot but increased the distance between them and second-last Launceston City to 7 points.

In the southern Division One competition’s top-of-the-table clash, leaders Metro needed a late penalty, converted by Scotsman Ricky Orr, to salvage a point in a 4-4 draw away to second-placed Taroona at Kelvedon Park.

Orr had given Metro the lead in the 6th minute, only for the league-leaders to be pegged back by Marcus Atkinson’s equaliser in the 12th minute,

Goals by Aaron Marney in the 15th and 29th minutes gave Metro a 3-1 lead at half-time.

Strikes by Hugo Luttmer in the 50th minute and Jack Elliott in the 57th made it 3-3, while a goal by Chris Cox gave Taroona a 4-3 lead with 22 minutes remaining.

A handball by Hamish Macgregor in the 82nd minute enabled Orr to earn the visitors a draw, which keeps Metro 3 points ahead of Taroona.

The draw kept third-placed Beachside within striking distance of the leading pair after they beat bottom-side Hobart United 6-1 at the Showground.

Bernhard Klasen hit a hat-trick, Damien Lowe grabbed a brace, and Colin Wain found the target once for Beachside, while Akuel Guot scored United’s consolation goal.

Fifth-placed Northern Suburbs DOSA netted twice in each half to dispose of second-last Christian United 4-0 at the Showground, Mark Wakefield grabbing a hat-trick and John Visentin netting the other goal.


The Gonky said...

Excellent result for Clarence & a good upset Where is the final to be played?

Wasn't at the game but must ask whether the 2nd send off (for foul language?!) was anything more than a balancer for the first red shown?

Captain said...

Gonky, the incident was right in front of assistant Kim Barker who reported it to Ivan. It occurred just inside the boundary line close to a bunch of spectators - not sure Ivan had any option other than a red card.

Captain said...

Ben Parker is an inspirational leader for Clarence and was magnificant last night.

Clarence have struggled to replace Toby Ling and its loss of form in May and June was due to frailty in defence. Since Parker has moved to Centre Back the team has started to perform again.

Knights bloggers complained about Parker's tackles last week but the key is his supreme focus on the ball that wins tackles and keeps referees off his back.

The Gonky said...

*nods* probably fair enough Captain.

Language amongst the pax is always a problem - though there be a few parents of junior players that could do well to remember it!

Old Man River said...

Taroona had a goal disallowed for offside that didn't look to be... I doubt Mr Pitchford would have been impressed by the refereeing he saw at Taroona yesterday.

Dick Adams said...

how did the clarence ressies go yesterday?

In the know said...

Steve. I am sure that Reds will be able to give you a full match report.

In the know said...

There you go. I told you he would provide a full match report.

Unknown said...

Yeah great game for the Clarence reserves by the looks, a 4-0 defeat against Eagles.
Great team you got there, Reds.

What happened at Taroona and who was the referee?

Who cares said...

Clarence reserves are a great team Fred. Very proud to be part of that team.

denis said...

captain you have to be kidding about parker no doubt he is a great leader for clarence but last week against knights 3/4 of his challenge's he wouldnt even make contact with the ball but just run through the player for behind mostly for headers and if it hadnt have been for some bad refing could have seen him pick up a yellow if not two and get sent off!

Captain said...

we'll just have to agree on the great leader bit then Denis - all the best with the rest of your season ...

In the know said...

Reds, good to hear. Reserves is all about building for the future, trying things and putting pressure on players in senior sides. I guess thats why there are so many varied results and everybody seems to take points off each other.

Anonymous said...

Taroona can feel a little hard done by. I turned up when Metro were up 3-1 and from that moment Metro only pumped the ball long and hoped that Ricky Orr would create the goals. Taroona played the ball around really well and made Metro looked horrible especially at the back. Coming from someone within the club... A couple of the players in the side need to have a better attitude and stop thinking they are better than they are... From my point of view these are the players that caused the removal of Darrin Chaffey.

Steve Pitchford said...

Into the Fray

From where I was up on the bank - not in line with the second last defender where the assistant referee was - I thought the offside flag was raised correctly.

I was merely an observer on the day - but a very important match between two very competitive sides ended with all players on the park and no incidents at all. That seems to indicate the match was well controlled.

Marcus said...

Is anyone else over hearing about Clarence ressies. After playing against them recently i tell you first hand they are a rubbish outfit. The only half decent player would be young hoppitt up front who is a good reserves player at best

Southern said...

Mike - I agree with about the Taroona/Metro game.
Metro's game this year is the long ball followed by the "go Ricky" call.
The team need to learn how to build up an attack rather than relying on Ricky's (or Aaron Marney's) pace.
Granted - it has been effective, but they seem to struggle mentally if that game plan isn't working.
It will not serve them well outside Div1.

As for the offside - Coxy had to run past and around the Metro defender to get to the ball once it had been kicked through. A poor call.
Metro's body language told the story - everyone knew he was onside. For a team that doesn't hold back from any appeal any time, they only appealed once they saw the flag.

Old Man River said...

Thanks for your reply. Just differing opinions I suppose. It is disappointing that two of Taroona's key games this year have been decided by controversial refereeing rather than the quality of the teams involved. It's always better to be outplayed (as when Metro won 5-3 at KGV).

Interesting comments from McKenna coming out of the Metro camp. The long ball has worked well for Metro this season, but will it stand up against higher quality opposition if they make it to Premier League?

In the know said...

I guess the bigger question is will Metro keep their imports and maybe bring some more out here? That will determine their success next year. I dont think you can complain about anyone playing long ball this year. We don't exactly have carpet like pitches to play on with all the bad weather.

Who cares said...

Diamond Eye

if you're sick of hearing about clarnce reserves why did you bring it up again?

As "In the Know" pointed out reserve teams are there for the seniors.

Clarence's senior team that beat zebras on Friday night included several players who were in the reserves 2 weeks earlier.

If you're so good to be bagging other players - what are you doing playing reserves anyway?

morefootball said...

sure looked like the ref wanted to help metro all he could on saturday

AP7 said...

It was know doubt disappointing that both of Taroona's most crucial games were decided by a series of questionable referring decisions. In the game against Beachside, Taroona went two goals in front before the goal was overturned, seemingly after the Beachside player/coach put his arm around the linesman and had a few words in his ear. The linesman seemed to accept the goal, as signalled by the ref but then changed his mind after the complaints of Beachside players. Enough has been said about the recent metro encounter.Frustrating at least...
Although the loss to metro was the most detrimental bump in taroona's attempt at re- promtion.

its a way of life said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

Final will be held at KGV on Aug 22nd, KO to be advised.

Our understanding was that the venue was going to be alternated between North and South when a team from both regions was playing! So it we thought it was the norths turn to host the final.

Anyhow we hire the big bus and bring plenty of supprters down