Saturday, July 11, 2009

Glenorchy Knights move back into second place with win over University


This win lifted Glenorchy Knights back into second spot, a point behind leaders Tilford Zebras.

It was a poor game, with both sides giving away possession very easily.

In the end, it was an own-goal by University which cost them the points.

Knights took the lead in the 32nd minute when James Hope’s cross from the left was headed back at the far post by Mynonge Kamba and Amadu Koroma helped the ball over the line.

University were level five minutes later when Knights failed to clear the ball following a cross from the right and Nigel Blundell hammered it home from 20 metres.

It was Blundell’s second goal in two games. It made one wonder why University have no representatives in the southern squad.

Andrew King went close for University in the 42nd minute when he managed to get in a shot despite the close attentions of Alex Holmes, but the ball flew over the bar.

But, in the final seconds of the half, a neat interchange on the right between King and Bryn Griffiths saw King cross the ball for Rory McCallum to head home powerfully and give the Students a 2-1 lead at the interval.

Four minutes after the break, Kamba shot just over the bar for the Knights, who could not believe they were trailing.

Knights coach, Eamonn Kelly, then made the first of his substitutions which were to change the game.

He brought on Jackson Marsh for Tom Sherman and, within two minutes, the Knights hit pay dirt.

Marsh crossed from the left and Jade Clay’s fierce downward header, which was off target, was whipped into his own net past a stunned Hamish Peacock by Michael Andrews.

Three minutes later, Kelly brought on Mathew Nowicki in place of Nektar Vavoulas and he eventually hit the winner

University almost regained the lead in the 75th minute, but Damien Bones’s shot was just wide.

With 9 minutes remaining, Clay crossed low and hard from the right and the unmarked Nowicki side-footed into an unprotected net from 12 metres to give the Knights a winning 3-2 lead.

They almost had a fourth when Hope fired in an excellent shot in the 84th minute, but Peacock produced a marvellous save.

University remain in last place, three points adrift of second-last New Town Eagles.


  • Glenorchy Knights coach, Eamonn Kelly, said:

“Absolutely woeful. Absolutely woeful.

“We got out of jail tonight. Seriously, we got out of jail.

“We played absolutely disgraceful.

“We won the game 3-2, but sometimes you’ve got to play ugly to win games.

“It was one of those games, you know.

“We went 1-0 up, then they got it back and put nine men behind the ball and scored the other goal and it went to 2-1 and then they put 11 men behind the ball and it took us all our time to penetrate nine men let alone try and penetrate eleven.

“But, you know, with a bit of patience that we got, and we made a few positional changes, and yeah, we got the three points in the end really. That’s all that matters tonight.”

  • University coach, Scott Gallacher, said:

“I’m a bit disappointed to be honest.

“I think we did enough to win the game, but we made a couple of really silly defensive mistakes which we shouldn’t have.

“That’s the way it goes.

“I really thought we deserved three points today.

“They’re the breaks.”


Glenorchy Knights: Tatnell - Wiggins, Holmes, Green - Clay, Fielding, Kamba (Robb 82), Vavoulas (Nowicki 64), Sherman (Marsh 59) - Hope, Koroma (Substitute not used: Davey)

Goals: Karoma 32, Andrews 61 og, Nowicki 81

University: Peacock - Besley, Merry, Andrews - Griffiths (Bull 59), Delara, Fletcher (Hindmarsh 78) Bones (Opira 84), Blundell - King, McCallum

Goals: Blundell 37, McCallum 45

Att: 90

Ref: S Natoli


Richard Bladel said...

Thanks for the great (as usual) match report, Walter, it was scrappy as hell for the first 20 minutes especially, with possession being given away far too easily; however, I think it was Rory MaCallum that scored Uni's second by getting his header in front of his opponent. He played a cracker, the lad, he's not big but he has a hell of a lot of ticker going up against big Alex Holmes and shows aggression which a good striker needs. Uni also had many clear cut chances to at least get even if not win, Alexis Bull's header from about 1 metre out that the Knights Keeper somehow held in about the 87th minute, and Aaron Hindmarsh's header from a corner just over the bar were examples. Whatever Eammon says, Uni didn't shut up shop and just defend in the second half, we played better football than the Knights for decent periods of the game and Scott Gallacher was the better tactician for a lot of the match, until two key players succumbed to old injuries. I'm disappointed, Uni did enough to win this. A huge improvement from the lads.

Action said...

I would just like to make praise of the officals for last nights game, I thought they were excellent and very fair and simon diserves credit for having a great game in the middle. well done boyz keep it up

heartbreak said...

I would like to agree with Action, Simon Natoli had a great game and in my book would be one of the better referee's we have in Tasmania, thank you Simon and well done, keep it up

Pixel 40 said...

I know Simon is a good ref but don't know why he don't get more games assign in premier league

Dick Adams said...

All the praise for Simon is well deserved and for one he allows play on unlike many others. Yet not once did he call up foul on either side in aerial contests even when they were blatantly obvious. Another point why is eamonn Kelly coaching both glenorchy and the southern team?? Isn't there a bias towards selecting his own players. Surely that's no where near the best players down here. The keepers are average at best, defence picked by reputation and I'm unsure about the strikers without crosswell. Quality midfield nonetheless

butcher said...

Kelly is obviously getting picked on reputation as well. Made a few changes on friday night which payed off snatching a win. Mind you Knights shouldn't of gone down at half time. 1st goal was a cracker, 2nd should of easily been the keepers, he had an extra foot hight on the the guy that scored.
Knights were lucky to get out unscaved. The choices in the southern squad are questionable, But who else can you pick, Most of the better players out there are either injured or unavailible so you have to pick whatever is left...

Neutral said...

so Steve Johnson who else should have been picked? maybe bullis up front? defenders??? who else is there.

yes croswell will be missed, but if a player makes himself unavailable what can a coach do?

Dick Adams said...

Neutral, andrew clark, david cooper and josh heerey are possible. And the selection of josh fielding???? many better centre mids chris tsakiris, richard delara

googles said...

who does kelly think hes coaching, every week he says there efforts are shocking, you are not coaching english premier leauge kelly and your players are average at best so just face the facts and be happy with what you have got, by the way i have heard from a couple people that corey smith was eightball on the blog is that why eightball has gone missing because coreys not playing anymore