Monday, July 27, 2009

Steve Darby's thoughts on Thailand versus Liverpool

Former Tasmanian State director of coaching, Steve Darby, is the assistant coach of the Thailand national team.

In Tasmania, he also coached club sides such as Devonport City and White Eagles, and played for South Hobart, Devonport City and University.

He moved interstate and coached at Sydney Olympic and was also the Matildas coach.

He has been assistant coach of Bahrein, coach of the Vietnam women’s team, and coached club sides in Singapore and Malaysia before taking up his post in Thailand.

Darby is married to a former Miss Vietnam and they have a young son.

Peter Reid, the former Manchester City player, is the manager of Thailand.

Thailand drew 1-1 with Liverpool in Bangkok last Wednesday and I asked Steve Darby his thoughts about the game.

"We were delighted with the result,” said Darby. “It wasn't a great game for the fans, which is a pity, but that’s something that can’t be controlled.

“We did our best to attack Liverpool and felt we made a few good chances.

“Lang was injured the day before the game, hence he only had 15 minutes, and Sutee had a swollen ankle from a Singapore league game on Sunday but was desperate to play.

“We gave the young boys such as Kawin and Suttinum a chance near the end to develop their confidence for the SEA games.

“Some of the Liverpool players were top class.

“Carragher, Babel, Mascherano and Lucas are the ones I am talking about. But, our lads matched them in technique, but we lost out in the physical challenges.

“Upper body strength differences were massive and Torres was a bit special. We were happy he only saw 15 minutes.

“Peter really proud of the players’ attitude and self belief and it was great to receive a good reception at the end.

"Let’s hope we can get the same crowd in November versus Singapore.

"The AFC sent a group of young elite coaches to monitor Thailand's preparation and they have done a great analysis of the game for us.

“It was great coaching against the team I grew up watching. I went to Anfield Road School, so I had no choice really.

“The Thai lads have got superb technique. One has moved to Melbourne.

“I expect more to follow, but if we could get visas, some would be at EPL teams now.

“Maybe they could marry an English girl.

“If Tassie could get an A-League team there is a ready-made pool of foreign talent in South-East Asia who would be a superb balance to local talent.

“I believe Tassie has the talent. I have no doubt the Lesczzynski brothers, who all had different qualities, could have played A-league, and Peter Greenwood, the keeper, could have, too.”


Decentric said...

Interesting thoughts from Steve Darby, Walter.

I'm astonished nobody has commented on this before. A former coach in Tasmania expressing his thoughts from the perspective of an international assistant coach should have evoked some response on this blogsite.

Decentric said...

One encouraging facet of Darby's views is that we could get a few technically adept Thai players for a Tasmanian team in the HAL.

They could always be tried in the local league to toughen them up physically for the inexorable battering they would cop in the A league. When John Kosmina was the inaugural coach at Adelaide United, he said that Australians, 'didn't want to see technique and skill. Instead they wanted to see muscle and steel'.

Thankfully this attitude is slowly changing.