Sunday, July 5, 2009

University closing in fast on Clarence and Eagles

Photos (Top to Bottom): Clarence's Luke Cripps on the attack; Clarence's Matt Lewis gets in ahead of University's Damien Bones; University's Iain Fletcher (right) vies for the ball with Clarence's Julian McMahon; Sam McIntyre of Clarence just beats University's Bryn Griffiths to the ball; Clarence's Jacob Huigsloot (left) and University's Rory McCallum challenge for the ball; Clarence's Ben Hamlett gets a pass away despite the challenge of University's Michael Andrews (left)

University, bottom of the Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League ladder, continued their improvement with a 2-0 win against second-last Clarence United at home at Olinda Grove today.

The Students are now just 3 points adrift of Clarence and third-last New Town Eagles.

Clarence had the better of the first half, but failed to find a way past University goalkeeper Hamish Peacock.

In the 37th minute, Clarence defender Sam McIntyre brought down Nigel Blundell in full flight and Andrew King stroked home the penalty to give University a 1-0 lead at the interval.

University grew in confidence in the second half and had the better of possession and the chances.

Blundell almost scored in the 64th minute when presented with a chance at the far post, but Clarence conceded a corner.

A minute later, Blundell had better luck and made it 2-0 for the home side, which never looked back after that.

In the reserves, Clarence beat University 4-3, the University goals coming from Alex Lynch, Hugh Burgess and James Wilkinson.

The under-19 game between the two clubs was postponed.

In the Division One competition, Metro extended their lead at the top to 6 points over second-placed Taroona with a comfortable 7-0 away win over fourth-placed Nelson Eastern Suburbs at North Warrane.

Jason Dawes put Metro in front in the 13th minute and Danny Cowen added a second in the 32nd minute.

Dawes made it 3-0 with his second in the 39th minute to give the visitors a commanding lead at the interval.

Dawes completed his hat-trick 18 minutes after the resumption, while goals by Ricky Orr, Colin Sweeney and Jeremy Morris completed the tally.

Metro keeper Simon Land saved a Nelson penalty in the latter stages of the match with the score at 6-0.

Metro’s newest Scottish recruit, Steve McClung, did not play as he has returned to Scotland because of urgent family reasons.


Captain said...

Walter, your source for the ressies games must have left at half time.

Clarence put in 2 the second half.

Unknown said...

Think there's gonna be a few red faces around the Clarence camp.

How long can they keep picking players on reputation and friendships rather than form?

How many penalties is that for McIntyre...?

Walter said...

Sorry, Captain. My error and no-one else's. You are correct. Clarence won 4-3, of course. Don't know what happened there. Might have been looking at the wrong page of the notebook! It's corrected. Thanks for your message. My apologies to Clarence.

Dick Adams said...

clarence were warming up a good hour and a hlaf before kick-off
you must wonder to what benifit the team got from that... oh wait there was none they lost 2 nil and they were no where to be seen in the second half.

Who cares said...

probably to remind the players what grass looked like.

Tuesday night on the road again???

horror movie said...
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horror movie said...

will browny coach a div 1 side next year or jump ship .maybe time to look at consistent performers at res level instead of sitting 15 year old kids fresh week in week out and giving them 10 mins football for a whole weekend at 15 kids want to play no matter what level it be at too many have had enough chances.

Captain said...

A quick count shows that Browny has used at least 24 players in the senior team this year.

Try more players or more stability?

horror movie said...

agreed facts only but if these young players are recognised as being deserving of a chance dont let the player walk away not having played at least half a game in another team .at such a young age these players bench sitting fresh are getting 10 mins football the following week playig res and forgotten .10 mins football how can the player show anything in that time .from what ive seen so far these young players are only bought on when the game is won or lost not enough time to prove themselves. maybe some players only learnt late in life to use a knife & fork because there are a few being spoon fed

Captain said...

I think regardless of age it would be nice to think players are going to get a decent run.

Maybe Clarence has too many players.

I reckon young Dippa (Olympic) would love to go on fresh at times but he plays 19s, reserves and seniors on the same day.

Knights also have players doubling up whereas Clarence regularly have fresh players in all three levels.

More is sometimes less.

Dippastar said...

more is sometimes less. could not have put it better Captain. olympic had the same problem, during the first 6 or 7 games, there were all these new players and we had about 17 people to a single team, but people got annoyed cause they were only getting about 10 min(which is fair enough reason to get pissed) so they left and now the reamaining players are showing some heart and getting some results....