Saturday, July 18, 2009

South Hobart stay 3 points adrift of Tilford Zebras

Photos (Top to Bottom): Kingborough's Marcus Bremner about to score; Bremner is mobbed by team-mates after scoring; George Krambousanos (right) was at the game and hoping for a Lions win; University's Iain Fletcher (left) tackles Charles White; Kingborough's Marc Iseli gets in a header despite the attentions of University's Iain Fletcher (left) and Rory McCallum

Tilford Zebras stayed three points clear at the top of the Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League ladder by downing second-last New Town Eagles 3-1 at KGV Park on Friday night.

South Hobart stayed second after a comfortable 3-0 away win over fourth-placed Hobart Olympic at KGV Park tonight.

Third-placed Glenorchy Knights dropped off the pace and are six points adrift of Zebras when they could only draw 3-3 with sixth-placed Clarence United at Prince of Wales Bay this afternoon.

And, bottom-side University suffered a set-back in their fight against relegation when they succumbed 1-0 at home at Olinda Grove to fifth-ranked Kingborough Lions United today.

Jayden Welch put Zebras ahead against Eagles in the 25th minute and an Andrew Telega header following a corner made it 2-0 on the hour.

Dwayne Walsh made it 3-0 in the 70th minute after a horrendous error by Eagles keeper Michael Soszynski, while Adam McKeown netted a consolation goal for Eagles 15 minutes from the end.

South Hobart produced a fine display of football in the first half to lead Olympic 1-0 at the break through a volley by Gary Upton, following excellent work down the left by Shae Hickey and man-of-the-match Liam Scott.

Substitute Julius Ross headed South’s second after a corner in the 54th minute, while Kosta Kanakaris headed home Josh Heerey’s cross 10 minutes from the end to make it 3-0.

Luke Cripps hit a hat-trick for Clarence as they drew 3-3 with the Knights, who replied through Amadu Koroma, James Hope and Mathew Nowicki.

Kingborough outplayed University in the first half, but brilliant goalkeeping by Hamish Peacock kept the Students in the game.

Peacock denied Marcus Bremner and Greg Freeman with superb saves, while Bryn Griffiths blocked another Kingborough effort on the line.

Kingborough defender Damien Pearce also smacked a marvellous volley against the University crossbar, while University’s only real chance fell to Rory McCallum, who fired over the bar.

The breakthrough came in the 43rd minute when Bremner finally beat Peacock to give the visitors a 1-0 lead at the interval.

University rallied in the second half but Kingborough defended their lead resolutely and held out for the precious three points to put them just a point behind fourth-placed Olympic.

Metro stayed three points ahead of second-placed Taroona on the Division One ladder after both sides won today.

Metro downed third-placed Beachside 3-1 at home at North Chigwell through two goals by Jason Dawes and one by Aaron Marney. Colin Shepherd replied for Beachside.

Taroona beat Northern Suburbs DOSA 7-0 away at the Showgrounds through two goals apiece by Toby Dove, Hugo Luttmer and Jack Elliott and one by Marcus Atkinson.

Nelson Eastern Suburbs overcame Christian United 2-0 away at Sherburd Park through goals by Natsuki Futumura and Adam Mills.

In the Forestry Tasmania Northern Premier League, Devonport City beat Somerset 3-0, Ulverstone drew 2-2 with Riverside Olympic, and Burnie United went down 3-2 at home to visitors Prospect Knights.

Bottom-side Launceston United earned their first point of the season with a meritorious 1-1 draw away with second-last Launceston City at Mitsubishi Park this evening.


Richard Bladel said...

Hi Walter, great pics, though I'm not sure you captured Georgie Krambo looking quite smug enough. Yeah, you're right, Boro did outplay us in the first half, we didn't turn up at all till the second, which is unforgiveable under the circumstances. However, Uni did have other red hot chances in the first - Aaron Hindmarsh had a one on one with the 'Keeper that he blazed over the bar & there were several others. Our defenders didn't deal with the OG swamp well, with huge panicky swings at the ball producing miskicks all over the place, with technique gone out the window we were 'Boro's best players for much of the early part of the game, giving the ball away constantly. But there's always 2 sides to that - the passer and receiver - the movement up front & in midfield in support of the ball was too little or wrong headed - except for a couple of guys - like Richard Delara & Andy King in particular - who are at least as good as any midfielder going round currently. So, all Uni have to do now is beat the Zebs & South Hobart. Piece of piss, surely. Eammon, if you're reading this, come & check out young Hamish in goals for Uni. He's making you look like a Muppet selection wise, cobber.

Bruno said...

I checked him out against Zebras on youtube and his keeping looked very average in that game. Good keeper but Tats and Mog def better

Dick Adams said...

That was just an unfortunate game losing 8-2.

If you had have seen him yesterday you would've seen the best keeper in the state keeping the uni lads in the game.

Tatnell can't even kick and has the most shocking positioning and technique. Just watch uni's second goal in the match with glenorchy.
Moschigianis or however its spelt, can kick the ball, is big,but
thats about all. Nothing special

Sam Kruijver is one of the best in the state. Having trained with him i've seen him pull off exceptional saves time after time.

Despite hamish playing for the bottom side he still deserves a spot in the southern side. He can kick the ball the whole field, make agile point-blank saves, cover his angles with ease and distribute his throws quickly and accuratelty.

Seems all you have to do to be selected in the southern team is play for glenorchy

Red said...

Even being a reds fan the reason for us securing a draw was down to some ordinary keeping by Tatnell. Missed crosses, poor kicking. Mos didn't have a great game but made one outstanding save. It's hard to see what people have been saying about Tatnell had a few good games but very poor of late, maybe the attention has gone to his head.

Unknown said...

Not sure I agree with you Bruno.
I think Peacock's a very good keeper - but he a) hasn't been around long enough and b) doesn't play for Knights.

I don't think Tatnell's a shocking keeper, nor that the attention's gone to his head!

If Peacock plays next year, he should make the southern team without a doubt.

jerrie kruijver said...

why not simply congratulate tatnell on his selection and get behind the guy so he can do a good job for us,teamselection will always be a subject we never agree matter who you pick we can all have bad days or suddenly play way above thing you can be sure of is the fact he will give it 120%.

Richard Bladel said...

For what it's worth, I agree with Jerrie. I congratulate and wish both lads all the best and hope they do really well. It's merely an equity & fairness issue and I have question marks about the selection process of both rep coaches and teams, as it, at least from the outside, seems like a closed shop with no apparent quality control. Correct me if I'm wrong, someone...

Between The Posts said...

you can congratulate the boys as much as you like but you cant blame people for thinking some selections were based on what club they play for rather than performance

ginger said...

oh richard please dont tell me you are lobbying for a squad of 16 which includes 2 players from all 8 prem league teams just to palliate all clubs!!!!
it's a mans game and the best get picked. this isnt under 12's. i think the squad selection reflects pretty closely the ladder position of all teams
1st , 2nd and 3rd have been far superior to all other teams this year (more than 10pts clear of the pack). all 3 have 5 players.
5th and 6th have 2 each, 7th has 1 and 8th none.
the one exception is olympic who lie 4th (having played 2 more than 5th/6th so will likely fall a spot or two). they were very poor up until the last month and some of their players may have just missed the boat.
There will always be people out of the squad you would like in, thats called personal opinion!!!
I do agree however that the rep coaches should be independent, perhaps a criteria should be 'not surrently coaching a club side'. the issue being we dont have that many coaches to call on!

lets just hope the south boys get a win over the north.
personally i am very happy to see a few more physical players selected for what will no doubt be a tough encounter.

jerrie kruijver said...

from now on all representative teams shall be picked thru an opinion poll.that way the coaches can blame the sideline would be nice to see a coach berating our stupidity then.

Wenger said...

I'm Sorry but if the best keeper in the state is letting in massive amounts of goals in the bottom side still doesn't cut it for me. Mckenna played with the bottom side and didn't let in that many. Same with pitchford. Any chance the Knights had of winning the title yesterday is gone due to keeping errors. It is sad pitchford and bubbles are not in the mix then we'd see who really can stop goals. The people being mentioned are mearly just the next best availible.

mad old man said...

I think Peacock's a good keeper too but hasnt had a enough time to establish himself but if he sticks around he should be included in the side next year!

off the topic, Craig Phillips should not referee Premier League he is rubbish! i watched Knights vs Clarence game on the weekend and he was very poor and inconsistent with decision making! Maybe he should ref junior football for awhile and get back to basics!!

jerrie kruijver said...

when judging keepers you dont look at how many go in but at the manner in wich they were scored.if a keeper is facedwith 10 1 0n 1 situatation and saves 2 he is good if he saves 4 or 5 he is brilliant.

Who cares said...

can anyone tell me what the rule is re playing without numbers on your back as Uni u19s did today???

Between The Posts said...

I agree You need judge a keeper by the way they concede goals but its also the other little things like their goalkicks that divide the good keepers from the rest

jerrie kruijver said...

silent numbers red???????????

jerrie kruijver said...

yes between the posts all those aspects like positioning catching etc etc

Kev said...

This was FFT's rule from 2008

"k) All players' uniforms shall show legible numerals at least 23mm high and such numerals shall correspond with the name of the player wearing the uniform and that player's name on the team sheets."

and they state this about compliance:-

3 Compliance with Rules
Each Club of Football Federation Tasmania Ltd shall comply with these Rules and such other rules and directions as from time to time may be adopted or made by the Company.
Subject to the Constitution and By-Laws, any Club competing in a Company competition that shall breach or fail to comply with any of these Rules, or such other rule or direction adopted or given by the Board, shall be liable to disciplinary action as may be determined by the Board.

Draw your own conclusions.

BigFev said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BigFev said...

Why is no one dissapointed with the Omission of Michael Soszynski from the state squad since we are talking about keepers.

The kid has amazing ability between the sticks, and has played at a level most of you here dream about.

Obviously no one goes out and watches the Mighty New Town Eagles play, because you would see the best keeper in the state at work.

Between The Posts said...

It's far better to be playing younger keepers thus giving them more of a chance to get them to the levels that Soszynski has already experianced

Observer said...

BigFev, I don't think you'd be be saying that if you saw Friday's game against Zebras. The third goal will give Michael nightmares for years!

The Phoenix said...

Thats an easy one reds , uni dont have u/19s , you may be refering to the TIS and for such a profesionaly run outfit to not have a strip that meets and complies with the laws of the game is nothing short of a disgrace.

Southern said...

On another note....

Over the last 7 days to Monday morning Kingston had 16mm (Lightwood closed), Bellrive and Rokeby, Risdon Vale all 7mm (Wentworth closed), Hobart 4mm (Clare St closed)

With 15 to 30mm rain predicted Tuesday/Wednesday, any money on how many grounds will be closed next weekend?

Sir Mix a Lot said...

Watched Tatnell a bit of late, definetely a good keeper however Knights have let a few goals in recently and on the weekend Cripps scored three very close to the 6 yard box which probably indicates that Tatnell is not patrolling his area or communicating well enough with his defenders.
7 in 3 for Cripps vs Knights this year, fair effort. Nothing classy about him, not overly skillful or quick but effective in the air and probably puts a bit of fear in the defenders with his aggresive play and directness.
Having said that i think he and Parker for Clarence get away with a lot, particularly Parker who just runs through players time and time again but doesnt seem to get punished. One thing to be hard, but i saw about 6 challenges that were mistimed, dangerous and that blatantly took players out.
Phillips seemed to punish others quickly but Parker kept getting away with it.
Would be good to see Clarence with all their youth try to knock the ball around a bit, but they just seem to play long balls all the time from the back which is really quite boring to watch. I think they might also improve results wise if they did so rather than being mid table all the time.

Hugo said...

Just to clear it up TIS have two strips with appropriate numbers. however, having played on sat they wore their change strip for sundays game, which happened to be the same colour as Clarence's change strip. To allow the game to go ahead they agreed to wear blue bibs, their numbers could still be seen through their bibs anyway.

Tom said...

little harsh on cripps to put him in the same category as parker. Parker is reckless and crazy, cripps not even close. I've played in him multiple times, hes tough but not reckless at all, not overly skillful yes, but finishing better than anyone else in the league at the moment.

cripps has proven multiple times this year to be the difference between points and relegation for clarence.

clarence should do better but prob wont. cripps should hopefully be picked up by another team next year

harden up maggots said...

tom parker has no fear he goes in hard all the time thats wat i like about his game cripps on his day can b just as deadly as parker on the field

googles said...

have heard from a good source corey smith and glenorchy knights have appealed his suspension and if this doesnt work they will be taking fft to court, interesting times ahead will they back down and let corey play the game he loves, also great to see that you are ok chalky, you should be in the knights senior team and take fieldings spot

Captain said...

on the strip issue uni had responsibility to turn up in home strip or an alternative that didn't clash with opponenet's away strip. So Rodney not sure Uni were doing anyone any favours "agreeing" to wear bibs. The management of this team wreaks of arrogance and contempt.

The boys played really well tho. It's a pity Clarence are the only team that can give them a decent match.

Shano said...

yeah the young lads did play well.
I'm sure they'll be pushing to play in better competition next year.

Anonymous said...

Cheers googles, I don't know whether you are serious or taking the piss about me replacing Fishy - he and I are completely different players, i'm defensive, he's attacking - he is a class above, just had a bad game against Clarence and had been in Stirling form prior. Playing on such a small ground would not help matters either! He'll bounce back straight up - he's too good not to.

jerrie kruijver said...

observer,is there any good keeper who does not make the odd blunder? most of the time it makes them better keepers

googles said...

chalky mate not taking the piss im serious, i think knights need a good defensive midfielder and you are 1 of the only players who could take this step, fishy has to play out wide or not at all

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the feedback googles, I'd love an opportunity to play the Makelele role for the 1's. Unfortunately I haven't been considered for a bench spot for the entire season, so I highly doubt an opportunity will present itself. To be fair though this is my first year playing as a midfielder so I can't expect too much, just have to keep working hard and hopefully reap the benefits one day!