Friday, July 10, 2009

Plenty of interest in Premier League - if you can get to watch it

Important games at the top and bottom of the Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League ladder are the feature of this weekend’s competition, starting with tonight’s Glenorchy Knights versus University showdown at KGV Park.

Knights have had a lean run in recent weeks and dropped a place to third, while relegation candidates University have hit some sort of form and are only three points adrift of second-last New Town Eagles.

Clarence leapfrogged Eagles into third-last place and dumped Eagles back into second-last spot when they won their clash 2-0 at Wentworth Park on Thursday night.

This will have been a huge relief to Andrew Brown’s boys - the team was actually in the care of Franco Previdi for the game against Eagles - while Eagles coach George Krambousanos is starting to wear a worried look.

Knights will be without the suspended Corey Smith and it is time Amadu Koroma started to confirm his potential by scoring some goals again.

University will present a real threat and a win could put them level on points with Eagles.

League leaders Tilford Zebras are in action on Saturday at the awkward time, for the media at least, of 4.30pm at Wentworth Park against Clarence and a win is essential for the visitors as they seek to stay ahead of second-placed South Hobart.

This most unusual time for a game makes it difficult for supporters who have watched either of the other two games in the afternoon to get to this game in time for the start and FFT really needs to look at their rostering.

For the media, with post-match interviews and identifying photographs back at the office a necessity, it makes it impossible to get to the kick-off in time.

Oh well, why should clubs worry about the media. Perhaps they just don’t want coverage.

The lack yet again of a Sunday game is a worry. Do FFT really want people to watch Premier League football, which is the standard bearer of the sport?

Zebras may have Ben Crosswell back after a hamstring strain - and how they need him.

South Hobart host fifth-placed Kingborough Lions United at South Hobart on Saturday knowing that a win will put them level on points with leaders Zebras and add extra pressure on them later in the afternoon.

South will be without midfielder Jonathon Ladic, who has gone to try his luck in Melbourne.

The Lions have gradually slipped down the ladder and the lack of decent outdoor training has certainly hindered them.

Eagles are in action for the second time in three days when they host fourth-placed Hobart Olympic at Clare Street on Saturday and they must win if they are to escape the relegation battle that is threatening to engulf several teams.

Eagles will be without Mark Page and Cormac Collins and repeated postponements have annoyed coach George Krambousanos, who has had his players psychologically ready for battle each time, only to have a game called off and having to go back to the drawing board again.

Olympic have hit top form in recent weeks which has seen them rise from second-last to fourth place on the ladder.

They must be favoured to beat Eagles and consolidate their position in fourth spot.

Michael Bulis is in excellent form and struck two fine goals to sink Zebras last weekend. He is the league’s third-ranked marksman.

Why he was left out of the southern squad is a puzzle as he has hit 12 goals this season.

Adam Hedge is a doubtful starter after straining a hamstring against Zebras, but Aaron Percy is likely to retain his spot in defence and Dipendra Kunwar may get a start.


The Phoenix said...

walter , the Clarence v Zebras game was moved not by FFT but as a request from Zebras due to their B and W ball/dinner .

Walter said...

Hi Benchie

Thanks for telling me. It's a pity Zebras didn't let me know. Apologies to FFT.

I'm still disappointed at the lack of Premier League Friday night games and Sunday games. There have been quite a few gaps on those days this year and more are coming up. The Premier League is the showcase for the sport and it's just so disappointing when there are no Friday night or Sunday games.

Ril said...

I don't understand why with only 4 Premier League games each week, they can't just have one Friday Night, Saturday Arvo, Saturday Night/Evening, Sunday Arvo. I guess that would be too logical, and we can't have any logic at FFT now can we?! At worst 2 games at one time every few weeks when the teams with night-game facilities play each other.

Also nteresting to see what a mess they've made in some of the other leagues as well with their rescheduling (Under 19, Social Leagues etc.), with teams having to play 2 games in 24hrs, whilst they have gaps in their KGV roster for mid-week games, with the ground sitting empty for no apparent reason.

Tommy said...

Ril, I have to concur with the Friday evening, Saturday, Saturday night, Sunday game rostering. That would be attractive to fans and players alike.

googles said...

well done again fft instead of getting 100 at all these games we will get 20, time to bring back state leauge to get everybody interested again

The Phoenix said...

thats alright walter !! I agree with your sentiments though .

The Phoenix said...
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Who cares said...

benchie,you seem to know whats goin on at clarence how come the women played at wwp2 last week but the men havent got on there for weeks. also the women trained at wwp on thursday but u19 and res trainede at showgrounds. whats going on there?????

Action said...

i disagree with Sunday games for premier league, no player like playing Sundays. 1 game fri 2 sat afternoon 1 sat night would be best