Sunday, July 26, 2009

North men win against South

Photos [courtesy of Brendan Lichtendonk] (top to bottom): Ryan Smith on the attack for South; North clear their lines; North squad; South squad

The North beat South 2-0 in this morning's intrastate representative match played at Aurora Stadium in Launceston.

Conditions were slippery and the markings a little faint and the first half ended scoreless.

North took the lead when South goalkeeper Michael Moschogianis threw a ball out which was intercepted and fired home by Sam Hughes.

The second came when substitute goalkeeper Alex Tatnell failed to come out for a cross and Brian Tabrett scored.

South had plenty of possession in the first half and Luke Cripps should have scored with a header from 6 metres.

The second half was more even as North stopped playing the long ball and moved Todd Hingston to sweeper, where he often dictated the play.

In the A-League pre-season friendly, Melbourne Victory beat Adelaide United 2-1 after a goalless opening half.

In the women's intrastate match, South beat North 2-0 after leading 1-0 at the break.

Sarah Fitzgerald gave the South the lead in the first half, while Bliss Cantrell netted in the second half.


James Wilkinson said...

Pretty funny how according to Walter the goals came from mistakes from both the South keepers, since this has been the most debated issue. Perhaps Hamish Peacock should have played instead.

googles said...

i think that this shows for the second year in a row that the standard overall of the south players have dropped, yes we can talk about selection issues but i think its obvious the standard is getting worse, wake up and do something about it fft

BigFev said...


Or big mick Soszynski.

Between The Posts said...

Sorry to say Bigfev but Soszynski is far from whatever answer south is looking for goalkeeper wise. Peacock should be the most likely candidate if changes are to be made

Dick Adams said...

peacock is a born athlete
hard to find many people in the state as powerful as him.

soszynski may have some talent but he doesn't quite live up to his reputation. He's played in england but he's only 28 or so and back playing in tassie

Sit Ouboo Sit said...

maybe its time the northern boys were given some credit.they get little to none of the assistance from fft that is so often the vain of aggravation to the followers of the southern leagues.

jerrie kruijver said...

how can you possibly blame fft for the standard of players? do they coach and teach them?

Captain said...

Mad old Man's earlier comment,
"Captain, i dont think Mr kelly would go to under 19 games to find his players".

Interesting to see 2 * 16 yos in the North side (one scored). Maybe Mr Kelly should cast his eye over the TIS squad.

Richard Bladel said...

Yeah, Eammon's selection errors came home to roost. Keepers were one area. Attacking & defensive midfield & up front another. Charlie White was too slow. Gary Upton had not his best game, but did well enough. But we needed to play the ball in to feet rather than unerringly find the Northeners defenders heads or the bye line with every ball forward. Bully woulda been nippy in and between them. They needed Fishy's creativity going forward perhaps? Crippsy was tired or slow or didn't care. It's not easy to get a team to gel with only a few training sessions, but it was very poor. Amadu improved things slightly, but not enough. All a bit disappointing, I reckon.

googles said...

jerry, fft has to take some blame for the standard of tasmanian football, they have done very little to improve the game in the state for the last 10 years or even longer, we have produced basiclly no players who can play at a higher level and if they are not playing senior football by the age of 15 they will not make it anywhere out of the state, that is how bad the standard has dropped and its getting worse every year, i hate being so negative but its a fact, as for north vs south i think the players are getting bored of these games, how bout we have melbourne victory vs tasmania, it would make the players want to play in the game and we would get a big crowd and give the young players some exprience at a higher level, if not victory at least play victoria or nsw

Todd said...

Well we called it. Keepers were the area that led to souths downfall. Bad judgement from one and for a guy who's as tall as he is, stuck on his line not even getting close. not good signs for the next ecounters.

Between The Posts said...

There is so much said about the quality of the young keepers maybe someone needs to start thinking about improving them rather than just hoping they will learn how to be excellent all on their own. You can only be so good until you need extra specialised training

Tom said...

few harsh comments richard... for a team that lost fielding and self the day before the game through injury they were pretty solid through the middle. any team will show that loss!

also understandable how smith and cripps looked a little tired. After watching the game on saturday night where both worked extremely hard all night i'm sure their legs showed it.

However, cripps unlucky not to put a few away and smith very solid all game.

second leg will be interesting

Marty Nidorfer said...

Personally, the blame for poor standards lies wth the demise of a true state league comp. A playoff at the end of the season isnt enough.
Too many clubs occupy South and North comps. This dissipates quality.
If we used our imagination, 5 top flight southern clubs right now with the "cream" would be better compared to clubs 10 to 15 years ago, compared to 10 last year, 8 this year.
Disadvantages, like the old State League are travel costs. No club can sustain amounts of travel consistently over the years, thats why Northern teams dropped off the radar(having the most travel) first.
Who answers for the quality? Jerry I say the organisers. Clubs have a say I guess, and maybe force issues, but a bit of "imagination" is neded to revive a quality legue in the state.

Marty Nidorfer said...

Just read my post, to clarify

If we used our imagination, 5 top flight southern clubs right now with the "cream" would be better compared to clubs 10 to 15 years ago, compared to 10 last year, 8 this year.

means I think currently the standard is no where near that of 10 to 15 yrs ago, but less teams in the top flight would make a massive improvement.

harden up maggots said...

wat was john raymond thinking not playing tis player tayla thomas 2day this girls jus repesented tasmania at the australian nationals and got reconised by and act club and she cant even get a game in our southern squad her and lucy foote up frnt would hav destroyed then northen defence 2day

Captain said...

not sure if anyone will scroll far enough through Jerrie's comment to read this but must agree with Tom -the Clarence and Zebras boys had a tough game finishing around 6.30PM Sat night. It would've been tough to back up in Launie the next day.

Mozza & Crisp may not have performed well on Sunday but they were great for Clarence on Sat night.

Anonymous said...

If Dimitri Nester was chosen in goals this def wouldn't have happened. With the loss of Frank Mainella, Nathan Pitchford, Ben Peter & Sam Kruijver from the keeping ranks this season ot leaves the South very exposed at the back. Just a suggestion as im not sure how the South Coach is chosen... Why not give it to the coach of the previous season as reward? If he rejects the offer then go to plan B. It just seems to many people in Tassie have a monopoly on positions and decisions...

Congrats to the north anyway... Still have to take your chances...

jerrie kruijver said...

googles i blame the way fft cobbles the leagues together for the loss of standards.after all you only improve by playing against sides that at least equal or slightly better then yourself.none of the leagues are really made up from teams that have actually earned the right on the park to be in their particular only allow clubs who satisfy requirements that have nothing to do with their footballprowes is like throwing the baby out with the bathwater.nothing should interfere with competition on the park and only those teamds that deserve it should occupy the top 3 leagues

Coxy said...

It seems to me bringing in a State League in 2010 is a great option to see if it can kickstart a new era for tassie football. What is there that can be lost? Alot to be gained! I know funding is the main reason as attendances dont exact raise the roof and bring in much money but finding a large sponsor for the league cant be too hard. Also have the league partnered with a transport company like Metro, Redline, Thrifty even and have them donate part of travel expenses. Only onbious way to have teh league structure to me is similar to the Conference League in England. 4 teams from south and 4 teams from north to keep it even to start with then have respective div 1 leagues in south and north as per usual with promotion/relegation system.

For example:
Tas premier have Zebras, South, Knights, H Olympic, Ranger, Devonport, Somerset and Prospect.

That leave south div 1 with example: Kingborough, Clarence, Newtown, Uni, Metro, Taroona, Beachside and Nelson.

North div 1 example: Ulverstone, Riverside, Burne, Laun City, Laun Utd and 3 more div 1 teams.

Coxy said...

i'd like to hear other people suggestions as i'd be really keen to come up with a solid idea for a state league as i have heard many great memories from guys i have played with about teh state league. Also since living in the UK i have noticed that teh way clubs raise alot of money for the travels and normal club expenses is by getting in touch with the local community but holding kids events like carnivals, meet the mascot days, trainign camps and generaly making match a funner experience. Also holding more club events like shirt presentations, annual meeting, hiring out club houses and going to schools to do clinics or holiday care.
Nothign seems to hard to get going in tas..

jerrie kruijver said...

coxy,you are is up to the clubs themselves to build a supporterbase.that is not the job of fft.

Unknown said...

From memory, the northerners have had more balls than their fashionable southern counterparts much like queensland have over nsw in the state of origin.

Richard Bladel said...

So Fishy & Selfy got injured hey? Yep, that hurts. Nice bit of planning, the Statewide being the day before the North South... Not blaming Crippsy & Smith (the latter did do well) etc, it's understandable, but a coach makes a decision on the day to put a bloke on the park who has got the legs to do the biz. So he got that wrong too. It's easier on the sideline though eh?

Where FFT have fallen down is in developing coaches. I've seen so many shocking bits of coaching in there, it's not funny. State youth coaches who are downright abusive, whose teams go out on the park looking shit scared to make a mistake. Parents pull their kids out. Creativity dies. We have to lift the standard of coaches technically & in their understanding of psychology to bring the standard of players up. There are so many Premier players with poor technique, it's not their fault, they just haven't been taught. Between the posts is right - how many clubs put any time into developing their keepers? No value in putting the 2 lads down, they haven't been supported enough.

wally said...

Richard, you seem to have it all sewn up my friend, your comments say it all "easier on the sideline though eh", always is. Would love to have the benefit of your vast coaching experience in these rep games over Eammons, South or indeed Tassie would never lose a game. All it takes is an application to FFT, but just remember these positions are voluntary, no pay, no thanks or appreciation, just be willing to give up plenty of your time. Oh yeh and also be prepared to cop it on the chin from the "I could do a better job" crowd, sitting in the grand stand with there hands in their pockets, every time you lose or draw a game.

Sentinel said...

After reading all the comments about the mens game NTH v STH and then to read "Harden up Maggots" comments about the womens game.
What is it with you Southerners,The Sth womens team was stacked with TIS girls who don't play in the Premier league,A luxury the Nth would like,these girls came with fresh legs,they are coached at the highest level available in Tas,get to travel around the world,and then pushed in to play in a game against part timers who if they are lucky enough with school & work commitments train twice a week.
This game should have been for these players who haven't had the same opportunities, yet bust their guts out every week, pay to play,and when the opportunity comes along to rep the Sth they stack their team.
I'm sure the Sth have plenty of good players who also played on Sat
who would have liked to play in front of a big crowd.
It's about time these games were played on a level playing field, men & women.Lets consider a Intrastate of origin series.

Banksie said...

For the benefit of the game today and the future, a viable state league needs to be created. There will always be nay sayers who will say it can't/shouldn't be done but, the leagues in their current format are nothing more than a serious social league. The best in the state should be the pinnacle of soccer here in tas. Something for the young kids to aspire to and a vehicle for talented players to advance themselves whether here, on the mainland or overseas.

The game needs to be promoted better by FFT. I don't know if they have a promotion officer but if not, why not?
A 4cm x 4cm ad in the paper announcing the weekend games is hopeless. How can you expect to attract supporters to matches.
I know the facilities at KGV are poor but why not have family days etc. Could be advertised on TV or radio.
Currently if you weren't involved in the game in some way you wouldn't know much about it......without Walter Pless there would be no exposure.
We have so many kids here in Tas playing the game. We are going to lose a lot of them to other codes/sports. Such a shame. Why not develop pathways like some clubs have already to enable them to continue playing and maybe nurture some talent that inevitably will come through.
Also Jerrie i like some of your ideas but you'll still need reserve teams for your senior fringe players and up and comers. Promotion and Relegation is essential, it provides excitement and generates interest.

Richard Bladel said...

Yeah, wally. I've done that, cobber. Had that experience more than a few times.

jerrie kruijver said...

Banksie aslong aswe dont lock those reserves away in a league of their own but let the lower leagues get the benefit of playing against them so we do away with silly situation that we have now in div1,3 good teams playing against 4 whipping boys.the top 3 in div one should be playing at least against teams of the premierleague reservers calibre.8-0 scorelines are good for a laugh but dont benefit anyone.

wally said...

Would suggest in that case then Richard you should know better than just slagging a couch when the result isnt as you would like, you should try airing your dislike of a person face to face rather than in open forums such as this.

Corey Smith said...

the problem is not the coaching at the top level, it is the monopoly run through the junior coaching ranks. For example the junior regional coach selection policies like northern suburbs, eastern and central regions. It is either monopolized by certain clubs or its a mate's club..... and the same with junior FFT run teams..... It's about time that THE BEST coaches were chosen for these roles.... and these coaches need to realise that at that level it is about development of technique and NOT results..... The problem lies in that there are too many of these rep coaches who take all of their rep players and join them together and play them in a club competition where they learn nothing as they WIN but don't develop as they play against teams which are not the same standard technique wise and thus brings them to their level...... Coaches at a young age really do need to start working on technique and also on players abilities to FULLY understand their position and team tactics.... Development is sometimes done at the expense of results but benefits are there long term.... an example of this monopoly is in central region where there are coaches such as Romeo Frediani and Sergio Pace who any 10, 11 or 12 yr old parent would love coaching their kids but they did not receive this job? why? one must ask the question?

jerrie kruijver said...

you raise some good points there corey

Richard Bladel said...

Corey's spot on. There is a boy's club, jobs do seem to go to the same guys over & over (though there has been a shift with U14 & U15 state teams this year, with Ken Morton one that will make a huge positive difference, which is great, so maybe this is changing??) and the coaches he mentioned are fine candidates for those gigs. I've coached in a regional development tournament and had other coaches send their kids out to kick the crap out of my players deliberately - all to get a result.

Hey Wal, did I say I disliked Eamonn personally? Try to divorce the personal from the work. I don't give a rats about the result, it's the football. I'd love a chat with him on this stuff, face to face. Most of his selections were real good. I was wrong with my doubts about Jade Clay, thought he was lively & did a pretty dam decent job. I'm merely stickin up for a few blokes (like young Hamish Peacock for example) who get lost on the fringes for whatever reason and don't seem to get a go.

And hey, at least I use my real name in the open forum....

Brian Roberts said...

Two comments.
Does the result of the N v S game really matter . To me it smacks of yesteryear when during the June long weekend we used tio have a carnival featuring the North , North West and South.

Secondly .

Re a State League , As I havbe mentioned previously the most competitive Statewide league structure was the Mark 1 model .

See C Hudson's book for details or stop me in the street.

googles said...

i think marty has some very good points, i would prefer a 8 team state leauge though wich would make it even harder to get a place in a senior team and this will also make every leauge below the state leauge alot stronger,
state leauge
south hobart

div 1

then you could have the remaining teams like metro,taroona,beachside ect in div 2 wich would make the game in the state alot stronger with the reserves competion under 21 with only 3 over age players in all leauges so players will be spread out alot more over all the clubs if they want to see some game time

In the know said...

Googles. i would be interested to see how that league would go. Would be much better imo.

I am not sure about the U21 rule you suggest for reserves however. This would kill off the U19 comp or is that what you are suggesting?

wally said...

My appolagies Richard, my perception radar is obviously out of whack re: comments directed at Eammon Kelly, correct me if I,m wrong you seem to have plenty to say and say is all you do. Here is Mr Kelly,s no., 0418 128 661. I,m sure he would be more happy to accept your expert opinions, maybe you could go to the next trainning session and help out.(Not)

Captain said...

Richard, the U15s in 2008 performed exceptionally well. I will be interested to see how the teams go at Nationals in 2009.

Parents pulling their kids out (whoever did that) says as much about the parent and/or kid than it does about the coach.

It's a pity FFT have chosen to abandon the full time programs it ran from 2006 - 2008 as it has provided some good players for Clubs.

10 of the 16 2008 U15 squad members have played Premier League Seniors this year and three others are in the TIS squad.

googles said...

in the know, yeh i wouldnt have a under 19 comp i would make it under 21, the benefit of this would be to give the younger reserve players more exposure to senior teams and to play with 3 expierienced over age players can only help there develepment and also having a better oppertunity to sit on the bench for a better quality senior team or even play regularly if they are good enough, at the moment the reserve comp there is not much quality in the leauge plus if you are not playing seniors by the time your 21 you probly will never so it just makes sence to have it under 21 in my opinion

Chris Dand said...

Hi Cory

A few facts for you and some questions

As President of Nortern Suburbs junior Soccer Assocation I take offence to some of your assertions and feel you need to look in your own backyard and get your fagts right We have approached your club on numerous occasions for help in many ways and always get a lot of noise but no substance That goes for every Senior Club in tne distict Are all the youth coahes at your club qualified to coach at that level and do they have adevelopment ethos or awin mentallity Having seen some of your club coaches in action I would suggest the latter
Are you currently coaching a junior or youth team have you ever applied for a regional coaching position withNSJSA I believe you were interested but never contacted us. We believe and re inforce to our coaches that Regionals are about development so much so that we are changing our system to Centre of Excellence models so any one who wants extra training can turn up. If you wish to help instead of grandstandig you could pick up the phone and ring me and offer your help PS part of being a good coach is the example you set do you think your actions this year are a good example

Chris Dand said...

PS mobile no 0400053976

We also discourage Regional coaches from recruiting players to form super team But admjt it does happen

googles said...

chris to be honest i think corey has having a go at central region not northern suburbs as he is a suburbs boy

Cahill said...

on the game...richard, didnt think amadu did as well as mckeown did....thoguht mckeown played well and was one of the better players for south and was creating things up front..unlucky to come off but everyone had to get a run i spose.. scotty played quite well and was souths best i sure the lads will do better in the reply leg at kgv!!

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Changing the subject. I have sad memories of some of the behaviors of football club members. Darren Anderton was the subject of homophobic taunts after his brave decision to come out. Danny Jenkins had to leave the state on to more forward thinking patures where he could live in peace. Both were average 1st division players but they put 100 per cent in every week and deserved to have a beer in peace\. Instead they were subjected to puerile taunts from a mindless crowd

horror movie said...

wouldnt it be great to see not the tom end jerry show but the richard and jerry show or maybe they could bypass walter and have their own radio program that people with nothing better to do subscribe to jerry very cheap .remember how old are you .you seem very childish and self opinionated .sorry opinion still stands grandstander.

horror movie said...

madmclone i have played with u .good call

horror movie said...

corey .sorry silence says you should not be posting opinions because you are laughable all you are trying to do is feather your own nest and trying to promote your image for the position you are in for futsal .who wants their kids being influenced by a great example like you. drift away like many of your type do .

Unknown said...

Reality, when did we play together? and for whom?

horror movie said...

south hobart. first state league summer season if you are the mclone i know

snoop said...

***********BUSTY BLONDE************

Call me now Richard!
PH: 0410299211

(Local 55c Mobile $2/m)

Unknown said...

Yes reality that was me. I suppose I won't be remembering playing with a guy called reality2. lol I was about 35 when i was there john wilkinson was the coach then bret anderton. Its nice to hear from old team mates
souths had a good vibe about it. Now morton is about, that might have changed somewhat

Richard Bladel said...

Two bucks a minute eh snoopy? How busty are ya?

Hey Wal, do you really think Eammon would like you giving his number out in a public forum? Or is it a wind up?

Captain, there are at least 4 sets of parents to my knowledge that disliked the way this particular coach was going about things. Two others just didn't even try out, and the players are good ones. The point is, are we trying to build the game here? Is it acceptable to have coaches screaming and yelling and carrying on at kids?

I don't think so..

Blah blah blah... Have a nice day.

Unknown said...

I think a coach should be given the latitude tp animate his pleasure or displeasure of a teams performance, however they should not be allowed to single out players and give them volleys of abuse. Very few coaches stay completely calm.

Marty Nidorfer said...

Brian, would be very interested to hear about your prefered formats. I still think a state league proper would not last.

My suggestion is the Statewide cup be replaced with a "champions league" each year. Teams not in it will play a knockout cup, on the weeks of the CL.
Structure would be 2 groups of 4 consisting of:
Clubs that finished 1,2,3 in North or South Premier League. (6)
Knockout Cup winner(1)
Playoff South 4th v North 4th.(1)
Seed the top 4 in different groups, and pot luck the others.
Semis and Final.
This would mean clubs would have minimal travel each year north or south. Every club in the state can make it.

Another interesting concept for the South which would be interesting although I dont agree with it as talent would wear thin: A 12 club Premier League, split afer 1 full round into 2, 6 team leagues, playing each other twice more. Points against relevant teams in the first round would be carried on.


Anonymous said...

Hey Chris, why be so defensive - take on board some of the points that are being put foward, they have substance and deserve to be considered. The fact that you have had to make it personal with mentioning Corey's own playing year is quite poor as it's out of context in my opinion. Everyone's allowed to have their say surely!

Chris Dand said...

Hi chalky

if Corey wants to stick his head out and make un informed judgements then he leaves himself open to critiscm My comments are and your club Glenorchy Knights need to look into there own set up before having shots at others . If you would also like to put up your hand and help then you know my phone number .

Sit Ouboo Sit said...

googles,lton city as a representative in your new and improved premier league ,must have come to you whilst musing the past.ulverstone riverside and propect knights all perform better than city in the first division while in both reserves and under eighteens both riverside and prospect perform better.some loyalty to past ideals...not.

Captain said...


a question about the write up. I understand you were not at the game.

I was wondering where the comments came from.

Anonymous said...

Chris, I am more than aware of the state of our juniors and know it has been below par for some time, but we aren't talking about Knights here. I would like to be involved with coaching one day but don't consider myself knowledgeable enough to be training the stars of tomorrow! I don't think anyone is having shots at you mate, it's just a bit of constructive criticism, you either take it on board or don't - no need to make it personal that's all i'm saying! :)

Walter said...

Captain, from several reliable sources who were there. Anything controversial about the report?

Chris Dand said...

Hi Chalky

Its always amazing that constuctive criricism can only go one way When someone makes it they should at least offer to br part of the solution. I am sure that I could find you an U/6 team at Rosetta Knights to start your coahing career and then perhaps people like me can retire and give constuctive critiscm about how in my day every thing was better and how the standards have dropped I still invite you to call and offer help maybe by refeering some games this Sunday

jerrie kruijver said...

reality2 if i am the jerry you are refering to i have to advise you that i would not be any good on a redio show because i stammer rather badly at times.

jerrie kruijver said...

oops try radio

Anonymous said...

Maybe next year mate, I'm back studying now and can't really spare the time along with playing Soccer and Basketball. Besides, I'm not the once offering the constructive criticism here, I was just saying that Smithers had some points worth considering. I'm not knocking anyone at all!

Corey Smith said...

Sorry for late response but hadn't checked until this morning........

As Chalky23 pointed out, my comments were not trying to single out anyone in particular but point out that this monopoly does happen and it happens from the ground up... Basically stating that it is better to stop the problem at junior level at the youngest age than to try and fix it when its too late at senior level.....

I would definitely be interested in a Northern Suburbs coaching role and would prefer this than any other region due to the fact I played for them when I was a junior although with my Futsal commitments this would be difficult to commit my full effort and therefore would not be fair on the kids. I personally think from all of the reports I have received that NSJSA is finally turning a corner which is great to see.... In the recent past they have obviously fallen behind from the others a touch and that gap is now closing again which is great!!!
I find it strange that my pretty open comment about all juniors in the state was taken so personally as it was not meant that way.

I will certainly give you a call at some stage to talk to you about development of the juniors and hope that it will help. I am currently not coaching a youth team as with my job I am now training kids 6 days out of 7 and would not be able to commit fully to looking after a team week in week out, In saying this I have been to several trainings and taken them for the kids, I have made myself available at any time to come along and help train Rosetta juniors (have not been contacted as yet, I have run 2 clinics for the club so far and will assist with more, I recruited 2 out of the 3 youth coaches to the club and the administrator in the past 2 yrs, I have also helped with several other clubs in the recruiting of juniors, training sessions, academies (kingborough lions, zebras, hobart utd, dodges ferry, lindisfarne) and will continue to do so...... This Thursday I will be trekking out to clarence to help with their youth girls teams. In saying all of this my point is...... I am doing my bit for junior development not only at glenorchy knights but elsewhere also, and I would suggest speaking to any parent of juniors I coach in Futsal Academies or State Teams, Clinics or Camps and asking whether they have the same views shared on "here" half the time and you would get a resounding answer...

I just hope that when it comes to juniors that people look at development and technique and that was my main point, a lot of juniors including NSJSA teams still have coaches teaching kids to "kick it", "boot it", "get in there" and let's be honest, on a national level will that work?? and on a local level will that improve the game?? I think not.

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

I guess Im repeating myself but from where I sit there is not enough interest in a full blown state league up here.

Generally the majority of clubs are against it, and was tabled at last northern presidents meeting the general consensus was what would happen to the remaining 5 teams up here that dont qualify for the state league. We just dont have the clubs and teams up here to have them fall into a second tier comp.

Our league up here is very competive and apart from one team there have been few blow outs (not saying the standard has got better). It is for this reason the northern clubs pushed ahrd to get this state final series going, to increase statewide exposure but at the sametime not decimate the northern league.

I myself in principal agree with a state league, but once again we need to get the balance right. If we went state league in 2010 I could see a number of clubs not exisitng in 2011.

As for the North/South games, the northern lads only got together 3 times, but stuck to the game plan and once out there are keen to beat their southern cousins. FFT need to market the series I was team manager for North and didnt see one FFT employee or board member (apart from referee co-ordinator).

my 2 bobs worth

jerrie kruijver said...

rangers president,instead of creating a separate stateleague would it be possible to combine the two premier leagues and to cut down on travelling have the visiting side play a game on the saturday and a second game on sunday?

Van djik said...

Longest list of comments since walters blog started?

theworldgame97 said...

There are alternative models for a state league with minimal travel.

CC said...

As an interested bystander, I'd like to clarify that Hamish Peacock is being supported in the most professional way through both his sporting career and his academic career.

It is a shame that the Football Federation do not seem to be doing similar in a systematic manner. I do hope there is an improvement on this situation into the future, no matter what eventuates of the league.

theworldgame97 said...

A state league could comprise two conferences, north and south.
Four teams in the north and 4 teams in the south.
In the south team A Plays B one week
Team A plays C the next week
Team A plays D the next week.

Every 4th week the top team from the south plays the top team from the north.
2nd team South plays second team north.
3rd plays 3rd.
4th plays 4th.

This occurs again in a month's time.
Each team would only have to travel intrastate once every eight weeks.

On the Australian mainland, pundits find Tasmania not having a state league as ludicrous. Outsiders perceives Tasmania's arguments for not having a state league as heliocentric. The axiomatic view would be Tasmania only wants a social league. ATM that is all we've got.

I coach a rep team ATM and I want boys and girls to be able to aspire to a higher level of domestic football than what we have at the moment.

As a corollary to the above coaching debate, I have also done a coaching course with top level KNVB instructors Schans and Derkson at the AIS who instruct all over the world and have coached international teams. Rob Baan organised this last August.

Various FFT coaching staff, and one current state coach, have rejected this qualification as being insignificant. Not needed for coaching positions in this state! We specialised in 4 stage incremental systems and intricate in depth match analysis over 9 days. Course content equates to an FFA C Licence, except Kelly Cross, next in FFA coaching hierarchy after Han Berger, present at the course, was totally in awe of the Dutch instructors, and proffered no comments when they were castigating various training drills used for youth in this country.

Cross would have trained the FFT coaching staff and state coach who dismissed the content of my course. What I learnt was pretty useful tactical and technical coaching, not readily available in this country. The 4-3-3system was taught in great detail.

It is also recommended that players touch the ball at training at least 600 times up to 1000 times in a training session. Some of our Tassie elite coaches' players who I've watched, only touch the ball 60 times to 150 in some sessions. They do a lot of running - useless according to the KNVB, except for professional teams. Often all we produce in Australia are football athletes, not football players. Yet people in this state who should have known better, rejected my KNVB qualifications. Have they heard of KNVB, Clarefontaine and Coverciano? I wonder?

My interest in football is for the whole standard to improve in Tasmania and I'll willingly share what I've learnt through the Dutch KNVB course about the game with others. Thankfully, I've learnt a lot from other altruistic coaches who live here, some who've played professionally. I wonder if some others in the coaching game here are interested in coaching for their own personal gain and career? They should be employing the utilitarian principle of the greatest good for the greatest number of people in the game.


to CC -

on a serious note, if hamish respected the time and TAX PAYER funded training he has received so far he would not be playing local soccer - he could kiss goodbye his athletics career in one bad corey smith tackle etc...about time he prioritised!

i agree he has made some good saves this season, but he's far from being a player a club signs with the view of winning a title.

tatnell and mogs were as good a value for selection as anyone. I can tell you that kaden, sos, dimi and hamish have all played match winning/saving games this season as have the two selected.

all those keepers mentioned could have done the job and could have been justified in being there.

time to lay off those selected and get on with it.

Marty Nidorfer said...

Thanks for the view and comments on coaching and alternative state league.
I like the idea of touching the ball x amount of times in a session. It is something my training as a coach in a different field emphasised.
I strongly feel Tassie football will improve with a State League every year.
If FFT can come up with a structure that reduces travel then bring it on.
My previous post outlining a champions league would take 8 rounds out of a season. Currently the Cup and Statewide playoff take 7 rounds to complete. I like this idea as successful clubs are going to expect travel anyway.
Your idea of 4 only clubs, south and north would also give each regional club the best chance to put "quality" on the pitch.
Cheers and please everybody, the consensus from all comments is a state league is needed to boost standards in Tas. Keep giving the powers that be suggestions. Maybe 1 will suit???

HammerFest said...

Captain's Log, I will come to Hamish's defence here. Hamish's football playing has been sanctioned by his athletics coach and by prominent Australian athletics coaches. Goalkeeping is complimentary to his athletics training, is far far less stressful on the body than throwing the javelin and he enjoys it!

Marty Nidorfer said...

On another note re: North v South. This is an entry from a bloke called Chris McKenna from Devonport posted on the North/North West blog.
I remember the young fella kicking the crap out of fellow 10 year olds before and at half time of Devonport matches which I was involved in the past.
As an adopted "southerner" I think his words ring true, especially regarding derogatory comments on this blog about who or should not be in this team.
Sorry Chris, nothing personal, say hi to dad, does he still have a beer at the club?? I will pop in if ever in town.
It reads:
"All the very best to both the mens & womens Northern representative teams for Sunday. I'm sure you'll put your best foot forward and hopefully give the southerners a touch up!!! Just remember the word TEAM, it's one they often forget &, as last years mens games showed, can be the difference between winning & losing. Again, best of luck to all the coaching staff & players"


Dont take this the wrong way guys, because I'm sure Hamish is a great kid, but the reality is that if he is looking to go to the Olympics he would be better served not playing local footy.

And his athletics coaches need to wisen up on this - if he were 10 or 12, maybe, but at 18 and pushing into his prime. it's irresponsible of them.

and I hope I'm not proven right by this, but what happens when the kid is injured badly (ala sam kruijver) can't throw with a bung shoulder -

Captain said...


your write ups are usually factual, detailed and reliable.

This one is brief and maybe a bit subjective?? There is a focus on goalkeeping errors that bears out pre-game comments on this blog, which were reported by others to me as not entirely accurate.

I was just wondering what the origin of the comments was.

Marty Nidorfer said...

Captains Log, you need to research a former Launceston Juventus keeper to justify your argument. I will give you a clue, Simon Miotto. The injury received at the AIS is for you to work out.
If you find out you will realise that young Hamish should do what he wants.

Cheers Marty.

Walter said...

Captain, I appreciate your comments.

In this particular case, because I didn't see the game, I kept the report as brief as possible and as objective as possible. The goalkeeping comments came from three different sources. They weren't meant to denigrate the keepers but to describe in some way the manner in which the two goals came about.

There was little else to say, given that I hadn't seen the game, but perhaps I should have just posted the score and left it that.


jerrie kruijver said...

great to see so many good ideas popping up.i wonder if we could gett fft to participate on this would be great to hear their take on things.also it would bring them closer and more in touch with the people they serve,that is all the players and everyone who hold football dear.

Chris Dand said...

hi Everyone

Ihave to sing the praises of the much maligned Corey Smith as he did pick up the phone and ring me and offered to be part of the solution in improving junior soccer so Well done Corey and we look foward to your input The World Game you are right in that their are to many career coahes only interested in their own objectives and not jmproving quality across the board unless you are willing to pay. I did my youth licence under Neil Connell and he run Coaches nights for anyone who wanted to attend and this was a good way for coaches of all levels to keep getting fresh ideas and talk to other coaches

Chris McKenna said...

G'day Marty, dad comes and watches most of our home games and quite a few away games also. His favourite comments are generally "Your times up #12" or "Hows the hammys"!!

On the North V's South, I just find it incredible how the knives come out whenever representative teams are mentioned (especially surrounding goalkeepers).

If the Southern team lose the blame is always directed at the coaching staff & the players selected (mainly keepers). There is very rarely any credit given to the Northern teams players & coaching staff.

As Rangers Pres said, the Northern squad had 3 training sessions to prepare and had to deal with players being unavailable due to other commitments or injury (myself included), so things weren't that easy. I would imagine that similar issues came up with the Southern team. The coaches can only select a team from players that put their hand up to play.

Why anyone doesn't want to be a part of these representative games is beyond me. I think it's about the best opportunity players have to challenge themselves & get out of their comfort zone.

Without a State League (which I'd love to see back), the standard has dropped significantly and maybe these rep games & the new finals series are a step towards improving standards.

Always good to read your comments Marty, they're always constructive and informative. I especially enjoy your comments in Walters match previews (although I haven't sighted one in a while). We'd love to see you back at Valley Road for a beer someday.

CC said...

"and I hope I'm not proven right by this, but what happens when the kid is injured badly (ala sam kruijver) can't throw with a bung shoulder -"

I appreciate your comments Captain Log however what concerns me is the lack of career development being provided to young players. I am currently watching a number of these young players - Tatnell, Mogs, Kaden - all who are trying to get that next break. There is absolutely no support from FFT and parents are left to rely on a variety of sources of information as to what is best for their kids, with little or no systematic support.

If, for e.g., the worst case did happen for Hamish, he is at least being supported by a Careers Adviser at both the TIS and University, to ensure that his future pathways are not cut short due to injury.

It is a shame to watch kids dropping out of school to pursue their big break, with absolutely no support network around them.

It is this I would like to see changed into the future. We can do so much better by our young players than standing on the sidelines and nitpicking over who was or wasn't selected.

Unknown said...

I haven't read A Pless write up for a game I've actually watched for about 15 years. Back then he got it right about 80% of the time(this is of course only my opinion)I personally remember coming off the field feeling I had a pretty good game only to be lambasted by Mr Pless for a single mistake I made. I also felt that Walter's articles were at times written in a fashion to promote the game to lay people as opposed to a "matter of fact" rendition of the match itself. Maybe that was/is his job designation. In his favour, I would like to say he is a good writer (in my humble opinion)and has given the Tasmanian public a great service over the years most probaly for scant reward.


to marty -

I'm aware that Simon was a hopeful olympic athlete who suffered a career ending injury, athletics wise t least. (a torn hamstring)

it was then at least 5-6 years before he left tassie for europe playing the lower leagues and non-leagues of scotland, england and italy (having had a short in the NSL) - he paid his way during his time in the NSL and in europe by teaching (phys ed.)

he had a massive break (through his old mate gary megson) getting the 4th spot at premiership club West Brom in 2004 and has since worked with kids at the AIS (as an agent of sorts and gk coach) and is now playing in Denmark, I believe. (how's that for research marty?)

Simon is the epitomy of the nomadic journeyman footballer - all his success is down to percerverance and hard graft (a work in progress you could say)

to suggest that young hamish peacok should risk all his athletic ambitions on playing local soccer for the dream to become a simon miotto is without basis.

for every simon miotto there are 1000's of guys sitting at home recounting stories of what they could have done, if only...

he's definitely added to the league and the standard, at times, but I just feel that he has something bigger to go on with -

CC -

I agree completely with you on this one -

there's no career pathway for youngsters in Tassie, and when there is (TIS) it gets shot down -

therefore I do question why hamish is choosing to play a sport that can't even offer him basic medical insurance when he steps out onto the field of play...

as for the game itself, I think had the southerners taken their chances we wouldn't be bothering with the goalkeeper issue

jerrie kruijver said...

it is obvious now that there defenitely is no shortage of coaching potential around.people like worldgame should be utilised to the maximum.however nobody has really answered the real concerns of the rangers president who expressed the fear that taking clubs out would likely result in some other clubs falling by the wayside.those clubs provide the avenues that get players on the park we can point in having great coaches around if they have no players to work with.i understand football in the north is probaply not as strong in numbers as down south.we all agree that we like to see football go ahead but for that to happen we need bodies on the park.whilst i believe we have too many clubs down south there are probaply not enough up north and what there is is probaply not very big as far members/players is important that real talent gets all the help it needs to develop but for every real talented player to stand out we need probaply a hundred not very talented ones before we spot him or her.therefore as a compromise and to support the clubs up north can we not simply combine the two premierleagues? is there some special reason that a league should only have 8 teams in it?the strength of football lies in the thousands of not very talented players who play their heart out every weekend and who by ways of their fees keep the whole thing financially viable,the elite players come only to the fore because of the commitment to the game of everybody involved.we must see it as a tasmanian sport and therefore we must support the game in the weaker areas of the way of doing that is by taking quality games into those areas and between both premierleagues we can provide is also up to the clubs themselves to work on getting community interest,fft cant do that for them.not many clubs if any are actually doing anything in their own interest to grow.

Marty Nidorfer said...

Capitans Log,
Sorry mate in no way was I implying a career path similar to Miotto's.
Great research, but you need to delve further on the nature in which Miottos injury happened. If you indeed find the truth, you will get my point regarding what the Uni fella does or doesn't do.
I wont give it away, as my info was second hand many years ago, but good luck in your quest.

Cheers Marty.

Unknown said...

It's all very well having hundreds of coaches Kids need to be arranging their own kickabout games in btw training sessions, no drills just games. That's where skills and first touch development is learned and honed. The very reason aussie kids are behind in technique is from over coaching and not enough fun kick-a-bouts where kids can express themselves without fear of being told to release the ball. Revamp the state league so kids can at least aspire to playing at a semi professional level no disrespect to uni or beachside but I'm sure the likes of the zebras would rather be looking fwd to games against devonport etc, with a alcohol fuelled bus trip home

Anonymous said...

Personally, I feel that a state league is a must. No one is going to take Tasmanian Football seriously until this happens.

Dmitri Nester said...

Personally I think the people that are the most critical of keepers are those that have never tried to play the position. I'm sure if someone counted the number of times Walter has said someone missed an easy shot a goals in his match reports it would far outweigh the number of times a keeper made a mistake that led to a goal.So really these people should be more critical of themselves then the keepers.
I have watched Tatnell a bit and he has been very good at times and as he is still young, playing a game like this would have been good experience. And Mogs has been consistent all year.

CC said...

"there's no career pathway for youngsters in Tassie, and when there is (TIS) it gets shot down"

Agree, and more worringly this seems to be the standard attitude amongst the young players to avoid structured support mechanisms such as those provided by the TIS due to the lack of playing time scholarship holders get.

I would be very interested in discussions on career development at a club level with anyone interested in taking this up further.

Talk of A-League teams and the like will only have legs if some fundamental development programs underpin such a system so that young players potential in all aspects of their lives can be realised.


Marty -

I'll get back to you on how Simon's injury occured - irrespective of it, at the level that Hamish is competing now, he needs to pull away from jaunts such as local footy and focus on the big time. I'm aware that injuries can happen doing the most mundane of daily tasks etc, but this is a risk he is taking, not really worth it given where he is headed

CC -

couldn't have said it better myself.

Dimi -

Well said also - however, I think people need to remember that it is ok to make mistakes, and that being perfect is not something that is going to happen - even ronaldo sprays his shots wide, and frequently.

and very good to see you being positive of the keepers selected Dimi, given that you probably could have been in line for a call up yourself this year!

jerrie kruijver said...

may i suggest we all scroll up to the comments the northern rangers president made,unless the issues he raised are fixed a stateleague will remain a pipedream

Unknown said...

jerry, they should be made to form a state league by the national body The model that was in place when I was playing state league in the late 80s and 90s waf a good one. football australia should supplement any financial needs of the statewide body

jerrie kruijver said...

madmcglone i understand where you are coming from and up to a point i agree with you.but if taking the strongest clubs away from the north causes weaker clubs to fall over we lose instead of gain.the strength of the sport is not the elite but untalented clodhoppers like myself who pay their fees and play their heart out every week.i admit that the older i get the better i become at goalkeeping in the seventies lol.mate being a small state we have to make the best of what talent we have.up north they obviously need more support to grow.we have to look at what is best for the whole of tassie.i personallywant to see nathan pitchford playing in a tassie aleague side etc,we a huge potential the way i am 60 so i am reliving my glorydays in sam and dave lol

Captain said...


jerrie kruijver said...

wrong captain lol 101

Anonymous said...

Oh my god... I cant believe what I am reading on this blog at times... The reason Tassie is so far behind is you guys are so protective. When a player gets a wrap you love it, you ride it and some of you live on it forever. As soon as player is subjected to criticism for something within a match you jump on the reporter... That is sport... deal with it! What makes you a better player is picking up the bundle and moving on. So Tatnell and Mossa made mistakes... god we all do... Peter Schmeichel made mistakes got criticised and moved on.

Grow a back bone some of you and stop being so precious...

I look forward to see how these players react ON THE FIELD to this criticism... Both a good keepers im sure it wont bother them...

Walter you write it how you see it mate... thats what those of us that cant make it to the games want!

Captain said...
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Unknown said...

Talking about keepers the north keeper looks like cudicini's grandad

jerrie kruijver said...

he might be his granddad but that clean sheet makes him a golden oldie

Rod Andrews said...

Ha ha! - thanks MadMglone, to reinforce your thoughts on my apparent age , when we walked out onto the ground to warm up, Southern Coach Eamon Kelly called me over to tell me where the match balls were (true!) obviously my black socks made me look like the referee (nothing to do with my grey hair)

But seriously, the fact that people like me and Mozz (sorry Moz - I know you are much younger than me!) can still make these rep sides in our own right is a sad indictment as to the lack of quality young goalkeepers across the state. Young Alex Tatnell seems to have all the attributes of a fine goalkeeper and needs support - not criticism. Catching crosses and dealing with the associated nerves comes in time and the more exposure he gets to big games the better this will become.

Anyway, I'm off to get some botox injections and a hair colour.

Cudicinis Grandad (AKA Rod Andrews)

CC said...

Good comments re Tatnell Rod. Question, where does that support come from. The club? FFT? or does he have to go interstate to have any chance of moving forward from here?

Still need that basic infrastructure for our young players so that fewer become part of the "if only" club.

Rod Andrews said...

Well CC, I could take the easy option with this and say (in my opinion) it needs to come from both, but on balance, in the 1st instance I believe this support needs to come from the clubs.
Initiatives such as Junior Acadamies, Centres for Excellence etc etc are a great start, and many clubs have such or similar programs. But sadly, while initiatives like this help in providing a clearer picture in terms of local pathways - that's where the path stops.
I've seen more publicty in terms of young players having so called opportunities as far as trials etc go via private ventures such as The Brazillian Sccer Schools franchise (and hey I have nothing against that by the way)than I have ever seen from local clubs or associations, and I find this both frustrating and confusing to say the least.

And that's just for players in general - don't get me started on the lack of opportunities for goalkeepers!

Unknown said...

Rod, fair play to you for making the north squad with grey hair, keepers can go a bit longer than the rest of us.. I don't know about getting the "just for Men" out yet. The botox will probably make you look like Joan Rivers and you don't want that.

Corey Smith said...


At first glance i thought that Roslan had some connections with the Greek National Team and had recruited Nikopalidis in goal for them and then noticed yourself......

Still doing a fine job I bet!

Rod Andrews said...

Ha ha!!
Cheers Corey/MadMcGlone
Yeah I'm looking like Nikopalidis and keeping like Joan Rivers!

Ben P said...

I remember when i was playing with you at clarence rod we'd do keepers drills for a good hour each training. Support within your club is the 1st port of call. This year is the 1st year the southern team has a specific keepers coach, previous years when bubbles, pitchy, and myself were together we didn't. Pre-season tatters and i and our other keepers worked hard, dropped off now a fair bit due to weather and tatts not being availible.

Observer said...

Great to hear from you Ben! Yeah I remember those days well, and I guess at the coal face this is the kind of club support I was talking about before. Way too often keepers are either designated to work by themselves or have a kick with the rest of team and if lucky - have a few shots at the end of training (it doesn't just at a senior level either).
Keepers need repetition and specific training that not only improves their skills but in the long term mentally prepares them to do things automatically.
A specialist goalkeeping coach is a vital part of any club structure and one that a club will reap the benefits from for years to come.
The we come to CC's original question though - what happens when you identify someone who has a bit of potential? - where do they go? - to Auusie Rules or basketball at the moment