Friday, July 31, 2009

Gallacher will go down with University

Photo: University coach, Scott Gallacher

Scott Gallacher is facing one of his toughest seasons as a coach.

The 55-year-old, who came to Australia from Scotland when he was 17, coaches University in the Premier League and the club is all but relegated.

University are 7 points adrift of second-last New Town Eagles.

University have three games left, as do Eagles.

Gallacher is in his second year as coach of University, but is undecided about his future.

“If we get relegated, it won’t reflect well on the coach,” Gallacher said.

“I like this club so I’ll just wait and see what happens.”

Gallacher came to Tasmania from NSW three years ago and was assistant to Eamonn Kelly for three months at Glenorchy Knights.

“When Eamonn left, I decided to leave too but saw out the season with the club’s under-13s,” Gallacher said.

“University advertised their coach’s position and I applied and this is my second year with the club.

“I think Uni has got a few problems, especially in the youth department, but we’re working on it.

“I’d say it’s going to take five years, but with the youth program we’ve got in place now, it’ll come to fruition and we’ll actually have players that are based more in Hobart than elsewhere.”

Gallacher does not swap clubs often as a coach and he was with Hills United in Sydney for ten years before moving to Tasmania.

He played in the Kuringai District of NSW when he came from Scotland and found he enjoyed coaching after his playing career ended.

“I enjoy coaching and get a lot out of it,” he said. “I’ve been doing it for a long time now.

“I like to see players improving.

“Taking a player on and making a player do something he didn’t think he was capable of doing is the challenge.

“I enjoy developing players, and I enjoy winning, too.

University must win all three of their remaining games - against Hobart Olympic, Tilford Zebras and New Town Eagles - and Eagles must lose all three of theirs if University are to survive.

University play Hobart Olympic at South Hobart on Saturday and a loss would condemn them to Division One next year.

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Unknown said...

uni were always a bit of a smarmy bunch. rah rah rah attitude etc. maybe they can enjoy their smarminess against the likes of DOSA
next year