Monday, February 1, 2010

2010 Summer Cup draw made this evening

Photos (Top to Bottom): Michael McKenna, FFT administration manager; Club representatives at the draw [PlessPix]

The draw for the 2010 Summer Cup pre-season competition was made at Football Federation Tasmania headquarters this evening.

Representatives from Premier League clubs Olympia Warriors, South Hobart, Glenorchy Knights and Tilford Zebras attended.

FFT administration manager, Michael McKenna, supervised the draw.

The groups for the Premier League seniors and reserves are:

Group A: Olympia Warriors, Tilford Zebras, New Town Eagles, South Hobart

Group B: Kingborough Lions United, Taroona, Clarence United, Glenorchy Knights

Matches for both seniors and reserves will be played at South Hobart on Saturdays.

The groups for the Women’s Premier League section of the tournament are:

Group A: Tasmanian Institute of Sport, Glenorchy Knights, Tilford Zebras (White), Tilford Zebras (Black)

Group B: Clarence United, Olympia Warriors, Taroona, Metro

The groups in the Men’s Division One section of the Summer Cup are:

Group A: Tasmanian Institute of Sport, Huon Valley, Nelson Eastern Suburbs, Metro

Group B: Beachside, Northern Suburbs DOSA, University, Hobart United

The Women’s Social section groups are:

Group A: New Town Eagles, Metro, Clarence United, University

Group B: Beachside, Kingborough Lions United, Taroona, Nelson Eastern Suburbs

There are four groups in the Men’s Social section of the competition:

Group A: Beachside, New Town Eagles (White), Hobart United, Northern Suburbs DOSA

Group B: Clarence United, Kingborough Lions (Black), University Sheffield, Clarence United Spirit

Group C: University Wanderers, Woodbridge Whalers, New Town Eagles, Olympia Warriors, Kingborough Lions (Blue)

Group D: Barnstoneworth United, Metro, Phoenix Rovers, Nelson Eastern Suburbs, New Town Eagles (Red)

There will be no Friday night games.


roundball said...

Sorry, but will things get better with only representation from 4 clubs

Anonymous said...

well it was an improvement on last seasons two clubs. Small steps. Thank god no friday night games

gag said...

roundball, were you there,or are you assuming this from the photos? I thought I saw someone's knee to the far right of Kenny!

roundball said...

Gag, just going on what was reported "Representatives from Premier League clubs Olympia Warriors, South Hobart, Glenorchy Knights and Tilford Zebras attended"

Coxy said...

Good draw but seems pretty similar every year.
Does anyone know if clubs are going to try and charge players to come into the grounds this year?

Krauser said...

coxy you are so right , players shld not have to pay to get into the grounds where they are the show so to speak.
i dont see why the 2 best teams from last year are in the same group, shld there not be a seeding or something, 1st,3rd,5th and so on ??

Anonymous said...

Teams change from year to year. So how can you have seedings?

Teams play youth sides. Ithink some of you think the Summer cup is the be all and end all.

Who cares who you draw, its a pre season cup.

Plus its an eight team competition. How different can it possibly be from year to year.

For any chance of change we need an open Summer Cup. Something that we have been asking FFt to do for years now.

eightball said...

good to see all the teams were accounted for. mr football was there which was great to see. mckenna is looking superb in his new role. the stress does not seem to be getting to him

ginger said...

any rosters out yet?

cant find one on FFT website as yet.

Club Hoppers said...

Any word on where Crosswell is playing this year?
Gee Zebras will miss him if he leaves.
And what happened with Brett Pullen? Thought he was a Zebra for life. Is he staying there in some capacity? A rumour going around he missed out on the senior gig to Frediani and will leave as a result.
If he goes to Beachside do they have club polo shirts that his father and kids can wear or will they keep wearing the Zebra shirts?

ginger said...

nice club hoppers!!
good stuff. keep smokin the good stuff....good to see rumours not about corey for a change!

would be surprised to see crosser playing anywhere else, but you never know. guess we'll find out in 11 days!

from what i know brett left as he wished to keep playing at some level and zebras are unlikely to field a div 2 this year.
i think he was also keen to link up with shep after 20 years playing against each other!
doubt you will see him cheering for SH thats for sure!

Anonymous said...

rosters are already on FFT website

The Phoenix said...

So how wrong would it be if a player chose to play just for the fun of it ????? So Pullen , Croswell play for beachside ???? So bloody what ? I would have to think that Div 1 has just grown up a heap.

Come on it is time for FFt to run a n over 45's , not next year but NOW ....

Anonymous said...

Coxy - re gate fees. In the past FFT have taken 100% of these - not the club (all they got was the cantten profit). The money grabbers will no doubt charge again this year.

Amazed said...

u might be surprised to learn that it costs a small amount of money to run the summer cup - ground rental and referees fees and prizemoney and medallions primarily. If the clubs do not pay a fee to enter the competition then where do the funds come form? gate takings! so either the players pay to get in, or the clubs pay a competition entry fee and the players club fees go up.
Am sure FFT would be happy to go with a $150 entry fee - as is the case with Steve Hudson Cup!

ginger said...

amazed. this is the problem with tasmanian soccer. have you ever heard of obtaining sponsorship for prizemoney!!
agree they might not be able to get enough to cover all costs and clubs SHOULD pay a fee to cover ground hire and refs.
but getting clubs to front the prizemoney is laughable. FFT need to be proactive, get off there arse and find a sponsor.
from memory its only about $800 you win anyway.

Prizemoney is a serious issue FFT need to look into. the only way to get clubs to be serious and act professionally is if there is something worth chasing!

I remember one club returning in recent times having won the state championship at the other end of the state having lost money!! as the bus/driver etc cost more for the day than the winning prizemoney!!

spectators should obviously pay, but players and coaches... you cant be serious.

Amazed said...

ginger - sorry to have confused you - but the prizemoney is contributed to by the gate takings from the non-player spectators. The player (or club) payments offset the other expenses. Ideally sponsorship would be found but in its absence the current system has worked for a few seasons now.
Thankfully FFT Board agreed late last year to devote some resources to the issue of marketing/sponsorships so hopefully we shall see some progress.

Amazed said...

The Phoenix
FFT have offered to run over 45 or over 35 leagues in the past but the clubs could not come up with enough teams to base a feasible roster.
No doubt they would do so in 2010 if the clubs could nominate enough teams.

Interested said...

Amazed ,10.38.
"FFT board agreed to devote resources to marketing/sponsorships."
Working a treat dont you think ???

Amazed said...


Given that the meeting was late december, and CEO has resigned since, I wouldnt hold my breath - but at least its an acknowledgement of the issue.

The General said...

Coxy/Anon 8.35am - Everyone needs to stop complaining about having to pay for their chosen sport. Hockey is a great sport and like all amateur sport the user must pay. In the '09 season one hockey club in Hobart charged $430 to play A grade & $320 for 2nd & 3rd grades, plus $190 for all juniors. Players need to buy a hockey stick, playing strip and extras, A-grade games - $2 each game for entry or they buy a season pass. PLUS, it is compulsory to umpire or else they pay a fine and for a second offencethey receive a bigger penalty. We all need to pay more to support the beautiful game.

Who cares said...

i woodn't play hockey 4 quids but u have to admit the facilities r top r8.

cricket afl hockey - put our administr8ers in thiz st8 2 shame

Outsider said...

$350 dollars to play is more than enough, I for one won't be paying to get into the grounds. Throw me out if you want, I've already paid my money for the year.

Anonymous said...

If we had the facilities the Hockey had id pay $450 a year with no problems.

Brian Roberts said...

Reference paying to view and play .

It is correct FFT do not create money they tax and spend . They create through the summer cup and in years gone by the finals series . The proceeds of these events pay the expenses and surplus is spent in prize money . Premier Clubs are not charged an entry fee .

Where no gate money is collected I beleive an entry fee is charged in lieu .

What ever system is implemented someone has to pay .

My golf fees are $1000 per annum plus $6.00 every time I play .

At best my return is a $25 voucher or occaisionally a couple of golf balls.

Those that complain would in years gone by have no hesitation in buying a packet of cigarettes or a glass or two of brown milk after the game .

Getting some to pay on the gate is like drawing teeth .

Even some parents complain about paying to watch the son and heir .

They must think it grows on trees

Anonymous said...

Yep. Most sports apart from Cricket & AFL cost more than soccer. Hockey & many others enforce players to ref (would be a good idea to implement here - may stop a few complaints, though the standard of refereeing would potentially be worse).
People need to stop believing the world owes them a living & just get on with it. Stop whinging.

Maybe FFT could raise funds doign what the AFL have done - fine players for 'staging for free kicks'. Could raise a bucket-load and wipe out a lot of poor sportsmanship in the one blow! :)

Anonymous said...

J - with no television footage and the poor standard of refereeing, I certainly would not be paying a fine for an alleged dive

Coxy said...

well im not paying to come into a ground where im playing. you know a league is struggling when the players and coaches get charged to compete. i dont know if its up to the club to support the players/coaches to get into the ground or if fft need to organise cup/league sponsors but gate fees for competitors has to stop

smithers ol man said...

Its a bitter pill to swallow but with increasing liability insurances , power costs , administration costs just for things like printer paper and little bits we dont remember to add in and then the want for better prize money and conditions and a better competition to play in were faced with the fact if we dont pay a bit more or find people ready to do all this fund raising we keep harping on about that our sport will decline not rise as we all wish.
Even the costings to date on an a-league team show the harsh reality of needing to face financial facts.
$7-9 million to field a side is like asking alan bond to lend his bank book it will never happen and other teams with heaps more members in its vault cant attract 7000 plus spectators on a regular base if it dont keep winning qld . nsw , and victoria have shown that as fact so far.
All sports have ways of making us pay for entry some disquise it better but its there.
example:speedway - you are the sport but you pay 25 bucks to get into speedway so you can put on the show then you need a pit pass to enter pits this costs as well.
you spend gross dollars (in the thousands) to prepare a good car to win loose change prize money but you do it anywway - why? - because you love your chosen sport.

Brian Roberts said...

Well done FFT for producing a s/c roster by venue as well as group