Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ben Horgan's thoughts, and FFT AGM held

Speaking before today’s friendly against Beachside, Taroona coach Ben Horgan was optimistic about his team’s preparations for life in the top flight.

“Our pre-season has been pretty good so far,” Horgan said.

“We’ve kept our squad together from last year, we’ve had good numbers at training and the players have been working hard.

“We have a very young squad so the leadership from experienced players like Hugo Luttmer has been important, and the guys that were around in the Premier League two years ago seem to have learned from that experience and are training with really good intensity.

“The focus for us is survival in the league so I wasn’t too bothered who we were drawn against in the Summer Cup.

“They’re all going to be tough games anyway.

“We’re also going up to Launceston again for the Steve Hudson Cup, which is a better competition for us in terms of preparation for the league, not least because they are 90-minute games.”

Horgan said it was difficult to predict the teams that would finish in the top four places this season, but he thought it would be South Hobart, Glenorchy Knights, Tilford Zebras and Clarence United.


Football Federation Tasmania held its annual general meeting this afternoon.

Sean Collins was elected president unopposed, while departing CEO Michael McIntyre was elected to the board unopposed.

Tim Goddard and Colin Buxton did not stand for re-election to the Board.

William Lo, Damien Bones and Tony Spruce are new board members, although all were appointed before the AGM.

FFT reported an operating surplus of $101,785. Last year, there was an operating loss of $105,557.


Captain said...

what does ben horgan think now walter?

Anonymous said...

I have looked at the board, there goes the surplus.......

Walter said...

lapd, I have contacted Ben since and this what he had to say:

"We had enough regular senior players
in the team that I would have expected a better performance than that, but
they were much better than us. There is definitely a lot of improvement
needed before Summer Cup next week."

eightball said...

sean collins?? can't be the one i'm thinking of no no no no no no. i'm going to hockey

the priest said...

8balls - you do talk a lot of bollocks sometimes! Not sure what your reservations are but Mr Collins' election as FFT's 'numero uno' will be just 'jim dandy' I'm sure. Also nice to see Tony Spruce re-surfacing on the Tas soccer scene. Watch out lads the whole place will be run by broken down Uni Bombers before long!!