Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dynamo Zagreb look for talent in Hobart

Photos (Top to Bottom): Zeljko Stincic...former Dynamo Zagreb goalkeeper; Participants work on their skills at the clinic; Zeljko Stincic played against Spain in 1978; Zeljko Stincic conducts an activity at the clinic; Clinic participants and the Dynamo coaches [PlessPix]

The Dynamo Zagreb coaching clinic, organised by Glenorchy Knights, is being conducted at the Prince of Wales Bay grounds all this week.

Nineteen youngsters attended on Monday and the feedback has been good.

Amadu Koroma, a striker with the Glenorchy Knights senior side, said it was a marvellous experience, with the emphasis constantly on improving the technical quality of participants.

Three Dynamo Zagreb coaches are in attendance, including former Dynamo Zagreb and Yugoslavia international goalkeeper, Zeljko Stincic.

Stincic, 60, made 478 appearances in total for Dinamo Zagreb from 1967 until 1981. His senior appearances numbered 190.

In the 1975 season, he kept a clean sheet for 749 minutes.

Twice in his career, he was rated 10 out of 10 in matches by reporters.

The first was when Dinamo Zagreb beat Red Star Belgrade 1-0 in Belgrade, and the other was when Dinamo Zagreb held Italy’s Perugia, complete with ace marksman Paulo Rossi, to a 0-0 draw in Zagreb.

His one international cap came on 4 October 1978 for Yugoslavia in a 2-1 defeat to Spain in Zagreb in a European Championship qualifying match.

He played for Austrian club Salzburg from 1981 to 1985 before taking up the position of goalkeeper coach at Dinamo, a position he held until 2005.

As well as conducting Dinamo Zagreb coaching clinics, Stincic also runs his own goalkeeping school.

Speaking at Monday’s clinic, Stincic said he started playing as a 10-year-old in Croatia.

“Lots of training, exercise and playing in matches are the most important things for a goalkeeper,” Stincic said.

“In my day, height wasn’t that important, but these days they look for tall keepers.

“But, some goalkeepers are weak at low balls and they might not be too good at high balls either.”

Stincic said Croatia’s failure to reach this year’s World Cup finals was the team’s own fault.

“It’s not terribly surprising for me, but it is for those who don’t understand how sport and football work and the cycles teams go through,” he said.

Stincic rates the current Hajduk Split goalkeeper Danijel Subasic as the best keeper in Croatia at present.

He said he had worked under many coaches from whom he had learned a lot, but the best had been Miroslav ‘Ciro’ Blazevic, a former coach of Dinamo Zagreb on two different occasions and the coach of the Croatia side that came third in the 1998 World Cup in France.

“That was a squad and a generation that got on well with the coach and which had maximum motivation and maximum desire to win,” Stincic said.

“It could happen again, but it will be very difficult for Croatia to come third at a World Cup again.”


Tommy said...

This is fantastic to see, well done Knights for arranging something like this.

Taz Devil said...

my child is attending this clinic and also attended the clinic put on by chelsea fc coaching staff last week at prince of wales and i congratulate the likes of paul woodham and corey for helping and encouraging the kids along to experience this

Tommy said...

I wish it was held a week or two later so I could have sent my school girls side along.

Subs bench said...

yep terrific to see more development options available for Tas youth. BTW does ANYONE know how the TIS fared at the recent Institute Challenge - cant help but wonder if the TIS Football Program gurus would rather not make their results public.

Anonymous said...

The results for the TIS were as follows.

TIS v ACTAS Lost 1-0
TIS v NT Drew 2-2,
TIS v NNSWIS Drew 2-2.
TIS v SASI Lost 3-0
TIS v QAS Drew 1-1
TIS v NSWIS Lost 1-3
TIS v Football West Drew 1-1
TIS v VIS Won 1-0

Subs bench said...

thanks for bringing me up to date, anon. Pretty respectable results so I was surprised that they hadnt been posted somewhere earlier. The FFT website only had a high level summary by Steve Payne which looks like it was penned part way thru the Challenge.

Anonymous said...

It is now posted on the FFT website. Very good showing apparently, and the boys were ranked 3rd overall in terms of their ability to play the current system in place at all the institutes.

Hats off to Dean May in this instance.

Anonymous said...

ranked third in playing the system? who cares!

let's be honest!!!

if you want kids to develop they need to be able to adapt and play more than one system??

ginger said...

well done TIS. fantastic results.
1 win, 4 draws and 4 losses is a good achievement for tassie and better than the usual nationals results.
will be interesting to see how they cope with 'bigger' kids in the reserves this season. a big step up from u16's (sorry, u19s).

on the DZ clinics, did they locate any talent that we know of Walter? anyone off for trials??

Anonymous said...

According to all reports, the tasmanian team did have the oldest team at the challenge. As most institutes having this years under 14's playing.

Outsider said...

By the sounds of things, Knights may need to sign some of those kids for the Seniors. Amadu Koroma impressed trialing for Melbourne Knights scoring in a practice match and he is apparently going over there to play. Corey Smith is reported to be becoming increasingly frustrated by various things at the club, perhaps the money offered by Metro is too good to refuse? Danny White will probably be on his way to another club as word is he's highly unsatisfied by the standard of the training sessions being run. Knights could be in real danger with no real front men?

Anonymous said...

Tom Huigsloot would put the boots back on!

Anonymous said...

@outsider koroma, smith and white will be playing at knights
@ginger - you can't take kids for a 'trial' to croatia as they can not sign a contract unless they have a eu passport until they are 18 years of age from australia, it is a pure rip off if they say different

ginger said...

Anonymous. good point re visas etc.

makes you wonder then why a european club would spend thousands of dollars on a trip to oz with little chance of making it worthwhile (ie discovering the next boban!).
esp when in the current climate most clubs are struggling financially.

simo said...

Am very surprised that he didn't mention Matej Delac the 17 year old keeper for Inter Zaprešić in the Croatian First Division who has signed for Chelsea and is the youngest player to of been called up to the national team ahead of Danijel Subasic as the best goalkeeper in Croatia.

Walter said...

Simo, he didn't mention him at all when asked who is the best keeper in Croatia. He said: "For me, there's only one, and that is Subasic."

simo said...

Well i firmly believe in five or so years his views on that subject will be changed in favour of Delac. If anybody wants to see a superstar of the future type Matej Delac on youtube.