Saturday, February 13, 2010

Knights and South Hobart top their Summer Cup groups

Photos (Top to Bottom): Knights' James Sherman (right) shields the ball from Taroona's Marcus Atkinson; Jacob Huigsloot raises his arms after scoring for Knights; Daniel White marked his Knights debut by being sent off; Referee Craig Phillips tosses the coin before the South Hobart versus Tilford Zebras match; Zebras' Ben Crosswell sets off on a run watched by team-mates Adam Young and Ryan Smith and challenged by South's Jim Pennicott and Bart Beecroft; Kostas Kanakaris shoots past Troy Kaden for the only goal of the game [PlessPix]

The 2010 Summer Cup competition commenced at South Hobart today in cool temperatures and with a few showers hanging about on the slopes of Mt Wellington.

It was hot on the field, though, with one send-off and several yellow cards issued.

Danny White, newly signed by Glenorchy Knights from Whittlesea Zebras in Victoria, lasted a mere 53 minutes against Taroona before being sent off by referee Ivan Jozeljic for offensive language.

Knights were already 3-0 up by that stage and it barely mattered from the point of view of the outcome.

But, White will now be suspended and miss next week’s match against Clarence United.

The Knights’ volatile midfielder Corey Smith also got himself booked and will obviously have to be careful for the remainder of the tournament.

Knights had James Sherman in midfield and he opened the scoring in the 20th minute with a free-kick from 30 metres.

In the 26th minute, Taroona failed to clear a corner and the Knights’ new signing from Clarence, Jacob Huigsloot, blasted home the second goal to make it 2-0 at the interval.

White added the third shortly after the resumption with a neat prod from close range after a cross from the left by Will Roberts.

Knights often played with just one out-and-out striker, while Taroona were ultra cautious and often had three defenders at the back marking no-one.

Taroona could have embarrassed the Knights had they taken the chances that came their way, but hesitation, slow thinking and poor finishing cost them dearly.

Marc Gates missed two excellent openings, including one where he lobbed the keeper, only to see the ball come back into play off an upright.

On another occasion, a mix-up between Knights keeper Alex Tatnell and Anthony Grundy left Gates with an open goal, but he reacted too slowly and the chance evaporated.

Taroona’s Hugo Luttmer also had a shot well saved by Tatnell.

Knights go top of Group B, but they will need to do better than this to reach the final.

There was little understanding at the back between keeper Tatnell and his defenders and better sides than Taroona will punish them.

South Hobart were more efficient than Tilford Zebras and that was the main difference between the sides in their Group A match.

South again did just enough to win, but they will need to work on their finishing as Jonathon Lo and Kostas Kanakaris missed easy chances.

It was Kanakaris who scored the only goal of the game when, in the 25th minute, he was put clear on the right and beat the advancing keeper, Troy Kaden.

There was a hint of off-side about the goal, but it was allowed to stand and ultimately settled the contest.

Zebras had few chances, the best coming when Adam Young forced a brilliant save from Sam Kruijver.

Ben Crosswell played in midfield for Zebras. He would surely have been far more effective up front.

In the Reserve section of the competition, Glenorchy Knights beat Taroona 4-0 through two goals by Mathew Nowicki and one each by Yan Fuentes and Cosmos Paite.

South Hobart strolled to a 3-0 victory over Tilford Zebras, Seth Otte netting twice and Andy Brennan once.


Anonymous said...

is this a p*ss take? white lasted a "mere 53 minutes" lol the game was only 60 mins long so that is most of the game
"volatile midfielder corey smith got himself booked" from where i was sitting he won the tackle
huigsloot played well again and the refereeing of both games today was disgusting, especially one tackle on crosswell that almost left him with no legs

Neutral Bystander said...

Anonymous, I am sure it's a serious comment. Okay, it was a 60-minute game, but it's not a long time on your debut, and when you react to someone on the side-line as Daniel did, it's a pretty poor introduction to a new club.

Card player said...

Anonymous, Corey was a bit unlucky to get booked as he should have got the free-kick, but he wasn't entirely squeaky clean in this match so karma caught up with him in the end. I know it shouldn't work that way, but let's hope he controls himself for the rest of the series.

Anonymous said...

Zebra's looked a little flat. They will need to sharpen up as there appeared little to draw upon in their reserve team. Where are the goals going to come from if Crosswell drops deep?

South looked composed and rarely troubled. Tough work trying to break that defence down.

Knights look more likely to challenge South as they have a stronger squad and greater depth.

Taroona showed enough to say that they will be competitive. A quality striker would help, but most clubs could do with one of them.

I'm looking forward to watching Clarence play. It will be interesting to see how they cope with the expectation after a successful 2009 season.

Crowd was down on previous years. Same old, same old probably

Anonymous said...

fsgg looked like he was playing in a wheelchair today and walsh was not much better as he is useless without crosswell with him well done by adam young in the game he did well, ladic looked like he was carrying sacks in his arms all game

oliver #1 fan said...

innocent bystander on crack should be the tag while i believe taroona's striking problems could be solved by big oliver from knights as he is unhappy he did not start in front of fielding as he believes he has more to offer with his well equipped adebayor type figure

timbert said...

Pity about White, he was doing well while he was on the pitch. Nice finish for his goal.

Anonymous @ 8.34 PM is spot about Zebras having little depth. Voss did well in the reserves, but was let down by atrocious defending.

Would have to agree with Walter too, Crosswell in the midfield clearly didn't work.

For South, Daniel Brown looked in good shape and dominated in the air. Certainly looked better than Fagg.

Observer said...

Bystander on crack ,learn to spell at least, before you have a go at an individual on a public forum .At least have the guts to sign your real name if you are going to criticise individuals. But I doubt you have the guts.

Anonymous said...

Taroona looked unlucky not to grab a couple of goals but lacked a striker. Not the walk over everyone expected but will need to finish better to take points off teams.

harden up maggots said...

i thought voss had a great game in ressies the goals wernt his falut they were poor defence areas that cost him he i simproving alot keepit up ronald

Anonymous said...

Kosta had the worst celebration

Anonymous said...

Observer, you have made in total 5 punctuation or spelling errors in your post. If you are going to have a shot at someone don't make it as petty as spelling, especially when you come up with this junk. Give your post some substance.

Anonymous said...

Practice game today - beachside 7 dosa 2.

Klahsen 3
Pullen 1
Aitken 1
Robinson 1
Ortusso 1

Anonymous said...

Knights got lucky today, they have good team but didn't gel at all today. Tatnell was ordinary and nearly cost them dearly against an underman Taroona. Zebra's will challenge Knights during season, but from what i seen South will be to strong for both on today's showing

sloth said...


what south was you watchin it certainly werent the same 1 i watched

Anonymous said...

O my son {sloth} you obviouslty cant see much out of that one eye.Or you dont understant the game of football..SON.

Anonymous said...

by the way sloth your what they call fos.Think about it,not to hard mind you SON!

Observer said...

Anonymous 10.05 .
I am sorry , but you miss my point.
Obviously over your head !

harden up maggots said...

martin taroona should b fined for that it was highley uncalled for

B P said...

Bloody hell...
First real games and everybody is Pele.. Firstly to be quite honest Fagg is doing fine those who are bashing him on this site should ask the question if they are capable now or ever have been of doing better? All teams today were off but shite it was the first real game what do you expect them to gel and play like Man Utd.. Sth have the squad to win again that's obvious, look forward to seeing Upton & Roach in there to give them some bottle, Jonnie and Barter are still to light on for me lack some grunt.. Zebras will be fine, Cross in midfield yeah why not that ground with three in the centre is really hard to play just too tight and I think that showed Hall will get better, throw in walsh and LEngles and their shape changes, Tex looked solid so did Smith, Self a bit off but he needs more space, their the top two for me look forward to more battles..

Anonymous said...

taroona looked alright, just didnt take their chances. south again the team to beat

Anonymous said...

Martin. It looked like Taroona and Knights were talking after the game with Danny. Prob should leave that stuff for them to sort out.

eightball said...

i swear to god walter- stop saying danny white has been newly signed from whittlesy in victoria. noone cares- it obviously shows his immaturity by getting sent off in his first game of the year. he's nothing but what you'd expect from a pom.

wilson said...


r u jealous of the pommy or sumat every time theres a write up ur the first 1 on to slag him off get a life concrete head.

Anonymous said...

beachside 10 - dosa 2

Anonymous said...

cricket score

Scheinmeister said...

South looks the team to beat.

Anonymous said...

anon 10-2?? i believe it was 7-2, with the second half 3-2 including a penalty for beachside.

Anonymous said...

Scoreline above is correct, although b-side never got out of second gear because they didn't need to. Long season ahead for Dosa. Perhaps should have regrouped in div 2 this year.

Yoda said...

standings of groups after todays matches interesting they will be.

Strong defenses look for south and zebs. Creative attack is improvement needed.

Interesting game it was.

Anonymous said...

yeah it was 10-2, but prob should have been 15-20 goals for b-side

Brian Roberts said...

Which clubs have nominated for Division 1 this year .

Are there any hard and fast figures.

Pixel 40 said...

No proper ref no proper lines man, 3 Outside no call for, well a practice mach, I am a qualified ref and 6-2 is what have given Beachside who got an amazing squad, but Dosa boy played OK in patches
ANON as always you blowing hot air out you rear

Anonymous said...

lol - pixel 40 - your off your rocker. b-side could have shown up with 5 minutes to go and won this match by the scoreline you have provided.

the score was 10-2. the only goal that was offfside was the dosa goal

Pixel 40 said...

LOL see what I mean, always blowing hot air, not worth wasting time on HE HE LOL

Anonymous said...

your performance on this blog mirrors that of dosa's yesterday

Anonymous said...

your all crackers ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

DOSA will be okay. They have some committed older players in their squad and some impressive young men gving it their all.

Pity they couldn't keep Wiggo, Fruig and young Jayden.

Ref looked okay from where I was sitting. Game played in good spirit.

Beachside have a good squad but lack pace. Perhaps this is why they like playing on he smaller grounds.

Anonymous said...

Get Crosswell back upfront. He is a golden boot winner and a game breaker, same as Billy Gasparinatos was.

By playing talented players in midfield like this they are far easier to defend, with even their own players getting in the way.

Chippa knew what to do - get him up there and give him the ball. Simple.

Pixel 40 said...

Yes Anon 10:09

Anonymous said...

more like Anon February 13,10:15 PM... Think he was watching a different game. lol