Sunday, February 14, 2010

Knights down plucky Taroona

Photos (Top to Bottom): Knights' James Sherman...signed from Melbourne Knights; Daniel card on his debut for Knights; Match officials (L-R) Nigel Clements, Ivan Jozeljic and Chris Ware; James Sherman is congratulated by team-mates after his goal; Knights' Amadu Koroma gets his head to a corner; Taroona's Hugo Luttmer is tackled by Anthony Grundy while James Sherman awaits the outcome; Taroona defend at a corner [PlessPix]

Premier League Summer Cup (Group B) - South Hobart, Saturday, 13 February 2010


Taroona 0

Glenorchy Knights 3 (J Sherman 20, J Huigsloot 26, D White 35)

HT: 0-2 Att: 200 Ref: I Jozeljic

Taroona: Sheppard - Tubb, Wyatt, Elliott, Darragh Carey - James, Atkinson, Duncan Carey, Dove - Gates, Luttmer [Interchange: Ryan, Tuantab, Horgan] [Coach: Ben Horgan]

Glenorchy Knights: Tatnell - Dzelalija, Holmes, Grundy, J Huigsloot - Robb, Fielding, J Sherman, White, Smith - Koroma [Interchange: T Sherman, Roberts] [Coach: Eamonn Kelly]


Glenorchy Knights won by a comfortable score-line, but it cannot have been a satisfying win as many chinks in their armour were revealed. A better side than Taroona may have got something out of this game.

There was no questioning Taroona’s commitment and effort, but they were woeful in front of goal.

They were assisted by indecision and a lack of understanding at the back by the Knights, but they squandered chances that were offered to them on a platter.

Knights goalkeeper Alex Tatnell will have to forge a stronger relationship with the likes of Anthony Grundy, Alex Holmes and Tony Dzelalija if they are not to be embarrassed by fast and clever opposition strikers.

Taroona also failed to make the most of a situation where the opponents play only one striker. Too often, there were three Taroona defenders marking no-one at the back. At least one of those could have pushed forward to assist the midfielders and create problems for the Knights.

James Sherman was in a central midfield role for the Knights and his distribution was intelligent and effective.

He also showed that he can be lethal at free-kicks. In the 20th minute, he scored with one such set-piece from 30 metres to give Knights the lead.

It was 2-0 six minutes later. Taroona failed to clear a corner from the left by Danny White and Jacob Huigsloot fired home from 12 metres, with the Taroona goalkeeper slumped at his feet.

White made it 3-0 early in the second half. Substitute Will Roberts crossed from the left and White controlled the ball before cleverly prodding it inside the left-hand post.

Midway through the second half, Taroona’s Marc Gates lobbed Tatnell, but the ball came back off the right-hand post.

Two minutes later, Gates missed a glorious opening after a mix-up between Tatnell and Grundy.

It was almost as if the Knights were inviting Taroona back into the match and they had to clear another effort off the line before the end.

Hugo Luttmer, the oldest player on the pitch, showed his worth in the 52nd minute when he forced Tatnell to a fine save.

A minute later, White was shown the red card for offensive language as he reacted to a comment from a spectator.

But, the game was over by that stage and it was the Knights who became the first leaders in Group B.


Taroona coach, Ben Horgan, said:

“We’re satisfied with that. We just wanted to keep making progress towards the start of the league season, so we didn’t kid ourselves that we could come out here and win the Summer Cup or anything.

“We had plenty of great chances. Gates hit the post, a last-minute block and one cleared off the line. We certainly could have scored.

“We’re missing centre-backs. We still thought we’d be able to play. We knew we’d struggle to defend set-pieces and we copped one from a free-kick and one from a corner, so we knew that was going to be a problem.

“Yeah, pretty happy with it really. I mean, you’re never happy with three nil, but satisfied is probably a better word.”

Glenorchy Knights coach, Eamonn Kelly, said:

“I thought the first fifteen minutes were diabolical. I thought the second fifteen minutes were brilliant and we played good football. We kept the ball on the ground and did what we were supposed to do all game.

“The third fifteen minutes wasn’t bad. We finished them off and that’s what we wanted to do in the first fifteen minutes of the second half.

“The last fifteen minutes, we were all over the show because we got lazy. We lost concentration, we lost shape, we lost Danny White and we were lucky not to get a goal scored against us.

“I’m not really worried about disciplinary issues. If you’ve got people in the crowd who are going to be stupid enough to call him [names], well, fair enough. Danny’s a professional and he should not respond to it, and he did, and he’s going to suffer the consequences. It’s a simple as that.”


Anonymous said...

Taroona supporters belong in div1

Hugo said...

Do we want a bit of atmosphere in our games or what? If a player can't handle some random person from the crowd calling him a pommy pr@%K then maybe he shouldn't be playing.

wilson said...

rodney he never called him that he called him a stupid pommy c##t if theres guna be idiots like that watching just shows how stupid we are here in tas
just shows why tas will never get anywere in the soccer world.

Anonymous said...

Racism is Racism no matter who you are and where you are from.

Anonymous said...

Their club is going to be relegated back to where it belongs. all they are doing is making fools out of themselves. Clap Clap. You maggots deserve to be banned - say what you want, but bring racism into it? You lot are game. Come spit that down at KGV at a Knights home game, you are probably that stupid.

Anonymous said...

how many holes are in a screen door? same thing, its wrong whatever you say. well said chalk you dirty player stop hitting kids in the ressies

Anonymous said...

Don't play kids in reserves then if they can't handle it.

Anonymous said...

You mean you can't handle little kids in ressies so you need to hit them in order to stop them pulling down your pants everytime they get the ball? this proves just how little class you have champ, if you were a decent player you wouldn't have to stoop to this level, perhaps the reason you're in ressies?

Richard Bennett said...

it's all a bit emotional.....again.

Yoda said...

Taroona impressed they did.
Touch of quality they lack in important stages hmmm.

A hit out good for teams both.

Anonymous said...

The comment is more inappropriate than racist. No one watching goes along to hear language like this, especially kids.

And take your tough hat off chalky, your comments are good way to insight violence you moron. They make you no better than the taroona idiot.

harden up maggots said...

did any1 see the knights keepers challenge with the 50/50 ball late in the 1st half of the reserves game

eightball said...

chalky you bullish madman. if only kgv was like the days of old- sometimes there was even a game being played. every supporter should be allowed one solid item to take in.

and does any one know what the open times for the bar will be this year????

Martin Handford said...

yes frank i did see the 50/50 challenge, i thought both players had good commitment to the ball and shouldnt of been a free kick to the zebras player? which it was, which means the Knights keeper should of been shown a red card for being last man?

harden up maggots said...

martin talking to the linesman after the game and he said the knights keeper won the ball but the ref in the centre sore it from another angle

Anonymous said...

A few comments from the weekend games:

1. Great to see refs pulling up swearing - do we want crowds? make it somewhere the kids can be taken. hope it continues.

2. Galloway very poor today - inconsistant and forgot where his cards were. Crips lucky.

3. Clarence supporters obviously trying to take over from Knights - some needs to give them some socks to shut their in appropriate comments up.

smithers ol man said...

Guys its simple really.
you can vilify any race or creed and thats cool with the refs and fft but dont call the ref an f-wit when you leave the ground and go into the stands tut tut thats 8 weeks.
On a brighter note it should be an intertaining season with scorelines not all as predicted sofar.
And ----- will you guys get of the back of the man trying to update stuff for us Walter at least supports football pity the news hounds in the mercury and else were didnt.

Anonymous said...

Mate i just play to have a kick i don't care. You took that the wrong way. When I said to come down to KGV and say that rubbish behind the goals, I meant that it would be more likely to having something done about the low comments directed at Danny.

Old Man River said...

My experience of crowds at KGV is not pleasant. At least Taroona supporters don't throw things at opposition players.

The Goalkeeper said...

If I can remember clearly the second last time Taroona played against Knights at KGV a knights fan threw a bottle at the Taroona goalkeeper, lets hope it doesn't get to this again.

Anonymous said...

Every one knows the taroona keeper was just thirsty

Yoda said...

Behind the goal a Security storm tropper stop this problem it will.

Old Man River said...

Yeah, a full beer bottle would have been more appropriate.