Friday, February 19, 2010

Mixed field as Division One Summer Cup kicks off

The Division One section of the Summer Cup kicks off this weekend with two games at Wellesley Park on Saturday and two at North Chigwell on Sunday.

Northern Suburbs DOSA take on University in the opening match at 11.30am at Wellesley Park on Saturday and the Students, relegated from the Premier League at the end of last season, should win.

They have lost players such as Andy King to South Hobart and Rory McCallum to Olympia but should still be too good for a depleted DOSA.

DOSA will be relying on youth and Richard Korn is the only senior player from last year remaining in the side.

University traditionally is below strength at this early stage of the season, but DOSA will find it difficult to match them in terms of experience.

At 2.30pm at Wellesley Park on Saturday, Beachside meet Hobart United in what should be a close contest.

Beachside will include several new signings, including Tony Ortuso from University, Brett Pullen from Tilford Zebras, Michael Soszynski from New Town Eagles and Jason Harvey from Clarence United.

Patrick Dunne has also signed from Tilford Zebras but is unavailable for this match.

“We are looking forward to playing Hobart United, who are one of the best teams in Division One,” said Beachside player-coach, Nathan Robinson.

“We have several new players in our team, so it may take a few more games to settle into a rhythm, especially as the games are only for 60 minutes and with an interchange rule.”

Metro host Nelson Eastern Suburbs at 2.30pm on Sunday at North Chigwell and this will be Metro coach Matthew Rhodes’s baptism of fire.

Nelson will introduce several newcomers, including midfielder Antoine Valterio and teenagers Patrick Lenck, from Clarence United, Will Stalker, from Glenorchy Knights, and goalkeeper Tom Clamp, from New Town Eagles.

Three teenagers from last year’s under-18 side come into the squad, namely Max Caulfield, Ollie Ireland and Joeld Dredge.

This means Nelson will have nine teenagers in their 15-man squad.

But, the visitors to North Chigwell also have plenty of experience in their ranks with the likes of striker Tom Gordon, defender Craig Stockdale and former captain and the league’s best-and-fairest winner Bill Hanley.

Hanley missed last season with a back injury but should now be eager to get into the thick of the action.

“We’ve got a good squad and had a decent pre-season,” said Nelson coach, Michael Roach.

“We should go well this year and we want to make a good start on Sunday.

“I’m looking forward to it.”

The early match at North Chigwell on Sunday is Huon Valley versus the Tasmanian Institute of Sport (TIS) men’s team.

The TIS should be more than capable of beating Huon Valley, who were in Division Two last season.


Anonymous said...

Tony Ortuso to score 2 goals in side the first 15 minutes (both off corners) then reinjure his groin and miss most of the season

Anonymous said...

Roach v Rhodes Grudge match.

Roach wont forget Rhodes insulting Nelson when he left a couple of years ago.

Anonymous said...

Nelson should be too strong for a depleted Metro Team without their Scotsman. Who will they fly in this year to save them??

Anonymous said...

They don't need any one to save them, Rhodies has them prepared, trained up and fitt ready to destory Nelson

Anonymous said...

Mets 2010!

Anonymous said...

Jeremy Morris, Aaron Marney & Jason Dawes are the saviors!

metros real man said...

saviors? jeremy morris, Aaron marney & jason dawes? all three of them are rubbish no joke

Anonymous said...

so is all of Nelson

Anonymous said...

Metro will get the win, enough said

Anonymous said...

to true

Anonymous said...

Nelson to beat Metro??? which league are you watching?!!!

Anonymous said...

metro make wicked as bbq's

Anonymous said...

Big test for Beachside to see if they can keep pace with united. With pullen plying his trade it will be a good game to watch.

Great that nelson are playing some kids, but do we have to hear about how many they have In their squad every week again this year. Every team div 1 and above play teenagers Roach, it's not uncommon.

Interested Reader said...

Anonymous (8.06pm), at least Michael Roach provides Walter with some information from Nelson each week. He tries to promote his club and their players, and that's commendable.

From the preview, it would seem there was no information received by Walter from Metro, University, Hobart United, Huon Valley or TIS.

Anonymous said...

Roaches media work does get repetitive. He either talks about teenagers or tries to be funny, unsucessfully.

Anonymous said...

No comments from the following teams because -

Metro - someone stole the phones
Huon - they dont have phones there yet

Unknown said...

Nice work again Walter as always
Beach to beat United
Uni by a margin
Nelson and Mets a draw
TIS just
Love how people are already bagging before real games start let the bragging start on Monday

Anonymous said...

Looks like DOSA withdrew their socials team for tomorrow..shame really..if they cant field two teams on one are they going to field 3 teams on a Div1 game day???

I wont be surprised if they field the same team over two days since I noticed their Div1 and Socials are playing different days next week!

Pixel 40 said...

Hello anon, hot air again
Beachside withdrew their team
Dosa stil playing Sunday against Woodbrige, get you info right before you make comment like that, Dosa is not the only team that stack player
LOL you full of it ha ha

Anonymous said...

walter can you give us some details about these forfeit games this weekend as to reasons why, i hope this does not carry on to the new season as its disruptive and unfair, like last season dosa forfeit to metro res as its the case a 3 nil win, but the following week dosa played beachside and lost 30 something nil, fft do something to fix this..

Anonymous said...

Beachside had plenty of numbers for the social team but did not get enough registered by cut off.

Anonymous said...

After speaking with Mr McKenna yesterday all forfeits are due to clubs not getting players registered.


But at least consistant

Anonymous said...

Beachside 2 - Hobart United 1
University 4 - DOSA 0

Anonymous said...

Dont get too cocky Pedro..oops I mean Pixel40 :p

stop deleting some posts and not others said...

mckenna is useless