Sunday, February 21, 2010

South Hobart and Knights favoured to reach Summer Cup final

Photos (Top to Bottom): Alex Tatnell punches a Clarence corner clear; Knights' Josh Fielding heads away a Clarence corner; Knights pressure Clarence in attack; Knights' Corey Smith tries to control the ball despite the pressure of Clarence's Ben Parker; Knights' James Sherman battles with Clarence's Joseph Stevens in midfield; Eagles' Ben Whitehall controls the ball as Zebras' David Cox moves in; Zebras' Luke Engels with a posse of Eagles players in pursuit; Zebras' Ricky Self goes for a header; Zebras' keeper Jason Voss catches a corner; Eagles' keeper Craig Minty takes a cross [PlessPix]

Tilford Zebras kept alive their hopes of reaching a fourth successive Summer Cup final when they beat New Town Eagles 2-0 at South Hobart today.

But, it will be a tough assignment and not entirely dependent on their own results.

Zebras are in second place in Group A, three points adrift of leader South Hobart.

For Zebras to reach the final, they must beat Olympia next weekend and hope that South Hobart lose to New Town Eagles.

This is just the way in which Zebras sneaked through the back door last year to reach the final, but it seems most unlikely this season.

South Hobart will need just a point against Eagles to reach the final and they should, on current form, be more than capable of achieving this.

They have yet to concede a goal in this tournament and have two wins from two outings, while today they also competed in the northern Steve Hudson Cup and, despite falling behind to an early goal, eventually triumphed 7-3 against Western Knights.

Ricky Self fired Zebras ahead against Eagles today in the 7th minute when he shrugged off a challenge by Michael Anderson before shooting past Craig Minty from 25 metres.

Luke Engels had gone close for Zebras in the 4th minute, but Eagles should have taken the lead a minute later when Adam McKeown released Jamie Vernon on the left of the box.

Vernon advanced on goal, but his chest-high shot aimed inside the far post lacked power and was at just the right height for Jason Voss to make a comfortable save.

Zebras were well in control and were prepared to shoot from range, while Eagles relied on the counter-attack, but these usually petered out before becoming dangerous.

Eagles did have the ball in the net early in the second half after good work by Anderson and McKeown, but the effort was ruled off-side.

It took Zebras until the final minute to make the game safe. Matt Hall’s shot was parried by Minty, and Dwayne Walsh swept home the rebound to make it 2-0.

Glenorchy Knights beat Clarence United 1-0 in the Group B game today, taking them to the top of the group with a maximum of six points.

It was a dour, physical game which was settled midway through the second half when Alex Holmes headed home Josh Fielding’s corner.

Knights had other chances through Corey Smith, Will Roberts, Holmes and Andrew Robb, while Clarence did not once test their former keeper, Alex Tatnell, in the Knights goal.

Knights need just a draw next weekend against Kingborough Lions United to reach the final.

Should they lose, Kingborough or Clarence will make the final, providing Clarence can overcome bottom-side Taroona.

In the Division One section of the Summer Cup, Metro beat Nelson Eastern Suburbs 5-1 after leading 3-0 at the interval.

Adam Mills netted for Nelson.

"It was an ordinary effort from us," said Nelson coach, Michael Roach.

"It was a better second half, but Metro were the better team on the day and deserved to win."

The Tasmanian Institute of Sport beat Huon Valley 10-0 in the other match at North Chigwell.

Brady Cronk scored four goals, Hugh Foley grabbed a hat-trick, and Declan Foley, Nick Mearns and Jesse Curran each netted one goal apiece.

"With several senior players out with injury, this was a good opportunity for some of the younger players to step up and perform, and that is exactly what they did," said TIS head coach, Dean May.

"Huon Valley should be commended for their effort to continue to play football despite the result."

Tom Roach scored twice as South Hobart downed Western Knights 7-3 in the Steve Hudson Cup in Launceston.

Jim Pennicott, Shae Hickey, Jonathon Lo, Greg Downes and Liam Scott all grabbed a goal apiece.

Taroona succumbed 3-2 to Ulverstone.

In other results, Roverside Olympic beat Launceston City 3-1 and Northern Rangers finally came good with a 5-0 win over Launceston United.


Anonymous said...

ironic how the apparent "rubbish" players from metro scored all their goals
Jason Dawes 2, Jeremy Morris 2, Aaron Marney 1

Anonymous said...

Watched the Clarence v Knights game, was not impressed with Clarence at all they didn't create hardly anything in a scrappy game.
Knights could of easily won this 3 or 4 nil if they took some easy chances.

South V Knights final at this stage with South looking far better than anyone else at the moment.

Anonymous said...

south much too strong this year, provided kenny can keep them all happy

Anonymous said...

knights have not one quailty player in their team, clarence should have won yesterday.

eightball said...

eagles are going to be in a spot of bother with some players out against south this week. zebras didn't look completely on song.

and walter if your so concerned about aborting this blog all the time with some rubbish written, maybe you should block all the anonymous posts

Anonymous said...

does any one know who the dosa keeper was on saturday?

eightball said...

DOSA seriously??

Anonymous said...

just curious

eightball said...

aaron spackman

Walter said...

eightball, what's the difference between someone writing as 'anonymous' and someone using a pseudonym such as 'eightball'?

eightball said...

well at least everyone knows who is writing their own opinion, as anon is probably the same person posting over and over.

i'm more than happy to come out with my real name, but while anon keeps posting i won't be.

we can have a one on one session if you like plessonator, and we can discuss these further

TFFAdmin said...

Hi Walter, Everyone,

As there is no place to discuss football under a more controlled medium, I have decided to create a forum which will allow everyone to openly and constructively discuss the local game as well as football abroad.

Feel free to check it out here:

Same rules will apply as on any public forum - keep it clean and behave as posts will be moderated if deemed unsuitable.


Anonymous said...

Why is there the need to create another blog for tas football, no one will be going to it tffadmin.

Walters is the home

eightball said...

walter we will stick by the plessonator. long live, how many forums has there been in the last 12 months but haven't been able to keep up with everyones demands. look at j ross's. sure he might be a good kid, but walter's is where football his happening in tasmania

Anonymous said...

Knights have no quality players? That comment speaks for itself, your a quite possibly smoking something. Did you even watch yesterdays game? Knights dominated. Clarence didn't once test Tatnel is the whole 60 minutes. Pathetic by Clarence i thought. Summer Cup final, Knights vs South. I imigine it will be a ripper.

TTFAdmin said...

Blog's are different to forums. Forums allow users to post a lot of different things e.g youtube videos, images etc with ease. All I am doing is creating a site where to post, you have to sign up with a registered e-mail address. All match reports and things will be Walters and Julius' words not my own, a simple copy and paste * all material of theirs will say so at the top of the page.

The site is an alternative and allows for more open discussion, instead of ruining Walters blogs with unnecessary comments.

jross8 said...

eightball, just thought I'd let you know (and other bloggers) that I thoroughly respect what Walter has contributed to the soccer community over the many, many years he has served in and for the local game.

He still remains the guru on the sport in this state and I have respected that by limiting the content on my blog. I have the Mercury as my medium, Walter has his blog.

I think that this is only a good thing for the Tas soccer community and we will all benefit from having two angles to every match...

In addition, there will be opportunities during the season where Walter and I can be in different locations at the same time and report on different fixtures, which will only increase everyone's understanding of interesting developments throughout the season.

Having said that, if there are requests made for me to increase my analysis on my blog I am happy to do so, but at this stage I have no intentions of dragging readership away from Walter's blog.


Fan said...

Great to see we will have more reports on the games that wasn't possible in previous years.

Keep up the good work Walter and Julius

Anonymous said...

they played nelson in div1. not like they are scoring them against quality opposition (no offence nelson)

Anonymous said...

Julius, does this mean you will cover some Division 1 matches as well?

Anonymous said...


The point is not that you don't know which anonymous is which. That is confusing, but not a reason to ban anonymous contributions. The point is whether the poster chooses to reveal their actual identity or not

there is always a place for intelligent anonymous comments on a blog like this, and to criticise them while not identifying yourself is gutless

its doubly gutless to use the excuse that you are not going to reveal your identity while anonymous comments remain. Why don't you lead the way, big man?

eightball said...

thanks for your post anon. i'll keep that in mind before making my decision. but not until walter is ready to discuss business with me

Anonymous said...

Walter and Ross are both extremely good for Tas Football. I feel a more detailed match report on your website Julius would be good? Not to take readers away from Walters website, but perhaps to give us interested a better idea of how the games went, and different angles? Just an idea.

Anonymous said...

Knights have a strong squad and experienced players / coaches. Talk of them having no quality is rubbish. Josh Fielding only won the VTM last season.

However I struggle to see anyone troubling South Hobart. With Roach, Lo, Brown and Ladic back it makes an impressive squad. Most clubs don't seem to have stregthened or improved. Can South go through the season unbeaten? Must be a possibility. I shudder to think of what they will do to Taroona or Kingborough when they are in full flight.

Early call for VTM 2010 - Bart Beecroft. In sensational form already.

Anonymous said...

Really looking forward to a South V Knights final if it occurs. Will be full of fire.

Anonymous said...

well done knights in beating clarence yesterday good games by googsy corey and holmes .anybody know the two young fellas that ek put on in second half .had some good touches good to see some kids given a chance

Anonymous said...

in full flight south hobart lost kingborough 3 nil last year dont count any team out until the kick off! toroona or kingborough have some good players and all it takes is 15 mins for good play and a team is down 2 or 3 nil

Anonymous said...

im pretty sure south ost to kingboro last year in their worst dip in form over the last 2 years. after that game they went undefeated to win the league , something like 14 games in a row. the catalyst? charlie white calling them marshmellows on this very blog site!

its a long season and i dont reckon even south can go undefeated.

Anonymous said...

anon 11:02 the DOSA keeper was lachlan davey and he transferred from glenorchy knights

Greg Ludford said...

Yep,0-3 at Lightwood last year was low, but 1-3 to CU in the state finals comp (after 11-1 aggregate in the league), now that was subterranean. Which just goes to show, it's a funny old game.

Yoda said...

little experience affected the youthful side. Physicality of the game suited older knights.

Impressive were Holmes and Huiglshoot for knights.

Anonymous said...

i personally think all the former clarence stepped up against clarence on sunday they all had great games

Anonymous said...

Tough man Hamlett bumped big Googsy off the ball on Sunday was quiet funny

Anonymous said...

yes Greg 11-1 aggregate but those results got tighter - 2-1 last previous meeting to that game when Morton made some very ungracious comments in his after match interview.

Many at Clarence could see a huge turn a round but maybe Sth were caught being complacent.

I think Morton's keen on making sure that doesn't happen again.

Anonymous said...

a south low againist kingborough!! funny if my memory is correct they won 2 nil the weeks before and after so they weren't playing badly!! kingborough simple played them well and took their chances!

Anonymous said...

who cares reallty ppl always lose and win its football deal with it, liam scott is my heerrrrroooo !!!!