Monday, February 15, 2010

South Hobart get off to good start

Photos (Top to Bottom): The match officials; The South Hobart team; The Tilford Zebras line-up gets to know Mr Phillips; In the absence of the sheikh, an interested spectator was reputed to be South African diamond merchant Pieter Van Voortrecker, who may have been checking out Tasmania United's A-League credentials; Zebras' Josh Thorpe clears ahead of South's Jonathon Ladic; South Hobart captain Bart Beecroft was back in action after missing most of last season; Zebras' Ben Crosswell takes on South's Jim Pennicott and Jonathon Ladic while team-mate Andrew Telega comes in to assist [PlessPix]

Premier League Section Summer Cup (Group A, South Hobart, Saturday, 13 February 2010)


South Hobart 1 (K Kanakaris 25)

Tilford Zebras 0

HT: 1-0 Att: 200 Ref: C Phillips

South Hobart: Kruijver - Heerey, D Brown, Ludford, Scott - Beecroft, Downes, Ladic, Pennicott, Hickey - Kanakaris [Interchange: M Brown, Lo, D Cooper, King] [Coach: Ken Morton]

Tilford Zebras: Kaden - Fagg, Smith, Telega, K Engels - Walsh, Crosswell, Self, Hall - Thorpe, Young [Interchange: P Cairns, Macgregor, Fisher, D Cox] [Coach: Romeo Frediani]


South Hobart were clearly ‘in the groove’ and could easily have won this match by more than the solitary goal.

They have not really stopped training since the end of last season and their preparation for this season has been non-stop, with friendlies nearly every weekend this year, and two interstate trips thrown in - to Melbourne (where they faced giants South Melbourne) and Wollongong.

Eight of South Hobart’s senior side from the tail end of last season played in this match. The missing players were goalkeeper Mark Moncur, defender David Cooper and midfielder Ricki Eaves.

Cooper was on the bench, while Moncur played in the reserves. Eaves’s future at South is uncertain.

In effect, then, it was business as usual, with South spreading play about confidently and building up attacks down the flanks.

But, they still lack that finishing which is so vital for a team’s success.

The Zebras side also had a different look about it.

In the starting line-up, gone were Tommy Fotak, Michael Connolly, Paul Cairns and Jayden Welch, although Cairns was on the bench.

The major changes were positional. Dwayne Walsh and Ben Crosswell were in midfield, while Kurt Engels was at left-back (a la Michael Zullo, a left-winger converted to left-back at Brisbane Roar).

Youngsters Matt Hall and Adam Young acquitted themselves well, but Crosswell looked out of sorts in midfield. He might have worried the South Hobart defence had he been up front.

South’s goal came in the 25th minute when Kostas Kanakaris was put through down the inside-right channel and he fired past the advancing Troy Kaden.

Kanakaris looked suspiciously off-side, but the goal stood.

Zebras’ only response came shortly after when Adam Young forced a brilliant save from Sam Kruijver.

In the second half, Kaden did well to deny Kanakaris, while Kanakaris also miscued another chance set up for him by a cut-back from Greg Downes on the right.

Jonathon Lo also missed a gilt-edged chance from close range when he somehow fired wide with the goal at his mercy.

The win put South Hobart on top of Group A, while the Zebras will have to regroup in preparation for their meeting with New Town Eagles next Sunday.


· South Hobart coach, Ken Morton, said:

“A good run. Zebras played well. They played with a lot of spirit as well, and passed the ball around.

“I just thought we should have done better in the front third. We had a lot of possession in behind them, where we should have done better.

“But, still, it’s a good opening game for us and a good three points.”

· Tilford Zebras coach, Romeo Frediani, said:

“It was good. I was happy.

“I think the boys had a really good hit-out.

“I think the young guys that came in did well, so, yeah, no complaints.

“We came up against the league champions, obviously, first up, and as I said before, it was going to be a tough challenge.

“But the boys were up to it and one nil is not a bad scoreline.”


eightball said...

people reckon ladic is overweight, but judging by that photo, i'd say thorpe has just pipped him for the pie eating contest.

seriously, lado didn't really disapoint and thorp is always solid.

Anonymous said...

Looks can be deceiving, just because they don't look like good players doesn't mean that they are not. Jacob Huigsloot looks like a girl with his terrible head band, and is living in the shadow of his younger brother, but still holds his own and as you can see, is making a mark an Knights already with a goal to his name

Unknown said...

Not to sure what the comment above is trying to is trying to say? Jacob captained the state team in under 14s i think, that obviously speaks for itself that hes a decent player? The brothers are different players, you cant say he is living in his younger brothers shadows, given Jacob was in state teams, and started seniors at a much earlier age. Lukes year last year however, was probably better then his brothers. Still, your not talking alot of sense Anon.

Eightball now you are talking sense, i had a laugh at your comment. I haven't seen Ladic play down here as yet, i hear hes put on quite some kilos though! Dont knock Thorpey! We at Zebras call him the sleeping giant! Ha ha

Anonymous said...

J.Huigy is doing really well at Knights, not only in games but training - always positive and he has fire in his belly. Comparing him to his brother is futile considering they play completely different positions. He might be deemed under his brothers shadow at Clarence, he certainly isn't where he is now that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

both Huigsloot boys are good on their days! and they both play different positions? why compare. i think Jacob will have his best year yet along at the knights, now that his not competing to be one of browny's favorites!

Yoda said...

Kicked all day crosswell was. Andrew Brennan has talent lots of answer to goals scoring he could be?

Anonymous said...

Hey Walter, Kanakaris was definately onside when he scored his goal, as confirmed by reliable source x 3(in the stand). He is very, very quick and was at full speed before the ball was kicked.

Maybe an end of year running race like at the AFL grand final(one player from each club) would be good entertainment at KGV at the end of our season.

Cheers Michael.

Anonymous said...

Where is Brezandale and the two lapolla boys? they are really good players

Anonymous said...

surely andy brennan has got to be a better alternative for south than young j. pennicott.

from watching, pennicott doesnt seem to have the touch/game smarts to excel as a striker. maybe as a right back like last season....? brennan has pace to die for and has got a bit of go about him. instinct.

ladic looked slow as did thorpey and fagg wasnt as bad as people are saying. has played better games though.

Greg Ludford said...

Enjoyed the afternoon at Darcy St on Saturday.
Weather looked a bit ominous but the rain kept away, good for players and spectators.
Thought it was a good crowd & the pitch looked excellent. The fixture change with Res preceding the Snr game from the same clubs is much better, more people stay around and there seemed to be quite a few players from earlier games that stayed for the last game.
The handshakes immediately before the games also added to the occasion – well done FFT.
Thought South played with good touch and speed, a composed 1 on 1 finish by Kanakaris for the only score but at least 3 others came off the posts and the move of the game down the right late in the second half pushed just wide of the net. Zebra close on several occasions, a great save by Kruijver and a dipping drive from range by Fagg ( I think) just over the bar.
Zebras looked big and strong with pace down both flanks.
Didn’t realize how fast Kanakaris was, just glides over the ground. Thought he got a couple of tough offside calls because of his pace and positioning right on the last man. It will be a brave defense that relies on the offside trap when he’s lurking about.
Beecroft looks in great touch, early tip for Vic Tuting 2010.
Rumor has Voortrecker settling in Hobart and looking for an interest in a club, apparently has more money than a wildebeast can sh—t.
Last up, looks like the Ulvie came to play in the Hudson Cup. A good win over Rangers, reckon they’d be well pleased with that.

Who cares said...

Why don't you start your own blog?

Anonymous said...

Jacob Huigsloot was captain of the under 14 state side, although that is a state under 14 side, lets be honest making tassie teams aren't that special. And since then his achievements have been non existent. Last season he was very poor, then when his brother was finally picked, (best decision browny made all year) clarence started to win and they ended up winning 2 trophy's from it. Huigsloot is an average player at best, i don't see what all the hype is about him to be honest, Knights will struggle with him against good sides, and clarence as they did towards the end of last season will see the benefits of the better huigsloot playing!

Anonymous said...

lol (captain)

Yoda said...

Experienced Defenders Dzejlalia and Grundy, Jacob will learn off.

I see a change of club good will do him hmmm. A natural talent he has.

Anonymous said...

cant question jacobs commitment but his disposal is woeful and probably the reason browny let him go so easily.maybe clarenc and some of their decisions so far may cause them to fall on their sword .eg closed shop sqaud.

Anonymous said...

so you are suggesting that clarence should be players in the senior team who are not up to it because they have a famous surnames???

Jacob didnt have the commitment or heart to work his way back through reserves and earn his spot back. At least he moved on to a decent team, unlike Ben Philips who couldnt handle being a fringe player so went to olympic.

I would rather earn a spot in a good team than try be a superstar in an average on.

good luck to both of them, both were only going to be reserves players at clarence for the next few years anyways.

Anonymous said...

anon 9.43am. Your ramblings about J Huigy are totally uncalled for and obviously based on a personal and immature vandeta. Gutless, Personal attacks like yours are turning this blog into a joke. Stop trying to be a "Blog Superstar" and get over yourself

Anonymous said...

j huigy is an ok/middle of the road player in the prem lg. i dont know why so much is being said and artgued about him. pretty sure he wouldnt crack a spot at south knights or zebras. wish him the best though, let the football do the talking and lets see how he is going at the 1/2 way point of the season.

The Scout said...

Walter, I believe the interested onlooker was T.J.(Ted) Houshmandzadeh, a scout with the Seattle Seahawks gridiron team. They are looking for a new placekicker, and he is currently on holiday in Tassie and took the chance to take in a local match as many of the successful placekickers in the NFL are recruited from soccer.

Anonymous said...

Clarence V Knights this sunday looking forward to The Huigy brothers playing against eachother.

Corey Smith said...

huigsloot has been knights best in pre season so far and as a striker i have been impressed with the accuracy of his passing and his inter play and overlapping.

i can only judge what i have seen but so far i would say he will have a big year with us?

eightball said...

corey you were unfairly treated on the weekend! when will they realise your just trying to do the right thing by your team mates. you are now an endangered species, you could walk away from the game right now with everything you have accomplished but you keep going. your work to tasmanian football should be commended

Roobie Savage said...

Corey are you playing on the wing this season?

harden up maggots said...

so the artical is about south hobart so why is every1 talk about the hugi brothers. ive played soccer with him and against thm both my whole life and there both are just as good as each other but in differnt ways so y argue other who is the better player

Anonymous said...

Eightball , I think we play at 11.3am on sunday mate, i'll be round near the kiosk after the game , may be you could by me a pie? Midge

Anonymous said...

Ridiculous talks about the older Huigsloot really, why even bother comparing the brothers? Both are great players in there own way, and are different. Id love to have both of them in my team from a coaches perspective. Are you sure Clarence "let him go"? From what ive seen, hes a certain starter for Knights, who have a much better squad then Clarence?

Anonymous said...

funny to read the zebra's coach comment. One nil loss isn't that bad? Pretty sure if i were a coach i'd be pissed off if my team lost one nil each week.. And if its not that bad, i'd love to see him win the title with a few one nil loses.

Anonymous said...

considering the pre season South has had compared to everyone else and 1-0 loss wasn't to bad of a result in this stage of the year.

Everyone is so critical early on

South are going to win the summer cup easily

Anonymous said...

pretty sure its not just the summer cup south are going to win easily.

Anonymous said...

I was suprised by Juve's coaches comments. Perhaps it is an admission that South Hobart have moved a long way ahead of them in the last 5 years.

I can't see where Juve are going to improve. Their reserves looked very average and didn't include anyone who will be knocking on the door for a senior spot. Suprised Fotak didn't play.

If Smith, Fagg or Telega get injured there will be huge trouble. I think Knights Clarence may go past them this year.

snookered said...

dunno about that, knights depth will be tested when they don't have the shermans & apparently jackson marsh is off to clarence which is in the area he lives. a few more of their reserve and senior fringe players will be on the move as well

Anonymous said...

any good young kids coming through for the knights to cover these so called losses of players ?

snookered said...

there are a few who are capable enough who could play but we wont know about them because kelly doesnt give them a chance when he should he would rather look good with james sherman even though he wont be here next month playing than give a kid a go

True Eagle said...

Sucks for them. Its hard for players to develop if they arent playing at the top level. You can only get so good playing reserves or under 19s? maybe they should go to Taroona on loan for a year.

Anonymous said...

any kids in particular snookered

Anonymous said...

knights have several good young kids coming through and there are no troubles with the production line looking at their youth sides this year

Anonymous said...

Knights have no good youth.

Anonymous said...

jake is playing for knights and they have played taroona so far, my old lady would look like ronaldo playing against taroona, lets stop taking the piss, and wait till he plays the likes of zebras. or south "manchester" hobart.

Anonymous said...

Would have to agree with that , you can't judge anyone on playing Taroona they are very weak this season.

The Phoenix said...

I have watched all the comments on here regarding Jake and Luke . I would just like to say that an old friend would be most proud of both his boys regardless of who they play for . They are both a credit to their Dad .RIP Peter

Observer said...

Lets grow up boys.What's the big deal about the Huigi's ?(as their father was known as). Why the comparison and bitchy little comments?Two brothers playing in the same league for different teams.
Get over it and change the topic please

Anonymous said...

At least It's something to talk about in this otherwise boring league.

Observer said...

What ,criticising 17/18 year old boys on a public blog ?
If you have nothing more constructive to do or say with your time Anon 3.45 , then go ahead.It will keep you entertained for a little while. If this leagu is so boring ,then do not go and watch and save your money.
Oh ,one more thing , you must have been or are one hell of a player.
However I doubt that.

3BALL said...

Players get criticised in every league It's just part of playing football.

People get so upset on this blog over nothing,I for one enjoy reading everyones comments on this site, It generates a bit of talk about football down here.

Great stuff Bloggers and Walter

History Buff said...

3BALL, you are so right! I don't think Tasmanian soccer has ever been so well documented as now with a number of blogs on the go.

The newspapers could never - and would never - devote such space to our world game. Since when have we had such a huge range of photos and information about the local game? The players of today will be able to look back in years to come and see their contribution to the game.

Okay, so some people get a little too personal, but generally, any publicity is good publicity, as the saying goes. It all goes with being a player in this day and age. If you can't stand the heat...

Observer said...

3Ball ,we are not talking publicity here. It is personal criticism.That's all that I am against.However as others have said , it is freedom of speech .A journalist who criticises a player ,will show his name at the top or bottom of the article. Here we are hiding behind false names. That is all I am against.

Anonymous said...

knights have better youth than most clubs other than south, zebras and clarence