Sunday, February 14, 2010

Summer Cup and Steve Hudson Cup results for Valentine's Day

Photos (Top to Bottom): Luke Huigsloot (centre) scored with a back-header for Clarence United; Kingborough keeper David Leamey at full stretch in making a save; The winning New Town Eagles squad with coach George Krambousanos; Olympia Warriors warm down after the match against Eagles; Josh Hadfield scores Eagles' winning penalty [PlessPix]; Northern Suburbs DOSA Summer Cup squad [Photo courtesy of Pedro Ramirez]

Summer Cup (Premier League Section) Sunday, 14 February 2010

Group A:

New Town Eagles 1 (Adam McKeown 9) dw Olympia 1 (Dipendra Kunwar 13)

[Eagles won penalty shoot-out 4-3, with Andrew Clark, Shane Kent, Alex Leszczynski and Josh Hadfield scoring. Emmanuel Tsakiris, Aaron Smith-Richardson and Kunway netted for Olympia.]

Group B:

Clarence United 2 (Luke Cripps 20, Luke Huigsloot 23) b Kingborough Lions United 1 (Greg Freeman 57)

Premier League Reserve Section

Group A:

New Town Eagles 0-2 Olympia (Fletcher Tracy 51, Chris Tsakiris 56)

Group B:

Clarence United 4 (Liam Marsh 3, Grant Malcolm) b Kingborough Lions United 1 (Jeremy Brown)

Steve Hudson Cup (Launceston)

Group A:

Launceston City 1-0 Western Knights

South Hobart 5-1 Riverside Olympia

Group B:

Taroona 6-0 Launceston United

Ulverstone 3-0 Northern Rangers


South Hobart 13-2 Launceston United

Division One Friendly, Saturday, 13 February 2010

Northern Suburbs DOSA 2-6 Beachside


eightball said...

unfortunantly walter, your enthusiasm isn't the same for some other teams write ups like the other night. i know it was an important day today for our better halves, but the guys are putting in the effort on the pitch- you being the voice of tas football could help us lowly teams out.

a couple of players were lucky itr was only 30 min halves

Walter said...

Eightball, I'm sorry but I don't understand your complaint. Can you explain further, please?

Anonymous said...

what he's saying walter is that because you haven't put up a detailed match report, you dont care about the teams that have played today.

possibly the most pointless post on this blog site ever

harden up maggots said...

do u guys think that mayb walter is writing up the match reports as we speak he givs the results 1st like he does every other year thn it follows up with a full match report gezz giv the man a break!!!!
keep up the good work walter

Walter said...

Anonymous, if you are right, I can only apologise to eightball. I mean I was at yesterday's games from 11am until 4pm. I then watched two A-League games. I then wrote all the articles for the blog, processed dozens of photos and finally finished at 2am this morning.

Today I have been at the soccer from 11am until 4pm and I managed to post the results before sitting down to watch the A-League game between Sydney and Melbourne. When that is finished, and when I've written a brief match report and posted it, I may get around to doing a detailed amtch report of yesterday's Zebras v South Hobart game.

That then leaves a general summary of today's games to write and post, detailed match reports of Clarence and Kingborough, and Olympia and Eagles, and dozens of photos to process.

I have to also say hello to my wife and try and spend a bit of time with my five grandchildren.

I don't get a cent for any of this. I hope you're wrong about what eightball was on about, Anonymous, but unfortunately I think you may be right. If you are right, I apologise to eightball and invite him to take over the blog because I am working at my limits, mate. I also need to sleep at some time in every 24-hour cycle.

harden up maggots said...

here here walter i agree with u 100% fantastic job mate do wat u can

Walter said...

Oh, and I apologise about the typo in my earlier response ('amtch' instead of 'match'). I must be losing it!

Roberto Colanzi said...

Well done Walter. I live in Melbourne, and I am enjoying the blog and your efforts. Great to keep in touch with the game back home.

Also, can you continue to post the attendance figures, plus if possible, could you take your photos (e.g. at Sth Hobart) with the stands as the background? Just looks more interesting to see spectators at a game. Cheers

David Mitchell said...

Keep up the great effort Walter. Your efforts are appreciated by the majority.


David Mitchell

Anonymous said...

well done walter great work.i get this info for free. so much appreciated, thanks walter.

Anonymous said...

gee walter not many mature bloggers on here anymore .maybe sick and tired of underachievers playing reserves resenting success of others what will the real season bring if this immaturity continues .istnt technology great when anons own this blog.great work walter tighten the screws and get some morons off this site .chalky23 eightball anon anon anon anon anon anon anon .ruin it for everyone.

Who cares said...

Yeah well done Walter.

gotta love that DOSA summer cup squad of 10!!

Anonymous said...

A couple of interesting points from the photos Walter, Are Olympia warming up or down after a Penalty shoot out??
Also what is a concern is that Dosa are already advertising this year that they're gonna be short on numbers (only 10 man starting squad)???

Der Scheinmeister said...

Good to see 'Roona give a northern club a pasting in the Steve Hudson; might calm down some of the bag everything 'Roona critics down here.

Although it is only week one, the Southern sides seem to be showing the the northern sides' quality for what it is. It will be interseting to see how this pans out in future weeks.

Anonymous said...

Wouldnt call it a great win from Taroona, Launceston United will really struggle this year with the squad that they have...

Chris said...

DOSA, did pull a full team for the friendly photo was taken before kick off and a couple more players arrived just as the games started to give them 13 or 14.
Sadly they did struggle against a fitter yet under strength Beachside team with about 6 regular members out on the day. Beachside was again stronger physically.

A couple of the younger lads had a a couple of nice quick runs down the wing, generally there was little support in the finishing.

Two late goals to DOSA were both fairly lazy, and the young keeper for DOSA kept a number of good shots out, were also a number of shots from both sides that were well wide of the mark, Beachside could well have had 12 or 13 goals.

Beachside HSC

Pixel 40 said...

HI Walter I am more than please with the effort you do mate. don't let a silly critic get the best out of you,

you do an awesome job Walter as we all now by now that you don't write for the news paper. only a couple of line where written and that was it also hard to see it,
Negative people you will always have around and is not worth listen to

Sheers Walter ;)

Anonymous said...

Was the final score 8-2 Chris?

Snap Happy said...

Perhaps DOSA's eleventh player was taking the photo?

Chris said...

Score was 7 or 8 to 2 I actually lost count in the end, I'm thinking 7 was about the right number 3 for Bernie, 1 for Tony, 1 for BP, a cracker for Luke, and Nogga put a nice one away also.

Martin Handford said...

Beachside have a strong squad this year but what happens if they win div 1?? then what? Pullen Bernie Tony Nogga Shep back to Premier League in 2011? i dont think that will ever happen, beachsides time in prem could be very short! taroona would be a better side to have in Premier League in the future with there youth. play offs??

Spectator said...

Martin I wouldn't discount Uni at this stage in Div 1. They have kept most of the team from last year so should do fairly well in Div 1, if they can field an U19 team of course. Only people I can think of that they are missing and Andy King, Rory McCullum and Hamish Peacock. Last 2 are a bugger as they were both keepers...

Walter said...

eightball, satisfied now, mate? The reports are all up to date.

Who cares said...

Great reading and pics Walter - well worth the wait!

eightball said...

thanks walter i will not defect to j ross's site just yet. just because your the plessonator, and the fact you thought of me just in case you ever needed a hand with this blog touches me greatly

Walter said...

I am truly humbled, eightball, and thank you for your loyalty. Good to see you know how to use the apostrophe of possession with names ending in ss, which some people don't! You're welcome on Pless's site.

eightball said...

The pleasure is all mine- i look forward to this weeks round of games. I've been hesitant in the past to introduce myself, maybe this weeks is time.

yours in soccer


Walter said...

Roberto Colanzi, good to hear from you. I've been thinking about your suggestion and may try taking some shots from the tennis court side of the ground, near the scoreboard.

The problem with that is you have to stand, and it's difficult to take notes at the same time as you're photographing the action. In the stand, you can rest notebook and camera on the seats and switch from one to the other quickly, and even change lenses on the camera. A bit hard to do all that while standing.

It would offer a different perspective, though, and one could probably count the faces in the crowd. Attendance figures could actually be in the form of names of spectators rather than just numbers!

keeper1 said...

HA, i love snap happys comment.
chris makes good points about dosa.
some skillful players coming from tim chatwin, adam woodward,and some skillful keeping against uni, with small errors

but what happens when they come against the speed of habart, or the strength of beachside. even other teams like metro and nelson with tom clamp. coach needs to find some more older experianced players to help fill some gaps, but then only dosa.
whos the favourite to win div 1 this year?