Friday, February 19, 2010

Summer Cup tournament hots up with second round, and not just because of the weather

Photos (Top to Bottom): South Hobart goalkeeper Sam Kruijver is in excellent form; Zebras' Ben Crosswell will be looking for goals against Eagles; Knights' Daniel White is suspended; South Hobart's Jonathon Ladic...a lot is expected of him; Zebras' Troy Kaden will make way for Jason Voss this weekend; Andrew Telega will have to tighten the Zebras' defence this weekend; last weekend's Zebras line-up [PlessPix]

South Hobart should maintain their lead at the top of Group A in the Premier League section of the Summer Cup competition by beating Olympia Warriors at South Hobart at 2.30pm on Saturday.

South Hobart will have Tom Roach and David Abbott available and included in their squad after both were absent from this southern tournament last weekend.

Youngster Andy Brennan is likely to get a run in the seniors in the northern Steve Hudson competition in Launceston on Sunday.

The South Hobart squad for the match against Olympia is likely to be: Sam Kruijver, Josh Heerey, Daniel Brown, Hugh Ludford, Liam Scott, Bart Beecroft, Greg Downes, Jonathon Ladic, Shae Hickey, Kostas Kanakaris, Jonathon Lo, Jim Pennicott, Tom Roach, Andy King, David Abbott, David Cooper.

Coach Ken Morton confirmed that Ricki Eaves is currently in Melbourne with the Army Reserve.

Olympia will have Dmitri Nester in goal ahead of Justin Farrugia, but Matthew Hedge and Adam Powell are out injured.

Hedge has toe and ankle injuries, while Powell has stitches in a head wound sustained against New Town Eagles last weekend and is not permitted to play.

Youssef Mohamad is available for selection, while Nick Meredith and Aaron Percy are also included in the squad.

Jayden Wiggins has joined Olympia from Metro and will play in the reserves and be a substitute for the seniors.

“It’ll be extremely tough,” said Olympia coach, Chris Hey. “We’ve got to work on our distribution from the back and work in our front third and try and play some possession football.

“We did well against them a couple of weeks ago.

“They probably weren’t happy with their finishing in that friendly and I’m sure they’ll look at improving that.”

Olympia are in third place in the group after they drew 1-1 with New Town Eagles last weekend and lost the subsequent penalty shoot-out.

The other Group A match this weekend is between second-placed New Town Eagles and bottom side Tilford Zebras at South Hobart at 11.30am on Sunday.

Zebras must win if they are to keep alive their hopes of winning a fourth consecutive Summer Cup.

They will have Luke Engels and Jayden Welch available this week, while Jason Voss will take over in goal from Troy Kaden.

Coach Romeo Frediani is still trying to decide on his number one keeper.

“I’m confident Jason will do well and I think the team will do all right,” Frediani said.

“We’ve done well at training this week and we’re confident.”

Eagles will have youngster Craig Minty in goal after Nathan Pitchford suffered a shoulder injury last weekend, which will side-line him for a month.

Defender Andrew Clark is unavailable, but Ben Whitehall is back and will come in to the squad.

Alex Gordon also trained this week but may start in the reserves.

“I’m very disappointed that we’ve lost Nathan Pitchford, but I think we can have a good game with the Zebras,” said Eagles coach, George Krambousanos.

“Their names and their experience outdo our boys, but I think we can give them a good game.”

Glenorchy Knights, leaders on goal-difference in Group B, come up against second-placed Clarence United at 2.30pm at South Hobart on Sunday.

Knights will be without suspended utility player Danny White, who was sent off against Taroona last weekend.

Taroona have been handed a $500 fine by Football Federation Tasmania for the outburst by one of their members which resulted in White using offensive language and being sent off.

The fine has been suspended providing the club ensures its members are well behaved in the future.

Knights coach Eamonn Kelly said that White’s versatility would be missed as he can play in midfield, in attack, out wide or even in defence.

Jade Clay still has cricket commitments, but James Hope is available this weekend.

Seth Otte, the promising South Hobart youngster, trained with Knights on Monday but it is uncertain whether he will request a transfer.

Josh Fielding and Corey Smith have been unable to attend all training sessions this week because of work commitments.

“Clarence are always a bogey team for us,” said Kelly. “I hope we can put together two 30-minute halves and play some decent football this week.

“Jacob Huigsloot has got to be looking forward to playing against his old team. He’s trained well and I think it means a lot to him this week.

“I don’t know if his brother, Luke, will be in the Clarence line-up, though.”

He probably will be as Clarence United coach Andrew Brown said he would field a largely unchanged side from that of last week.

Alex Nandan is a doubtful starter as he suffered a leg injury at training on Tuesday.

Chris Hunt may be registered in time to play and he would be a natural replacement.

“We’re looking forward to it,” said Brown. “I love playing against the Knights.

“In the early days, they used to antagonise my young players with their aggression and passion.

“Those kids have grown up with it so there’s no problem now.

“They’re always passionate, they’re always aggressive, but I think we’ve won eight of the eleven, or seven of the last ten, games, so we've found we can deal with the aggression and we'll try and play them off the park.

“That’s the plan, anyway. It’s the Summer Cup. It should be all about entertainment and trying to score goals.”

Kingborough Lions United and Taroona, who have yet to earn any points in Group B, meet at South Hobart at 11.30am on Saturday.

Kingborough will miss Ross Hinkley, who is unavailable, and his place will be taken by Brett Andrews, who was unavailable last weekend.

Taroona will have Sam Johnson at centre-back in place of Jack Elliott, who is unavailable.

Rick Nettlefold replaces goalkeeper Tom Shepperd, who is also unavailable.

“We missed a stack of chances last week against Knights, but we’ve done a lot of work this week on finishing so there should be some improvement in that area,” said Taroona coach, Ben Horgan.

“We need to tighten up in defence as well, but having Sam back will make a big difference.

“We’ve also signed three new players from Somerset who will strengthen our squad, but we’ll introduce them gradually over the next few weeks as they improve their fitness and get used to the way we play.

“On Sunday, we’ve got Ulverstone in the Steve Hudson Cup.

“They are a bit of an unknown for us, but they got a great result last week beating Northern Rangers 3-0, so they must be playing some good football.

“We’ll probably start with a similar line-up to Saturday, but with one or two changes and I’ll try a few players off the bench to see how they go.”


Anonymous said...

Is that Kermit the Frog or Sam Kruijver in the first picture?


South vs Olympia 0-0 (Olympia on penalties)
Zebras vs Eagles 4-0
Knights vs Clarence 2-1
Kingborough vs Taroona 1-1 (Kingborough on penalties)

Anonymous said...

South 2 Olympia 0
Zebras 1 Eagles 0
Clar 2 Knights 0
King 2 Taroona 0

eightball said...

its sammy k, finally getting some form after 8 years in the system-

south 7 olympia 1

zebras 1 eagles 1- eagles on pens

clarence 2 knights 1

lions 4 taroona 2

Anonymous said...

give it a wash horgan, you had two chances against knights not a stack, both tap ins with nooone in the goalmouth and your players couldn't even tap tap taparoo!

Nelson Mandela said...

Good to see Taroona have a $500 suspended sentance for there supporters who can't control themselves.

Anonymous said...

FFT getting tough it appears

Anonymous said...

$500 fine suspended? What does it achieve - nothing. No immediate impact, unlikely to even be heard of again.

Surely the fourth official or team manager should have kicked the person out of the ground if they were responsible.

Family friendly environment? Not likely

frog said...

What a joke! i have heard so many worse things sain by player on the field and spectators than 'pommy whatever' without anybody raising an eyebrow.. why now a fine? is it because Danny White is special or are we just being pathetic?
Give me a break

Will Roberts's Fringe said...

Frog it is racial vilification is not on! If players can be given a straight red for saying one swear word thats supposedly audible to the spectators surely something needs to be done about other spectators yelling You F@#cking Pommy C$%t!
This is extremely crude, uses the two of the most aggressive words in the english language and is racially demeaning but you're saying its all been said before so its fine? The change needs to be made if these matches aren't meant to be for the whole family as stated. I love taunting and being taunted, it's part of the game but there is a limit!

eightball said...

you'd think they would have upheld the $500. surely that cash could have gone to some flights for the commitee or special drinks night??

Huigi lover said...

Sorry I believe Will Roberts's Fringe meant, "The change needs to be made if these matches ARE meant to be for the whole family as stated."

Anonymous said...

For the record, the only person who used either the 'f word' or the 'c word' was Danny White. That said, the Taroona supporter's behavious was not acceptable, and the club has been duly penalised.

Will's yellow boots said...

Taroona will not get a single point this season

The Teacher said...

Corey Smith to receive 1st red card of season on Sunday.

grahem kearny said...

interesting games this weekend, south to beat olympia easy 3-0,zebras to win 2-0, clarence will beat under strength knights 3-1 and king will beat taroona 3-0,nice pics by the way teacher and eightball and it wouldnt suprise me to see corey sent off tomorrow

anthony kouta said...

just like to clear something up i have not given jaydyn wiggins a job at souvlaki hut in return for him joining olympia its all rumors

frog said...

As i thought no 'f' or 'c' words. can anybody comfirm mr then that tarona have bin fined for the using the word 'pommy'? if so that is ridiculas.

Fish's 2010 Tighty Whiteys said...

I was on the field during this game and the quote by Will's Fringe is in fact correct! 'F' and 'C' were either side of pommy!

Chalkys Anger said...

YES that is true, he did drop the c bomb and rode the f truck love chalky

Anonymous said...

Jon Ladic's rump is sure looking tasty in that photo. prob see him shakin it at isobar sat night after the game. he doesnt move as well as he used to. on the field that is, his isobar moves are only getting better.

Anonymous said...

yer but danny got punished for it and the spectator hasn't so this is why we are talking about it.

Richard Bennett said...

what odds then Taroona to pick up first points of season tomorrow?

Leon's Magic hands said...

Is it just me or does corey Smoth look a little like Sid from ice age these days?

Anonymous said...

people need to turn their hearing aids on, neither f--- nor c--- were used, the insult was pommie pr-- given that the bloke who yelled it is english himself, is it still racism? seems knights cant take their own medicine, heard worse at kgv

Tom Sherman's Honda for sale said...

frustrated maybe Anon 3:09pm
because u know if u get caught again a big 500 buckeroonies worth of fine!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think FFT should be congrat on how quick they acted on the issue.

Kelly's left testical said...

Reckon it'd be a great game Knights Vs Clarence, fair bit of pressure on knights to step up against 'bogie" team....

Anonymous said...

I think match of the round is obviously Clarence v Knights, although Eagles and Zebras could be interesting. I think Clarence will have too much pace with their youthful lineup, and it will be intersting to see the Huigsloot boys against each other, i remember watching them in Futsal last year, and its fair to say luke gave his brother a bath... although it is a different i think luke has the menta edge

Harro said...

The comments are half the reason I read the site, they are only a bit of fun no need to take seriously

kelly's Shout! (only seen once) said...

hi anon 4:39,
Just wondering how many comments did not hold at least one valid point?

Just remember Sam Johnson is back for roona this week. He has been working on his hacking so he should have a good season!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for clearing that up Jono....I await your career in acting. I'm guessing your first role will be the sequel to Shallow Hal..... Shallow Jono.

bumba clott said...

i think every1 on this site seriously needs to stay off crack pipe your all humpty dumptys

Anonymous said...

ben crosswell and ryan smith have not been at zebras training all week...wonder if frediani will risk their fitness and his pride as coach

Anonymous said...

Luke Cripps to score another hat trick against Knights this Sun.

Der Scheinmeister said...

Interesting, a pom calls a pom a pom & it's racial vilification; what a heap of nonsense.

As usual race & nationality get entangled just to make a bit of abuse, albeit foul languaged abuse, sound worse than it really was.

Perhaps if crowds were larger it would all have been lost in the hubbub & nothing would have happened!

Roll up for 'Roona lads & lassies.

chop said...

It was a small crowd because roooona was playing! any other game no one would of heard...

roona back to div one!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

chop.seems to me that roona won div1 and should be given some respect for that at least.
its going to be hard for them but they look like they are supporting their young players and will develop.

Walters lovechild said...

this site has become a joke! surely that is not really jono ladic and surely the stories are losing credit...
Seth Otte for example, trained with knights as he knows corey well and wanted to have extra training to give himself best chance of playing seniors at south, and already its turned into negative club hopping tupe stuff

Coach said...

Jimmity Bobbens, if you don't like the site, go find another and read that. Differentiate between a site and the comments section.

Since when does a player go and train with another club just to get extra training and because he's got a mate there? That's primary school stuff. I'm sure Morton would be impressed.

Anonymous said...

If everyone hates roona so much who would they rather have? uni - didnt look after youth and paid the price

metro - fell apart when the scots left

or beachside?

taroona won the league and deserve a crack

The Teacher said...

@anon 9.28pm I meant that Corey will recieve his 1st red of the season.

just a bit of tongue and cheek no need to cry

Yoda said...

Weather extreme it will be. Andrew Brennan talent he has good luck to him.

To see Sam K do well is pleasing a gentlemen he is.

H2o needed it will be hmmmm.
Tomorrow intereseting the results are.

Anonymous said...

the taroona fans have the intelligence of a garden snail..... enough said

Anonymous said...

I've known some very intelligent garden snails

spongebob squarepants said...

like i said before guys ive been reading this for a while now and you lot are getting worse by the day some of the stuff you lot come out with is hilarious not one of you as a clue

spongebob squarepants said...

youve all been on the columbian marching powder

Anonymous said...

spongebob.... ive seen you on tv and i think you are the supplier of that magic dust!!!!!

Brian Roberts said...

I noticed the early comment regarding Ryan Smith.

He is a Green Keeper at our Golf Club and is required to work extraordinary hours which may preclude him from training .

Anonymous said...

taroona the lAUGHING STOCK so far

adebayor type said...

is oliver starting for knights? could be vital to their chances as he is the most 'equipped' playa in the league