Thursday, September 30, 2010

Colin Shepherd's "Believe it or not"

Photos (Top to Bottom): Former Beachside coach, Nathan Robinson; Nathan Robinson and friend [Photos courtesy of Colin Shepherd]

I recently received an email from Beachside insider Colin Shepherd. I'm sure it's meant to be taken with a grain of salt. But, along the lines of the famous "Ripley's believe it or not', I've decided to publish it as "Shepherd's believe it or not". What do you think of this as an explanation for Nathan Robinson's decision to quit as Beachside coach?

"Strong rumours are circulating that Nathan Robinson may be Tasmania’s next Police Commissioner. 500th Game Veteran Colin Shepherd reports Robinson’s application for the top job is well known at Beachside United and explains why he recently relinquished the senior coaching position to Brett Pullen, having guided Beachside into the Southern Premier League after only 2 years in charge.

"The 40-year-old Robinson is a father of three (and expecting a fourth in early 2011) and has been a police officer for over twenty years. He has spent time in the Special Operations Group, Criminal Investigation Branch and currently works within the Police Department’s public prosecution unit. He is a graduate of the Hutchins School and is an active member of the Tasmanian community serving on several Boards and Committees involving social justice and anti-discrimination.

"Robinson was recently awarded a bravery award by the Acting Commissioner for his role in protecting a young couple from a vicious gang attack while he was off duty. 'We see Robbo as a bit like a Tasmania’s Steven Segal,' says Shepherd, 'The whole club wishes him success in his lifelong ambition to lead the country’s finest police force.' "

"While not wanting to make any predictions about Robinson’s chances when pressed, 'All I can say is I’d be very, very nervous if I was Darren Hine', stated Shepherd."


mat rhodes said...

Good luck nathan !

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a whole lotta tall stories but there is one thing that is wouldn't meet a nicer guy. Might be time for that big 'snip' though Nathan. Give that lovely wife of yours a rest. Good luck mate.

Anonymous said...

The Sherpier is funny bloke.

I wished he play four DOSA

P. Ramirez

Anonymous said...

good one Shep...that has to be a joke....right?

Stick said...

Lovely work Shep obviously having lots of spare time on your holidays, all is true in the article but i would be upset about being 40 if I was Robbo..

Pixel 40 said...

Anon 12:14 pm
what you said was nice
but dont use my name when is not me making the comment,
and sure love to have some experience in the team LOL

Pedro Ramirez

Brian Young said...

Interesting; perhaps Nathan needs to follow in Jack Johnston's footsteps & become a referee first!

Albeit, Jack was initially a steady penalty box goal poacher, rather than a stopper.

Hugh said...

Walter this is right on the money

Robbo plays indoor every Thursday at the uni gym and he's often said how he thinks he could do better at the top job

I'm surprised this has been kept quiet for so long