Friday, September 3, 2010

Top strikers missing for final Division One match

Photo: Leading scorer Jason Dawes (left) will miss Metro's game against University because of a knee injury [PlessPix]

The two leading strikers in the Division One competition are likely to miss Saturday’s final round of matches and may have to share the honour of top marksman for the season.

Metro’s Jason Dawes and University’s Julian Proud have both scored 40 goals and were due to meet when Metro take on University at North Chigwell at 2.30pm on Saturday, but both players are injured.

Dawes suffered a serious knee ligament injury at training this week and is likely to have to undergo surgery.

Proud is also suffering a leg problem and is likely to miss the match, which may well have been his last at this level before he retires from top-class football and dabbles in the social leagues.

With the two leading marksman absent and with the league title already decided, there is little riding on the outcome of this game.

Metro will also be without veteran Mathew Gasparin and Ryan Thurley, who are both unavailable.

Beachside, who won the title last weekend, finish their programme at home at Sandown Park on Sunday when they host Nelson Eastern Suburbs.

Beachside will be without Brett Pullen, who has junior coaching commitments, and Jamon Pennicott will be his replacement.

“Nelson have been a difficult opponent on each occasion we have met this year,” said Beachside player-coach, Nathan Robinson. “We were fortunate to get a point over at North Warrane in July, so we know their strengths and respect their coach, Michael Roach, who is bringing on some talented young footballers.

“Remaining unbeaten in the league will be our incentive, but with players like Tom Gordon and Craig Stockdale representing Nelson, we know it won’t be an easy task.”

Nelson midfielder Cody Flynn has a foot injury sustained in last Sunday’s game against Hobart United and will, at best, be on the bench for this game.

Under-19 player Ollie Ireland will come into the starting eleven, while Max Caulfield and fellow under-19s Henry French, Rhys Endall and 15-year-old keeper Jack Fennell will come into the squad.

“Beachside are a tough opponent, even more so at home on a tight pitch, and they’ve been the most consistent team all year and deserved their league title,” said Nelson coach, Michael Roach.

“As for us, we will bring a few more youngsters onto the bench and, in Ollie Ireland’s case, into the starting line-up for this final game.

“Despite recent results, there is confidence and determination around the club and amongst the playing group.

“We drew with Beachside at North Warrane last round and, if we can play well again, and get that bit of good fortune that hasn’t been going our way recently, we can cause an upset.”

In other matches on Saturday, DOSA meet Hobart United at KGV Park at noon, while the FFT Under-15s are in action against Southern FC at KGV Park at 4pm.


div 1 player said...

Best Wishes to Jason Dawes. Hope to see you back on the pitch soon

Anonymous said...

Sam Hogwarts also returns for Beachside Sunday after being out for 3 months.

Anonymous said...

im sure the uni v metro game will be a good game to watch having seen one between the two this year, alot of players trying to prove, and if there top 2 players are out the others will want to step up

Anonymous said...

Proud is fit to play i dont now why uni are saying his not it just makes no sense anyway bad luck dawesy.

Anonymous said...

It'll be good to see whether young hogwarts well honed skills at quidditch transfer to football.

Anonymous said...

anon A12.22pm
hes only playing reserves and heis only average on his best days.

Anonymous said...

I hear that Hogwarts learnt a lot at various trianing camps throughout the UK, Croatia, Spain and the US on his travels. Can anyone confirm?

Anonymous said...

True, he has spennt the last 3 months on trials overseas. Unfortunately I still think he suffers from some slight gingivitis, but he will definitely add some toughness to Beachside for the final game.