Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pullen not yet appointed as coach of Beachside

Photos (Top to Bottom): Brett Pullen (left) and Nathan Robinson leaving the pitch at Sandown Park; Coling Shepherd heads for goal with the ball while team-mate Brett Pullen watches [PlessPix]

Contrary to a report in the local tabloid on Monday, Brett Pullen is yet to be officially confirmed as coach of Beachside.

Beachside are certainly keen to have him, and everyone is assuming he will take the job, but negotiations are still continuing.

I had an email from Brett Pullen today in which he says that an official announcement has not been made and reports of his appointment are premature.

Pullen has yet to sit down with the Beachside committee, but has had an indication from president John Brierley that his appointment would be favoured.

Pullen is currently preparing a written submission outlining his coaching philosophy and his three-year plan for Beachside should he accept the coaching position.

The three-year plan is about the development of the club from juniors through to seniors.

Pullen said he hoped to make an official announcement by next Monday, which is when he will sit down with John Brierley and discuss matters.

What is certain and official is that Nathan Robinson, who coached Beachside to the title and promotion to the southern Premier League this season, will not be coaching the club next season.

Robinson took South Hobart to the Premier League title in 2002 and also coached University in the top flight before taking over at Beachside.


Anonymous said...

If pullen coaches, expect players to leave their current clubs to learn from the great man. There are a few people who could benefit from being under his tutelage. I think you'll find 3 or 4 of the Knights seniors/better reserves heading there as well as 1 or 2 from Taroona.

Anonymous said...

Why not Nogga? I hope it is that he is unavailable. Definitely capable of the job and proven. Pity he did not get the south job previously.

Anonymous said...

Whoever was responsible for getting Pullen to Beachside in the first place should be congratulated. Clearly the best player in Div 1 this season.

Pullen has achieved it all as a player and now the chalenge of player/coach begins. He has a winning mentatilty and will be a success.

He will need to recruit some younger athletic players to compliment the existing playing list. I look forward to watching some exciting games at Sandown Park - what a great ground but how are they going to charge entry?!

Beachside did well to get promoted as there is no junior system to promote players from. It was clearly a case of an experienced and physical team overpowering the opposition. It won't work in 2011 and Pullen would know as much.

Good luck Brett.


Anonymous said...

If anyone leaves Knights for Beachside they are a loser.

Anonymous said...

nogga is unavailable as coach but will definitely play for beachside.

Anonymous said...

keep creating your own hype Pullen
Remember promises?? need to be kept...

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.20pm.No room for loyalty in many aspects of life today. Either work or sport.Why shouldnt anyone go elsewhere if a chance arises.I would bet that many of the juniors Brett is currently coaching may also leave. Is this what you are referring to ? Too bad.That is life.

Anon said...

I wouldn't assume the juniors will follow Brett to Beachside..... parents make decisions not coaches at that age.

Anonymous said...

Gawd - every single time any change happens, especially in club staff/players we always get the stuff about expecting big things to happen because of it....rarely, rarely ever happens. It's just easy to say all this now so that in 6 months time when none of this happens the people chirping can have those months to find excuses as to why their sure-fire predictions were not realised. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.15. Parents get to know the coaches and develop a relationship also.
They may make the decision on behalf of the child.Lets not get too excited about it though.It was just an opinion .Brett may not coach , who knows .

Maxi said...

Good luck to Brett (if he is appointed) and Beachside next year

Anonymous said...

some transfer rumors i have heard
brendan garth to beachside
ben crosswell to beachside
corey smith to beachside
jono ladic to knights
liam scott to olympia

Callan Paske said...


Can I just confirm that my report was based on an interview I did with the then coach of Beachside, Nathan Robinson, and that he indicated that Brett's appointment was being announced last Sunday.

I apologise to Brett for any suprise he might have had at reading the article but I was simply reporting what I was told to be fact from a reliable source (Nathan) at the club.


Callan Paske

Walter said...

Hi Callan

I thought Nathan must have been your source. I also interviewed Nathan, who told me the same thing he told you, namely, that Brett would replace him as coach next season.

I then spoke to Brett, who told me talk of his appointment was a bit premature and he still had to talk to the club about his plans.

I'm assuming you weren't at the game and therefore didn't have the opportunity to talk to Brett.

I'm not blaming Nathan as he and the club are obviously very keen to have Brett aboard as coach, but I think, given that Brett was at the ground, I felt I had to talk to him about it.


Anonymous said...

Walter and Callan

Obviously any news is good news in the media.. Unfortunately what was put in the Mercury has caused numerous issues namely with myself and certain people at Zebras, I was able to contact several of the people before the surprise article but others were not given the opportunity for an explanation(and reacted as such)And to those I apologise. For the record. for 2010 & 2011 seasons I had offered my services(as a player and assistant)to the senior coaching staff at Zebras and was not offered a role. It was then my decision to seriously look at the beach challenge, last Sunday I spoke to the current playing group to see if they would support my bid for the senior job, they did and I am now in negotiations with the Beach committee.
I have been with Zebras for a total of ten years with several breaks during my playing career, hopefully contributing to some of their success over that time.
I have helped the Zebras build their juniors and feel now they are in a position to continue moving forward. Yes my guess is that some juniors may follow me to beach and that is their decision.
I am now hoping to help create a junior program at beach (who currently have no program). I'm hoping this will create another club that is willing to start early with technical training and help some juniors develop in the game.
As for the seniors well time will tell but all efforts to create a team that will survive and build into a strong exciting outfit will be made, with a good mix of experience leadership and youth (it's easy to write but time will tell).. Cheers


Roy said...

Just to clarify to all, the comment made signed off as Roy was not by the real Roy. As most of you would know Roy has an account which would show with an orange B symbol and Roy written in Blue. How ever Roy does agree with most of the points made in this post but Roy would appreciate it If the name Roy was reserved solely for Roy!

PS Roy knows Corey Smith would never go to Beachside


Callan Paske said...

I completely understand that Walter. I can also understand why Beachside are keen to lock him in as I think youth will follow him there, which they will need next year.

I will be watching keenly in the next few months to see which faces pop up at Beachside training.

See you at the game on Saturday.



Anon said...

To clarify my 9.15am comment

This is not a surprise is it? I heard this rumour from junior parents 4 months ago - in fact allegedly Brett told them he was going to take all the Zebra junior teams to Beachside!
Brett didn't build the Zebras juniors - Romeo did!

Anonymous said...

would anyone be able to confirm that anton bruiser baltic is the new coach of glenorchy knights

Anonymous said...

I can confirm Bruiser will be taking trainings direct from Curly's Nightclub via video link.

Roy said...

this is confirmed.

Anonymous said...

Hope Beachside serve some Chicken Wings at their home games next season.

Anonymous said...

P.ss Roy likes talking about himself in third person, because he is cool like that.

Bruiser Baltic rumoured to be on the treadmill at zap at all hours getting in shape for pre season. BRUISAA

I'm Back said...

don't get too excited about the young kids following Pullen to Beachside. If they follow his example they'll only be there for a year before they're off somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

considering what Romeo has done to the seniors, i would not be surprised if some players would follow brett.
Btw, ive heard the liam scott rumour apprently there is afew of them going with scotty from other clubs..

Anonymous said...

Please explain what has Romeo done for Zebra's senior that would make the players leave?

Anonymous said...

Heard Some Rumours Of Discontent.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the other Roy is actually using his real name Alex? I’m sure you don’t have copyright over that....

PS Corey Smith would never be invited to go to Beachside, or most other clubs for that matter.

Not roy