Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday results

Photos (Top to Bottom): Devonport coach Tom McGinn was extremely proud of his players; The Devonport squad for the match against South Hobart; Referee Ivan Jozeljic with Devonport captain Nathan Gratton (left) and South Hobart skipper Bart Beecroft; South Hobart striker Andy Brennan challengers Devonport's Nathan Gratton in the air; South's Andy Brennan battles with Devonport's Simon Wilson in midfield; Devonport's Simon Wilson (left) gets possession ahead of South's Kostas Kanakaris [PlessPix]

State-wide Top-Four Series Semi-finals

Northern Rangers 1 (A Nicholson 46) beat Burnie United 0

South Hobart 1 (A Brennan 87) beat Devonport City 0

Division One

Metro 4 (D Cowen, J Morris, S Leek, M Besley 0g) drew with University 4 (J Proud 4)

FFT Under-15s 2-2 Southern FC


Metro 0-1 University


Melbourne Heart 1 (N Kalmar 11) beat North Queensland Fury 0

Sydney FC 1-3 Adelaide United


john crooks said...

Congratulations to Northern Rangers on making the final too bad to tom and the boys from Devonport

Gabriel Tams said...

Thanks John. Look out South...we're coming for you!!!

Anonymous said...

Rangers goal was from Andrew Nicholson, not Bremner

Walter said...

Anonymous 6.04pm, thanks for that. I just spoke to Adam Whitemore who told me the same thing. At KGV Park we were told it was Paul Bremner. I have corrected it now.

Anonymous said...

Most importantly for the majority of bloggers though, was there food, and was it ok? hahahah

Beardy79 said...

Hope to have the youtube highlights of the Rangers/Burnie match up tonight.

Anonymous said...

Uni vs Metro game was outstanding in very harsh condition credit to both teams

Gabriel Tams said...

Anon 6.19. Yes, there was to the standard, it filled my belly, but you'd have to ask the burnie boys haha! Really can't wait for the final. Please come along and support this guys, even if it's all south supporters, the more the merrier!!!

Anonymous said...

South food was yummy thanks very much

Anonymous said...

Metro vs Uni was a great match with both teams deserving a point.

Anonymous said...

did anyone see the highlights rangers vs burnie?

the burnie bloke who gets sent off kicks water at the ref? surely this is a hefty suspension?

4.51 on the highlights!