Thursday, September 9, 2010

Interview with Mathew Sanders on eve of Victorian grand final

Photos (Top to Bottom): Mathew Sanders, who will be playing in the Victorian Premier League grand final on Saturday night; Mathew Sanders (centre) in his Glenorchy Knights days, with team-mate Janko Begovic on the right [PlessPix]

Tasmania’s 24-year-old Mathew Sanders will be playing in the Victorian Premier League grand final at the new AAMI Park in Melbourne on the weekend.

Sanders will play for Green Gully Cavaliers against Richmond and I interview him this week for the blog.

Walter Pless: How long have you been in Victoria?

Mathew Sanders: This is my fifth season in Victoria at Green Gully.

WP: Which clubs have you played for in Tasmania and in Victoria?

MS: I played for Metro-Claremont from 2001-2003 and Glenorchy Knights from 2004-2005 and I’ve been with Green Gully from 2006 until now.

WP: Will this be your first grand final?

MS: Yeah, this is my first grand final in Victoria and to be playing at AAMI Park on Saturday night will be great. Hopefully, there’ll be a big crowd at the game.

WP: How do you think your team will go?

MS: We have a very good chance of beating Richmond and winning the final, but it will be a very close game. We have beaten them twice this year and they have beaten us once.

WP: In which position will you play and what will be expected of you?

MS: I will be playing as a left-sided forward, so, hopefully, I can score or create some goals so we can win the game. But, I also have some defensive responsibilities as we like to drop off and then pressure the opposition when we are ready.

WP: Rumours have been circulating that you will be playing in Tasmania next year. Are these rumours true?

MS: Ha! Ha! Yes, I have also heard some rumours about me moving back to Tassie next season but, at the moment, I’m not sure what my plans are for next season. I haven’t spoken to any clubs in Tasmania or been contacted by any at this stage. I have a young daughter and another child due in November so my wife and I will have to make a decision which will suit all of us in the long run. If I stay in Victoria, I couldn’t see myself anywhere else but at Green Gully as it’s a great club.

WP: Do you like the Victorian football scene, and if so, why?

MS: It’s a very different environment to Tassie. All the clubs over here are ethnic-based and there’s a lot of rivalry over here, which is good. And, everyone gets paid well and you always have your full squad at training, otherwise you get fined and you could lose your place in the team. I think it’s just a bit more professional over here.

WP: What needs to be done in Tasmania to raise the profile of the game and the standard of play?

MS: I think the coaching at junior level is important and, from what I’ve heard, it has got a lot better since the Tasmanian Institute of Sport and other development programs have started as you need something to progress to as you get older, especially when you get to 16 or 17 years of age. I think there need to be more senior Tasmanian State team matches as it gives the better players a chance to prove themselves against better opponents and maybe they’ll be lucky enough to be signed to play at a higher level.

WP: What does the future hold for you in terms of football?

MS: I’m enjoying the level I’m currently playing at. It’s a good standard of soccer and I would be happy to play at this level for as long as I can.

WP: What advice would you give to young players in Tasmania who are contemplating football as a career?

MS: I think the best way for them to be identified is to be on the Mainland at the moment as there’s more professional and semi-professional opportunities here and you get more exposure to A-League clubs.

WP: What do you think of the A-League?

MS: I think, individually, there’s not much difference to the top state leagues in Australia, but as a team, in terms of performance, A-League teams are more noticeable and when they are training two times a day you are going to be a lot fitter and sharper than people who train two or three times a week.

WP: Thank you for your time, Mathew, and I’m sure all Tasmanians wish you and your side well in the grand final on Saturday night.

MS: Any time. Thanks.


Marsh said...

Matty looks in good shape in that photo.

Sanders to score winner on Sat then huge night on the town.

Tommy said...

Go Matt, a wonderful & modest export.

Anonymous said...

nice interview, did matt's agent answer all the questions? was too well spoken for matt wasn't it? or maybe he is a changed man the anaconda?

Anonymous said...

i was there that night. he was in great shape and form.

Anonymous said...

goodluck and score some goals for tas

Anonymous said...

Matt back to his home at Knights next year. Knights are the team to watch over the summer in regards to recruiting

Anonymous said...

anon 10.59 i dont think i would call knights matt's home since he was at metro for many years, i have spoke to a couple of people though and if he does come home he might be playing in new colours

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:32. Im sure if you ask Matt he will call Knights his home. Its the club he won plenty of silverware and has his best mates there.

In regards to where Matt will play, you can think what you like, and so can those people. He is a Knight and will come home one

Anonymous said...

You obviously don't know Matty like us, he would rather play for a pie at knights than a grand a week at metro.

Anonymous said...

or a vodka orange....

Anonymous said...

Well done Matty. All the best for your Soccer future. You do Tassie proud.

Richard Bennett said...

I note that mathew scored the first in a pretty comprehensive 3-0 win for green gully in the final so well done young man. hopefully we might see something in the local press about this fine effort by a local product. or not.

Anonymous said...

sanders scored and the 6 tassie supporters who went up to see him erupted!! big night had by the knights boys who went over to see sanders play!!