Sunday, September 12, 2010

South Hobart set new record of 34-game unbeaten run

Photos (Top to Bottom): Forestry Tasmania representative prepares to present the trophy to South Hobart; South Hobart captain Bart Beecroft is presented with the grand final trophy; South Hobart's Tom Roach (right) in a tussle with a Northern Rangers opponent; The victorious South Hobart side with their trophy; Tom Roach aims a header at the Rangers goal; South Hobart's Jim Pennicott about to tackle Rangers' Issa Dumbuya; Tom Roach lays the ball off to a South Hobart team-mate; South Hobart's Jonathon Lo shields the ball from a Rangers opponent; South Hobart's Kostas Kanakaris (right) in pursuit of an opponent; Launceston City clear the ball; Midfield battle between Taroona and Launceston City; Taroona on the attack; Taroona celebrate a goal against Launceston City [PlessPix]

South Hobart picked up their fifth piece of silverware for the season on Saturday when they beat Northern Rangers 1-0 in the State-wide Top-Four Grand Final.

They thus completed their season with the State Premiership trophy, having already collected the Steve Hudson Cup, the Summer Cup, the Milan Lakoseljac Memorial Trophy and the Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League title.

And, they set a new Tasmanian record by remaining undefeated in 34 consecutive matches.

The win against Northern Rangers, who suffered only one loss in winning the Forestry Tasmania Northern Premier League title, was typical of their recent games.

South had numerous chances, survived a few scares, and won 1-0.

Northern Rangers made the mistake of playing just one striker, Stefan Jago, who was always outnumbered.

It was only in the final 15 minutes, when they trailed 1-0, that Rangers pushed men forward in an attempt to find an equaliser. And, they came close to doing so.

Gabriel Tams sent a pile-driver from the right just over the bar, while Paul Bremner saw his header bounce close to the line almost in slow motion before the South Hobart defence cleared the ball.

Adopting a cautious approach from the outset, Rangers had a few long-range efforts that came to nothing, whereas South Hobart looked dangerous every time they got the ball down the flanks.

Defenders Jim Pennicott and Liam Scott were given the space to push forward regularly and it was Pennicott who almost scored in the 7th minute with a long-range drive that flew narrowly wide.

In the 10th minute, Jonathon Lo missed a sitter from close range after Andy Brennan pulled the ball back for him from the right.

Lo missed another glorious chance in the 37th minute when he blazed over the bar from 12 metres. It was difficult to reconcile these misses with the fact that Lo was the Premier League’s leading marksman with 18 goals.

The second half began with South on the attack and, in the 48th minute, Shae Hickey sent a tremendous shot just wide of the angle of crossbar and post.

Brennan failed to control a Tom Roach cross in the 57th minute and another chance went begging for South Hobart.

Lo scooped the ball wide two minutes later, while on the hour, a deep cross from the right by Pennicott deceived Rangers keeper Marshall Pooley and flew over his head before coming back into play off the base of the far left-hand post.

Given that sort of pressure, a goal had to come, and it did in the 67th minute. A throw-in near the corner flag on the left went to Kostas Kanakaris, who laid the ball back for Hickey. He floated a cross towards the far post and Roach rose above his opponents to head home.

Rangers missed a marvellous chance to equalise in the 71st minute when a Tams corner from the right towards the far post found Todd Hingston, but his powerful close-range header flew straight into the arms of South Hobart keeper Sam Kruijver.

In the 76th minute, Lo missed his fourth chance of the match. Scott’s pass put him through the defence and in a one-on-one with keeper Pooley, but the ball bobbled at the last minute and he scuffed the shot wide.

South survived the final quarter of an hour of pressure to lift the trophy, but Rangers could have done more to make a game of it.

In the Women’s State-wide semi-finals, Clarence United needed extra-time to beat a 10-player Olympia Warriors side 3-2.

In the other semi-final, Launceston City fought back strongly in the second half after being 2-0 down against Taroona to just lose 3-2.

In the men’s Division Three final, Clarence United Spirit beat Huon Valley 4-1.


Anonymous said...

Having thought it at the game, and seen it again on the video highlights - some of the tackles from South were ridiculous. At least 2 on that video should have resulted in yellow. And why the Rangers player got told to go away, yet nothing was said to the South player ... well.. it doesn't exactly instill confidence. And what did Pennicott think he was playing at? Happened right under Kim's eye and nothing was done. South were allowed to showcase their thuggery unpunished. They deserved the win but they didn't need to tarnish it.

Anonymous said...

Appeal by rangers near the end for a handball, bit dissapointed for this not to be shown on the video, would have liked to have had a second look at it.

Anonymous said...

hahahha to the above comment.

Anonymous said...

looks like hickey should have had at least one yellow, South seem to be a little favoured by refs. As for Pennicott, he does that sort of thing week in week out and continues to get away with it so he keeps doing it. It's just the way he is

Anonymous said...

Absolutely no complaints from myself or the Rangers players Anon 12.50pm. The Rangers player was told to go away because the ref had told us pre-game not to question his decisions, and the player did - fair enough. South Hobart have had a fantastic season, beaten us twice very fairly, and were sporting and humble. From what I have seen they have certainly not been tarnished by any "thuggery".

I think it is really important we focus on developing our game, not using blogs as criticisms of other teams/players.

Jim Pennicott seems to cop a lot of flak on all blogs. He looks like a quality young player to me.

Adam Whitemore, Rangers Coach

Anonymous said...

Congratulations south they deserved it and what a fine season but honestly walter your report leaves a lot to be desired.Been fortunate enought to see a lot of games played over the last 20 years but that was one of the highest quality games i have seen in this state for a number of years and some quality possesion and passing football from BOTH sides. Very biased report! Rangers dominated the opening 10 min, south gained control for the majority of the rest of the match apart from the last 15 but the shape and organisation of the ranger side was first rate. Hold your heads high Northern Rangers because a lot of people forget that your club is only 11 years old and to play the style of football you played is a credit to everyone involved and i wish your club all the best in the future. What you have done for football in the north in the last decade has been only good for football. Come back stronger next year and take the next step.

Newest rangers biggest fan!

Anonymous said...

Regardless of whether any Rangers players, coaches or supporters have any complaints or not (although frankly I'm suprised anyone can look at that video and not be worried), my point still stands. I'm not sure if any of you thought I was posting that as a disgruntled Rangers fan unhappy at losing a final - i'm not. They barely exist for me. I'm not trying to say these decisions afffected the result - I'm merely voicing my concern that things were not dealt with properly.

I'm merely pointing out (with video evidence) that some of the challenges were ridiculous and further action, under the Laws of the Game, were required. Further, I was not questioning why the Rangers player was sent away, I was questioning why after making a horrid tackle and then pushing the player in the chest, why the South player was not talked to or warned either.

Further, it doesn't matter how good or bad a player is, in this case Pennicott, if they choose to indulge in dirty tactics then their skills should not be used to shield them from criticism. This isn't idle referee bashing either. If you don't agree with my comments then unfortunately you are promoting those types of challenges.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.11 pm Quote ! "fortunate enough to see a lot of games played over the last 20 years but that was one of the highest quality games ....."
In the north of the state I would suggest.

Anonymous said...

Fully agree with the flack the referee copped. Some pretty biased decisions, particularly with the challenge mentioned. For a player to hack and then push someone and to not at least receive a yellow shows the favouritism the ref took into the game. And in regards to anonymous 5:37 PM, remember how many southern teams made it through the first round of the final series, pretty clear which is the stronger league at the moment!!!

Anonymous said...

South Hobart need to find a new leauge, pure domination.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.57 . Northern league the stronger league ? Doubt it.I think you will find that the southern teams underestimated the northern teams.That does not mean that the northern teams were better.The southerners thought they were too good and it backfired on them. If you look at the Devonport v South Hobart match, South had enough chances to win three games let alone that one. Devonport should have had a penalty a 0-0 .Had they won that game , it would not have been a true reflection of Souths capabilities.And Devonport are the second best side in the north ? The Zebras were pathetic against Burnie.Appeared to be more of a lack of committment and underestimating Burnie than anything else. Does not mean Burnie are the better side but on the day they were. Results over 2 or 3 games does not make a season.You may find that the lower teams in the south would give the likes of Burnie, and what I saw of Devonport, a touch up.

Anonymous said...

If the 2nd, 3rd and 4th southern league teams couldn't beat Devonport, Burnie and Rangers i'm not sure how you expect the lower teams to give them a touch up. Some of the southern teams were absolutely pumped by South Hobart during the year and the next tier of teams such as Tilford and Glenorchy also had a reasonably easy run....and then subsequently lost to northern teams. Apart from South Hobart who are by far the best team in the state, the southern league is not as competitive as the northern league. Excuses mean nothing, results mean everything!

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.09. To correct you, the name is Zebras not Tilford. That would be like calling Devonport PFD. Tilford is the Zebras' sponsor's name. Some of the lower Southern clubs were pumped by South Hobart not all. Many games South played against the higher teams there was only a goal or two in it.That was the difference between South and the other teams. They demolishes the lower sides due to their professionalism and committment,unlike the other clubs just beneath them.The likes of Zebras , Knights etc struggled against the teams below them due to poor performances (compared to what they are capable of) .As I stated previoulsy ,the southerners took it too easy against there northern opponents.I think it is great that the northern sides did do well, however that is where your bragging must end as a southern team won the competition again.Your argument is shot down again. Keep training you will get there one day.(maybe)

Anonymous said...

funny then that not only did North have 3 of the 4 top teams in the State (based on results) but also I believe the North have not just beaten but comprehensively beaten South in the last few North-South games. The only thing South are soo much better at is big noting themselves

Anonymous said...

If you read my comment I admit that South are by far the best team in the state, my comments regard the LEAGUE. Unfortunately for the southern league one team does not make a league. Going into a finals series and underestimating teams is not an excuse, the results are where the argument ends and its pretty definitive.


Firstly may I say once again congratulations to South Hobart. The benchmark for the rest of us to try and copy.

To my guys well done on a great year. Although we never except coming 2nd, to be runners up to a great side like South is no disgrace. We will be back next year to try and go one better.

I think this final series is excellent good to play some different teams with a North/South rivalry. As Ive said before the difference between the Northern and Southern teams is minimal apart from South of course.

From what Ive noticed and talking to Adam the southern lague is probably played at a higher intensity.

Anonymous said...

knights were robbed against devonport as were clarence against rangers, didn't see the game between burnie and zebras but i heard zebras had an off game.. could have been 4 southern teams if it meant anything

Anonymous said...

oh dear, when will you just give up and say well done North? teams under estimating, taking it easy, robbed etc. what a load of $%%#$

Anonymous said...

You can't judge the strength of the two leagues on the final four result alone.

Last year all the northern teams got knocked out in the first round didn't they? this year all but one southern team got knocked out! It is a knock out competition where if you aren't on your game on the day you get eliminated.

League results are a better indicator where a team lies, but until a state league is re-introduced the argument over which league is stonger is void.

Anonymous said...

Definitely not void. Don't hear many claims the FA cup is void due to it being a knockout system. Sounds like the words of someone losing a battle to me.

Anonymous said...

anon 11.06. your argument re the FA CUp is void though. The FA Cup does not decide who the league champion is,unlike the top 4 deciding the state champion.

Anonymous said...

I agree.the competition isn't void, however, you can't judge the strength of a competition and it's teams over a three week knockout competition

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:06 PM.

Bringing up the FA cup proves how stupid this arguement is.

Upsets happen in these competitions.

Portsmouth were not a better team than Man Utd, Arsenal, Tottenham etc last year. HOWEVER they played in the FA Cup final. Proves that if these stronger teams have an off day, they can be knocked out of these cup style competitions. It’s not necessarily an indication of a teams true ability, more how they performed over the course of the cup competition.

Anonymous said...

Wow, so many idiotic comments. where to start? How about Anon - September 13, 2010 7:50 AM. Zebras name is Tilford Zebras so it is nothing like calling Devonport City 'PFD Devonport'. PFD is Devonport's sponsor and Tilford is actually in their name. Unbelievable!!! Actually on second thought this is all so petty i'm going to stop at this point!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon Sep 14 7.01 pm.Petty enough for you to comment? Check the website. The Hobart Zebras it says. Unless the website is incorrect.

Anonymous said...

If the league table says 'Tilford Zebras' you are the 'Tilford Zebras', end of story.