Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hobart United beat DOSA and finish fourth in Division One

Photos (Top to Bottom): Match officials (L-R), assistant referees Greg Balmer and Kim Barker, referee Craig Phillips, and fourth official Stratos Plomaritis; The DOSA starting XI with coach Pedro Ramirez; DOSA coach Pedro Ramirez was delighted that his side held their opponents to 1-1 in the second half; Hobart United president Fawaz Ateem was pleased with his side's finish to the season; Hobart United supporters man the rails at the KGV Park grandstand; DOSA prepare to defend a free-kick from the left by United; Assistant referee Kim Barker has a friendly natter with the two coaches, Pedro Ramirez and Mark Broadbent, before the start of the second half; United had plenty of vocal support from the fans in the grandstand; DOSA try to build up from midfield [PlessPix]

Division One (KGV Park, Wednesday, 8 September 2010)

DOSA 1 (R Daw 57)

Hobart United 4 (I Gwolo 6, 13, 19, J Letiko 78)

HT: 0-3 Att: 50 Ref: C Phillips

DOSA: Davey; Butt, Vu, Woodward, McGuiness, Ali, Korn, Reid, Langshaw, Filip, Stern (Daw 33)

Hobart United: Dand; Walker, Letiko, Lotiko, J Otto, Gwolo (Nguv 72), Hazikimano, P Otto (Dhieu 65), Youl, Songa, David (Omery Zola 46)


Hobart United moved up one place to finish fourth on the Division One ladder after this 4-1 win over second-last DOSA in the final Division One league match of the season.

United dominated play in the first half and led 3-0 at the interval through a hat-trick by Isaac Gwolo, but DOSA held their own in the second half and scored one goal and missed a couple of other chances.

Peter Otto missed two good chances in the opening five minutes for Hobart United before Isaac Gwolo put them ahead in the 6th minute from Justin Letiko’s excellent pass from the left.

Gwolo should have added a second in the 8th minute from George Lotiko’s pass, but he shot wide of the far left-hand post.

DOSA put together a fine counter-attack in the 9th minute which forced United to concede a corner, which came to nothing.

It was 2-0 in the 13th minute through the simplest of goals. United goalkeeper Alex Dand threw a long ball to the left for George Lotiko, who controlled it and played it through for Gwolo to run onto and beat Davey.

Davey was in the thick of the action in the 19th minute as he saved in quick succession from Peter Otto and Lotiko.

Within seconds, however, Davey slipped while trying to repel a United attack and the ball rebounded to Gwolo, who rounded the keeper and stroked the ball into an empty net to make it 3-0.

In the 33rd minute, Richard Stern had DOSA’s first shot in anger but sustained a leg injury in the process and had to be replaced by Ross Daw.

With three minutes remaining, a foul by David McGuiness on Justin Letiko resulted in a penalty. Ian Walker put his spot-kick high over the bar and the teams went in for the break with United leading by just 3-0.

DOSA had been encouraged by their performance in restricting United to just three goals in the first half, however, and they managed to create some dangerous attacks in the opening minutes of the second half. In the 46th minute, Gustavo Vu forced a fine save from Dand.

Within five minutes after the resumption, however, Letiko hit the crossbar as United sought to make up for their misses in the first half.

DOSA went one better and their efforts were rewarded in the 57th minute when substitute Daw netted from just inside the box after he gained possession and turned sharply before unleashing his shot.

United hit their fourth in the 78th minute when Letiko broke through the middle as DOSA looked unsuccessfully for the off-side flag. He rounded the keeper before easily slotting the ball home.

Hobart United's reserves also finished fourth after overcoming DOSA 7-0 in this evening's curtain-raiser.


DOSA coach, Pedro Ramirez, said:

“I think, all things considered, we played all right.

“In the first half, we were a bit shaky, especially on the wings, but we fixed that a little bit and it showed in the second half.

“I’m happy with our draw in the second half. Again, as I said all year, the game doesn’t reflect the score.

“I’m quite happy and I’m sure next year we will improve more.”

Hobart United coach, Mark Broadbent, said:

“In the first half, we played extremely well and some brilliant football.

“Chances came in the first half and, if we’d put them away, I reckon it would have been close to double figures by the end.

“But, the chances weren’t taken and we didn’t progress after half-time.

“We tried a few new things and brought in a few young kids for their second chance at this level and they adapted. It’s a big stage for these boys and it’s nice.”


Anonymous said...

why would the refs be holding hands now? anyone

Anonymous said...

Nelson finish in the bottom 4 of division 1 for another season ...

Anonymous said...

young hobart united goalkeeper. wasted talent in div one

Anonymous said...

I think I know who wrote the previous AD??

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:58 - finishing outside the top 4 again is all part of the 7 year plan to success.

Anonymous said...

Any idea if Broadbent is staying with HUFC?

Anonymous said...

mate?? i dont think im even good enough for PL reserves atm. i have a long way to go
alex dand

Anonymous said...

maybe because all 4 of them have a great sense of humour? None more so than Kim I'd say!

Anonymous said...

thats funny nelson finished 4th for the last two seasons. Not sure how thats outside the top 4

Anonymous said...

So what you're saying anon 8:31pm is Nelson have finished 4th, 4th, 5th in the last 3 years.

You really showed those previous posts! Nelson are on the rise.

Anonymous said...

Don't underrate yourself Dand. You are a great keeper and have been huge for HUFC all year. You could definately play higher.

Anonymous said...

Nelson are on the rise and with no Jason Dawes next year Metro will be lucky to beat dosa.

Anonymous said...

haha thanks anon. 11.09

sounds like there will be a few surprises next year.


I'm Back said...

Anonymous at 11.54, not sure whether your trying to be a clown or not. One would assume you are.

Cast your mind back to the gane on Saturday between Uni and Metro. Score 4 all. Where was Dawsey ? On the sidelines I think. How many goals did Nelson score against Uni? Sorry they may have been a little bit too dirty for you as well just as Metro were, DOSA were, Southern, U 15........
Where do we stop ?

And how do you work out your on the rise. You or one of your mates said yourself that Nelson finished in the top 4 for the previous two seasons. This year you finished outside the top 4. What logic says Nelson are on the rise ? I think your trying to take a rise out of everyone else on this blog site.

Anonymous said...

nelson were never on the rise.

nelson got big heads cause hobart united played a reserves teamin the state wide cup.. nelson didnt click when a girl came on the feild??

then after that 2 key playes were suspended. nelson have never had anything to go on. they have no right to be cocky like they are.
get a grip before you think you are kings nelson.

Pixel 40 said...

Thank you Walter,
like I have said before you do a good job, not many would look at a game like Dosa V HUFC or two bottom clubs..
and give a very good positive truthful report.

also thank you to the referees best if not the only one I had all year

to Dosa club and especially the players for the support and patience they had in a very difficult year

and finally to Metro, Beachside, University, HUFC, Nelson, southern,FFT U/15 and their coaches for a good year

Many Thanks

Pedro Ramirez

Anonymous said...

nelson are rubbish, apart from stockdale, there is not a single player in the squad that could cut it at premier league level, let alone reserve premier league.

Anonymous said...

Nelson you really need to re-sign lump. He's looking for a new club after not being able to comitt to a full time SPL career next year.