Sunday, December 19, 2010

A-League match abandoned, and some local news

Photos (Top to Bottom): Jon Foley-Donohue (centre, in his South Hobart days) is back from overseas; Carl Larzabal wants a move to South Hobart; South Hobart's Frenchman Loik Feral passes in midfield; Mizael races Biggs for the ball; Mizael moves in on Nathan Robinson; Mizael takes up a central position; Michael Soszynski clears as Mizael races in; Mizael is beaten to the ball by Michael Soszynski; Later in the match. Mizael slides in on Soszynski; Soszynski objects to the tackle and appeals to the referee; Mr Collins shows Mizael the yellow card [PlessPix]

This afternoon’s A-League match between Gold Coast United and Central Coast Mariners at Skilled Park was abandoned after 20 minutes by referee Chris Beath because of poor ground conditions.

The score was 0-0 at that stage, but Central Coast Mariners had missed a penalty in the 12th minute. Dino Djulbic’s foul on Oliver Bozanic resulted in the spot-kick, but Adam Kwasnik fired wide.

Teeming rain on the Gold Coast since early morning had left large puddles on the ground and, when the rain again started bucketing down after the start of the match, abandonment proved inevitable.

Beath stopped play after 20 minutes and consulted both captains, both of whom wanted to continue. But, within seconds of the re-start, the ball started to stick in the puddles and the referee called the game off.

Mariners coach Graham Arnold had not wanted the game to even start, while Gold Coast coach Miron Bleiberg was not against play starting.

Gold Coast United owner Clive Palmer had given away more than 20,000 free tickets for this match in an effort to bolster support for the club.

There were about 10,000 spectators at the match when it was called off.

The game will be rescheduled to a later date.


On the other side of the world, tomorrow’s English Premier League match between Chelsea and Manchester United has been postponed because of the freezing weather engulfing the UK.

The only EPL games played overnight resulted in Blackburn Rovers drawing 1-1 with West Ham United and Sunderland beating Bolton Wanderers 1-0.

More games went ahead in The Championship, including Ipswich Town’s 3-0 win over Leicester City, which was played on a pitch covered in snow and using an orange-coloured ball.

The game was stopped at regular intervals so that the groundsmen could sweep the snow away from the line markings.


Two interested observers at yesterday’s friendly between South Hobart and Beachside were Jon Foley-Donoghue and Carl Larzabal.

Foley-Donohue, who has just returned after more than a year in the UK, was on crutches after suffering a stress fracture of a toe while running.

Larzabal had most of last season off and should be fit for the coming season. Both players are considering playing for South Hobart.


South Hobart’s 18-year-old Brazilian, Mizael Linhares Caires, was used as a centre-forward for part of the game against Beachside yesterday.

He usually plays as a wide midfielder.

Mizael was booked near the end of the match for a late tackle on Beachside goalkeeper, Michael Soszynski.

“We pushed him inside because he wasn’t getting the ball in the first half on the flanks, so we thought if we push him through there his little darting runs might hurt them at the back,” said South Hobart coach, Ken Morton. “He did okay.”

Mizael was delighted with the win and with South Hobart’s play.

“The game was very good and our team passed the ball a lot,” said Mizael.

“We were in control of the game and I had just one chance in the last minute.

“My yellow card was not nice. I tried to get the ball and didn’t try to hit him [the goalkeeper], but I need to think more.”

Mizael said his preferred position was wide on the left where, as a right-footer, he can cut inside and shoot.


You are in denial said...

The Brazilian is completely over rated..... Carl moving to south... Very good player a few years ago! Will be interesting to see if Morton can keep all happy. Will be an interesting season next year! South to win the league again, Olympia to be a surprise, Knights to lose all the important games, Clarence to finish top four, Eagles to shock everyone, beach side to get relegated!

Anonymous said...

Problems at Olympic already, the ground won't be ready till end of 2011. Too much rain not letting them complete the process.
May have to play there games on a paddick somewhere.

Anonymous said...

If Olympia are a surprise, I'll be surprised. Relegation battle with Beachside & Kingborough.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with Olympia new ground?

Anonymous said...

OK for starters this isn't having a go at you 'You are in denial' 11.18am, I'm just interested in where you are placing all these teams.

The only way I can see that the Eagles and Olympia will shock or suprise everyone would be if they either make finals or get relegated, but Beachside is your tip for relegation so it must mean top 4.

South to win, Clarence for Top 4 you are thus tipping:

South 1st.
Clarence, Eagles, Olympia for 2-4.

Knights, Zebras, Lions 5-7 and Beach 8.

Knights and Zebras both missing out? Really? That's some interesting predictions.

Anonymous said...

Look at photos on Olympia website you wally. Ground is only a few days off being finished but Xmas has intervened.

Anonymous said...

What anonymous 5:03pm said ^^^^

Your response 'You are in denial?'

Anonymous said...

Time isn't on your side wally, It doesn't look complete to me. Time is ticking.....

Anonymous said...

.... i doubt Larzabal is going to South, this is a kid you always see around Hobart in an Olympic jacket, or hurling abuse at anyone who even looks at an Olympic player!

Anonymous said...

i heard a rumor that George Krambosanos and Corey Smith had a $100 bet on the ladder positions this year Walter with you as the witness, is this true?

Anonymous said...

Time isn't on your side wally, It doesn't look complete to me. Time is ticking.....

December 22, 2010 8:40 AM

You definitely are the wally here. If you think there is enough work left to do on the ground to last until the end of 2011 (December 21, 2010 4:10 PM) then ...

Anonymous said...

Ground will be ready to play on by season starts. No worries.
From the images on the Olympia website, it is pratically complete.