Sunday, December 19, 2010

South Hobart 6-0 Beachside

Photos (Top to Bottom): South's Kwon gets a header away in midfield; Jonathon Lo gets in a shot for South Hobart despite the attentions of Beachside's Nathan Robinson; Beachside's Brown shoots for goal; Beachside's Brown beats South's Williams to the ball; Beachside's Brown gives South's Di Falco a merry chase; South's French defender Loik Feral crosses the ball into the danger zone; Beachside's Ben Davis is confronted by South's Dean Willcock (No.15); South's Wook Bum Heo (left) in a tussle with Beachside's player-coach Brett Pullen; South's Brazilian youngster Mizael Linhares Caires (left) tries to gain possession ahead of Beachside's Brett Pullen; Beachside's Sam Howarth (left) chases South's Kwon Jun [PlessPix]

South Hobart easily accounted for Beachside at Olinda Grove yesterday, beating the Premier League newcomers 6-0.

Beachside may have been somewhat unfortunate in not earning a penalty, and the final goal looked off-side, but they were well beaten by the league champions.

Jonathon Lo continued his impressive pre-season form by scoring twice.

Korean import Kwon Jun played in central midfield and scored one goal, with the others coming from Andy Brennan, Kostas Kanakaris and Shae Hickey.

Brennan opened the scoring early when he picked up a wayward pass from David Abbott and fired past Michael Soszynski.

Hickey’s goal was an absolute gem. He noticed Soszynski slightly off his line and beat him with a magnificent chip from outside the box that dipped under the crossbar and into the net.

South Hobart’s Brazilian youngster, Mizael Linhares Caires, played as a centre-forward and was cautioned by referee Sean Collins for a late and reckless tackle on keeper Soszynski.

“I thought the same as last week, namely that it was a good game for us at this stage of the year,” South Hobart coach, Ken Morton, said.

“We played maybe with a little more intensity than last week, which is good.

“From my point of view, I’m only looking at us and I just want us to have the confidence to keep the ball and to keep passing it and to work the ball into goalscoring situations.

“I don’t want us to hump crosses in. I want us to be patient and to try and get in behind so that we can pass the ball across the face of goal.

“There were a lot of positives from the game again today. We looked nice and solid and we were compact in midfield as well.

“There was some good movement and we had a little bit of an experiment with Andy Brennan, so there’s a few things that we believe have the potential to make it a little bit different from last year.”

Hugh Ludford played in central defence for South Hobart.

Sam McIntyre did not play and is reported to have signed for Tilford Zebras, while Josh Fielding was unavailable.

Beachside coach Brett Pullen said he only had 13 players and some others were not able to attend.

“One-nil in the first third from a mistake, and three-nil in the second period and two goals in the third to make it 6-0,” Pullen said.

“I was happy. We went out there with a structure to try and play something with a limited squad and our defensive unit tried to frustrate the best team from last year by a country mile.

“These guys are getting ready for South Melbourne and we wanted to try a structure to see how we can play as a defensive unit.

“Offensively, we’re not doing anything yet. We’ll work on it in the New Year.

“I was happy with the effort. If we did that against Taroona last week, I would have been happier.”

Pullen had no complaints about the penalty that was not given.

“I think there was an off-side goal against us, and was there a penalty that could have gone our way?” he said. “Is there this and that?

“Thanks to Sean [Collins] for coming out and doing it. It’s good to get refs out at this time of year as well.

“We all get frustrated, but after the game, as long as we’re shaking hands and having a coldie, then we’re all happy.”


Anonymous said...

Oddly south looked their best in the second'third' with more of their youngsters on the park - particularly impressed by the movement and interplay between Bladel, Difalco and one of the Koreans (Caca?) on the right side of the park in that period. I also thought that Kwon in Sth's midfoield was all class - commanding on the ball, in the air and an excellent distributor.

As for beachide, I was mildly disappointed they didnt try to play as they expect to play during the season even if they shipped more goals. Very strange to see Cam Sweeney playing midfield for them!

Anonymous said...

Mizael Linhares Caires, joga com muita determinação. "muito bom"
A falta de preparo físico dos times adversários são visíveis, e, isso pode prejudicar o desempenho da partida.
Um abraço pra você Walter.

Anonymous said...

sipping a few coldies would be off my list if i was coaching beachside until they get into trim shape

Anonymous said...

Anon 5.16pm

agree the tall korean in midfield was a standout. positioning showed he read play well, he won 99% of contests in the air, got back and forward in central midfield without looking rushed and distributed ball with great range especially good right foot. I doubt he will stay in tassie by all accounts he is looking for a contract interstate.

Anonymous said...

Sth were all class. No one will get near them this season. Wonder how long the korean boys will hang around? thought beachside did well defensively. were always going to sit in and with the players they have to come in they can take a lot of heart out of that showing.

Anonymous said...

What players would beachside have to come in??????

Anonymous said...

Walter, whilst the reult was a delicate chip, the strike was an attempt at a full blooded drive off the laces.


Walter said...

Thanks for your honesty, Shae. It was still a beauty!

Anonymous said...

It's funny how you seem to have a few people on here almost wishing up beachside's circumstances for next season. No one has signed anywhere yet.

Anonymous said...

I heard Richard Flood has signed with Beachside.

Anonymous said...

Beachside poised for relegation unless they sign up some good youngsters very very quickly.
Both Brett and Robbo at the back wont work.One maybe but not both simultaneously, unfortunately.Nice guys but past their best ,definitely.

Anonymous said...

It must be hurting Nelson to see Tom Gordon playing at beachside.