Sunday, December 12, 2010

South Hobart beat New Town Eagles 5-0 in pre-season friendly

Photos (Top to Bottom): South Hobart's Loik Feral (left) vies for the ball with Eagles' Alex Leszczynski; Eagles' Shane Kent (right) blocks a move by South's Kostas Kanakaris; Alex Leszczynski (left) and Kwon vie for the ball; South Hobart coach Ken Morton takes notes; The New Town Eagles coaching and backroom staff watch the match; Josh Fielding clears the ball ahead of Eagles' Jacob Clamp; Sam McIntyre goes for a run in midfield; Josh Fielding in action for South Hobart; Wook Bum Heo had a hand in a couple of the goals; Jonathon Lo takes on Nathan Pitchford; Nick Di Falco (left) was one of the South Hobart youngsters given a chance; Kwon once played for Fluminense in Brazil; Jonathon Lo passing the ball in midfield; Jonathon Lo's finishing was excellent; Dean Willcock scored an excellent goal [PlessPix]

South Hobart beat New Town Eagles 5-0 at Olinda Grove on Saturday afternoon in a pre-season friendly.

Jonathon Lo looked sharp for South and netted the first two goals in the second third of the match. He took his goals well and finished chances that he would probably have missed last season.

Both goals came from attacks down the flank and good service from Wook Bum Heo.

Kwon, South Hobart’s Korean defender, looked class and was always ready to push forward in attack. He had a trial with Gold Coast United earlier this year before injuring a knee but is expected to have another trial in the New Year. He spent several years with Brazilian club Fluminense.

Jo Yung Sun was another Korean on view. He returned to Korea during the year after sustaining a knee injury but has returned and is looking good.

Dean Willcock played well in defence for South and scored a cracking goal with a low shot from the left that went in off the inside of the far post.

Sam McIntyre netted South’s fourth with a shot that took a deflection off a defender, while Kostas Kanakaris completed the scoring, both goals coming in the final third of the game.

South’s new Frenchman, Loik Feral, played at left-back.

Eagles used Liam Ferrall and Craig Minty in goal, while regular keeper Nathan Pitchford played in the outfield as a defender.

They had Andy Clark, Chris Wass, Michael Anderson and several other players missing through injury or unavailability.

They did hit the woodwork once before South Hobart scored, but it is difficult to judge their prospects on this performance.

“From our perspective, it’s a good run,” said South Hobart coach, Ken Morton.

“Three 30-minute periods and the players have got a good run today.

“White Eagles worked very hard against us and I thank them very much for the game and the spirit in which it was played.

“From my point of view, we’re going in the right direction.

“Our possession was good and, obviously, every practice match we get now gives us a good chance to tidy things up.

“I thought we were quite good for this stage of the season.

“We kept the ball well and moved it around the pitch from side to side. We just have to work on that finishing and getting into that final third and finishing teams off.

“I’m quite happy with the work-out.

“I appreciate White Eagles for coming out so early.”

New Town Eagles coach, George Krambousanos, was pleased with the performance of the players he had at his disposal.

“The invitation was given to us last Tuesday and that gave us one day to work out a team,” Krambousanos said.

“A lot of the players had work commitments and those who bagged me on the blog about my back-line, if you were here watching the game, that was the truth.

“Anyway, at 5-0, I think I’m the winner to be honest with you, because the team that Kenny had, if the players stay, that was the best team Kenny’s got. Ours? We’ve got a long way to go and plenty of players to come back.

“I appreciate the hit-out and we’re going to have another hit-out soon.

“Kenny’s preparing his side for South Melbourne and we’re preparing for the season. He is, too, but that’s the difference.

“We enjoyed it and it’s good and we thank South Hobart for inviting us.”


Anonymous said...

Fielding has been training with Olympia. It will be interesting to see if he goes for the Premiership Club or the developing Club. Best thing for ther sport would be to see him go to Olympia and help along the crop of young players there. They need someone like him to show them how it is done. I watched him at training last Monday and would love to see my son playing alongside him next year on the carpet.

Anonymous said...

you would have to be one of the best asian players of all time to play in the brazilian league, either this is made up or they mixed the guy up with someone else

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a pretty strong line up from South, so much for them being weaker this year. Did Roach and Hickey play? Was there briefly, didnt see them.
Wilcox looked larger than when he left, but can still swing his boot.

Anonymous said...

you still have Roach,Hickey,Ludford,Brennan to come back into there best 11

Anonymous said...

fielding and mcintyre wont play at south next season.

Anonymous said...

I thought Roach and Lo were following their medical careers elsewhere this year?

Anonymous said...

They were going to but they got contracts at the royal. Good news for south.