Saturday, December 18, 2010

Saturday results

Photos (Top to Bottom): Wellington Phoenix grounded the visiting Newcastle Jets by ending their seven-game unbeaten run in the Kiwi capital this evening; The 'cake tin' in Wellington; South Hobart's Brazilian youngster Mizael Linhares Caires goes for a header; Mizael Linhares Caires in possession and confronted by the experienced Nathan Robinson [PlessPix]


Wellington Phoenix 4 (Brown 18, Rojas 31, Greenacre 42, MacAllister 88) beat Newcastle Jets 0

Att: 6,053

Ref: J Gillett

Melbourne Victory 2 (Thompson 45+4, Vargas 63) beat Perth Glory 0

Att: 12,164

Ref: M Breeze

North Queensland Fury 0 lost to Brisbane Roar 2 (Barbarouses 7, 76)

Att: 4,412

Ref: P Green


South Hobart 6 (Lo 2, Kwon, Brennan, Kanakaris, Hickey) beat Beachside 0

Ref: S Collins

[Match reports to follow later.]


Anonymous said...

was expecting worse than this. how strong was beaschside's team walter? if eagles lost 5-0 might just mean the entire pack is well off the pace. perhaps its a 2 horse race this season walter. South hobart and morton's soccer school ;D

Anonymous said...

Beachside looking quality so far.

Anonymous said...

dissapointed with beach coach advising to keep defending but after first 30 minutes third they had 1 up front anf 20-25 metre gap to midfield who were chasing the ball. I don't think if they had 15 on the pitch it would make a difference.

personnel missing would make no difference.

Anonymous said...

Beachside had 13 players available not many with senior experience, first 30 was 1 - 0 from a basic passing error 90% possession to sthn, must have had 18 quality players .. great to watch.. Beach stuck to a defensive system that will frustrate lesser teams still lacking forward movement but shoudl have scored at least one and had a penatly that could have been given.. Sth look the goods again..

Anonymous said...

three 30 min thirds - south played three diferent line ups and three different systems. All looked strong.

Beachside played their entire squad in their own box. Only option really with the personel on display. Anon 9.34 is right that this may frustrate some lower teams, but it is going to be a long season for Beach when injury and lack of success takes its toll.