Saturday, December 4, 2010

North Queensland Fury 0-2 Newcastle Jets: Jets climb to 7th place on A-League ladder

Photo: Newcastle Jets climb to 7th on A-League ladder [PlessPix]

North Queensland Fury 0-2 Newcastle Jets (Topor-Stanley 77, Petrovski 90+3)

Ref: K Ams


Anonymous said...

I think the Jets have had more than their fair share of bad luck in the season so far. They should be further up the table.

Alf Ramsey

Anonymous said...

That was a huge 3 points in the context of our season. A massive 3 points to stay in touch with the top 6.

Although I'm stoked with that win, I feel a little sorry for the Fury. Beating them when their future is now extremely uncertain feels like kicking them while they are down. I really hope the FFA can secure their future and they can start to pick up some wins soon. Starting next Friday in Adelaide.

Jets Man