Tuesday, December 14, 2010

South Hobart Youth beat Glenorchy Knights Youth 5-3 in practice match

Photos (Top to Bottom): Knights goalkeeper Liam Deering can only watch as Chris Downes's free-kick whistles into the net; South Hobart's Josh Quigley gets in a tackle on a Knights opponent; Sam Ross gets in a cross; Max Clarke scored four goals for South; Nick Morton on the ball; South defend against a Knights attack; Knights keeper Liam Deering punches the ball clear; South Hobart get in a header at goal [PlessPix]

South Hobart’s under-19s beat Glenorchy Knights’ under-19s 5-3 in a practice match at Prince of Wales Bay on Monday evening.

Max Clarke netted four of South Hobart’s goals, while Chris Downes scored the final goal with a free-kick.

“It was a good game,” said South Hobart’s senior coach, Ken Morton. “In the first third, we had our best side out and dominated.

“We played really well, I thought.

“In the second third, we put on three or four new lads who have just come and, obviously, they were younger as well, and so they were just off the pace a little bit from what we want.

“In the final third, we came back to having some of our better players on.

“We were very happy with it and there was some good play from our midfielders and good flank play from Tommy Harbord.”

South Hobart’s side was last year’s under-16s and there was no one over 15 years old.

“I thought, considering we had a lot of new young guys playing, we played quite well,” said Glenorchy Knights’ under-19 coach, Corey Smith.

“We kept the ball on the deck as much as possible and tried to play football.

“There was a new system for most of them and they picked it up fairly quickly.

“We got off to a poor start, but after that I thought it was pretty even.

“A lot of our boys played in under-14s or under-16s last year. But I think Ken’s team was pretty similar, so it was a good hit-out for both sides.

“I think, technically, you could see the edge their side had in playing and they’ve been training a lot longer than our guys, but I think, as a first hit-out and three training sessions in, our guys put some good passages of play together.

“I was pretty happy with it. Obviously, results are irrelevant. It’s just good to play another side that has the same sort of young side that are trying to improve their football rather than just going for results at this stage of the season.”


Anonymous said...

Jeez, you have to give it to him. Kenny is everywhere!

Anonymous said...

Watched the game and both sides look very good and very young. Some talented players coming through.

Corey Smith said...

As there is no summer cup for 19s I would love to have a few more hit outs before the season starts. We will have two under 19 teams this season at Knights and I would love to get some games for both my first team and also my second team, happy to play either prem or div 1 19s teams and will try and match up evenly with what we have. We have 35 players currently at training for 19s and want to get as many of them into games as possible so they have a chance to show ability.

Contact me if your club is training already with 19s (we have just started a light 1 hr per week kick about)

Thanks Ken for the game on short notice.