Thursday, December 9, 2010

South Hobart aim to improve in 2011

Photos (Top to Bottom): Eagles coach George Krambousanos will drive his players against South Hobart on Saturday; Ken Morton and Marcus Parschau; Morton is not hesitant about doing some of the spade work himself; Morton has a thriving soccer school; Children in activities at Morton's Soccer School; South Hobart senior players Jim Pennicott and Andy Brennan assist; Kids get plenty of activity at the coaching school [PlessPix]

South Hobart coach Ken Morton has explained his reasons for employing German strength and conditioning coach Marcus Parschau and has outlined his aims for the coming season.

“I think it’s the times,” Morton said.

“If we want to progress to a better level, to try and develop the players to a more professional base, then I think we need to go and take these steps.

“We’re really testing Marcus to see if we can be, if not injury free, obviously, but that the hamstring injuries and groin injuries and calf injuries that players get, this type of work he’s doing with them should restrict that.

“It’s a combination of everything, I think, more than anything and moving with the times.

“Pre-season, it’s a different voice than me barking at them all the time.

“We’ll use it as a motivational tool with them and, at the same time, look to get to a really good level of fitness.”

Morton said the aim next season is to do better than in 2010.

“Too many draws,” he said. “Too many silly draws, so obviously, that has to be our aim.

“When we address the players, we stress that we cannot just sit back. We have to go forward and try and better our performances by playing with more flair, more imagination and score more goals this coming season.

“That has to be our motivation.”

South Hobart will play New Town Eagles at 2pm at Olinda Grove next Saturday.

Neither side is expected to be at full strength and young players will be given a chance to impress.

South Hobart has a couple of its Korean players back and they should feature for part of the match.

Eagles coach, George Krambousanos, said he would be missing virtually his entire defence.


Anonymous said...

eagles will be soooooooooo bad

melikesfootball said...

When George says his entire defence will be missing, is he saying he will be playing with 6 or 7 players? or is he saying the players that will be playing defence aren't worth a crumpet? George should be at least talking the talk so that his players feel their coach has some confidence in their abilities.

Anonymous said...

I would assume he is saying that being a saturday game the players will be out on the drink and won't be in any shape to compete

Anonymous said...

south to field a half strength team, not brake a sweat, play badly, and win 10 nil.

Anonymous said...

Word on the street is George has several new outstanding players that he will be showing off in the game, he is resting his main back line to give the young ones a go and make the game a closer one.. Eagles 2-1 in a nail biter !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"south to field a half strength team, not brake a sweat, play badly, and win 10 nil."

Not sure how you can 'brake' a sweat.

Either way, if they don't 'brake' (or break) a sweat it's all pretty irrelevant what the outcome will be. It is a practice match after all.

Anonymous said...

South will probably end up with more soft tissue injuries this year than last. They might end up with less draws this season but other clubs are lifting their bars this year and south will lose games this season.

P.S. Eagles have had an entire defence missing for about 4 years now havnt they :)

Anonymous said...

what exactly is Krambo's full strength line up? We have been seeing his reserves fill in for 3 seasons now.

Anonymous said...

Could be alot of goals in this game with eagles missing their first choice defenders. Will you be attending Walter for a match report?

Anonymous said...

only possible challenge to south for the title this year is zebras. Zebras will compete with south when they play them, but will drop studpid points to lower teams. Good team on paper last year (ZEB), but no structure.

South will have a slightly weaker team this year, but will benefit from the core players playing the same structure for 4 years now.

Wildly early to predict, but.......

Beachside (but will win 3 games)

melikesfootball said...

Anon that wrote, "Eagles have had entire defence missing for about 4 years"

That was funny, at least it give me a laugh. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Why is ken always photographed in Man U kit???

Surely South Hobart would want their manager to be wearing their merchandise!

Anonymous said...

Eagles vs South should be a good game with alot of youth players getting a run. It is true that Eagles will be without first team defenders Chris Wass, Michael Anderson, Mark Page, David Cox and Andy Clark who are all out due to injuries. It is a pre season match so it will benefit both clubs by mixing youth and experience.

Anonymous said...

May I just add how unprofessional it looks for Morton to always be wearing a Manchester United top, be it at South Hobart or at the soccer school.

Anonymous said...

Goodness me people are very jealous of Morton's Soccer School and South Hobart if all they have to talk about is what Ken Morton is wearing! Keep up the great work Ken, you are the only one doing anything to improve football in Tasmania!

Anonymous said...

the only one doing anything!

Look, the guy does a great job. It's his living.

But your comments are an insult to all those other people giving their time freely (or cheeply) doing their bit. I have coached development teams for a decade without accepting one cent.

I know I'm not as good a coach as Ken but many of the juniors I have developed have gone on to play in his and other Premier League teams.

You comments do not separate you from those other commentators that you intend to attack.

Anonymous said...

I love it how everyone at south hobart think they are world beaters but every club has gone through being the best and it ends very quickly so enjoy it why it last, just think uni and zebras early 2000s, knights mid 2000s and south late 2000s, the best team I have seen in tas recently was the eagles team of the 90s and look where they are now, jason bourne

roundball said...

A winning mentality will breed success; but I think the only people that consider South Hobart as "world beaters" are those not at the club, those happy to loose to South, but compete with the other clubs. Pity..........

Anonymous said...

Northern Rangers will again look to knock South out from the cup competitions

Anonymous said...

Morton and SHFC are not developing all players. Only those willing to pay. Big cheer for all those coaches doing it for the love of the game and for all children and youth, day in and day out for years. That's commitment!! Thank you! It is wrong to ignore this continual sacrifice.