Friday, December 3, 2010

State junior coaches announced

Photos: FFT CEO John Boulous said FFT are committed to talent identification in the State; Kurt Reynolds will supervise the State coaches; Andy Tye (second from right in front row) in his Metro days; Michael Edwards will assist in the mentoring of State coaches; Scott Gallacher is coach of the Boys' under-14s [PlessPix]

The Football Federation Tasmania State squad coaches for 2011 have been announced.

Dale Itchins is coach of the boys’ under-13s and Scott Gallacher coach of the boys’ under-14s.

Anthony Alexander will coach the girls’ under-13s, Bob Nicholson the girls’ under-14s and Andrew Tye the girls’ under-15s.

Kurt Reynolds, the Northern Development Officer, will oversee the technical direction and mentoring of these coaches and he will also work in conjunction with Michael Edwards and Dean May, the NTC program coaches for females and males, respectively.

The under-13 boys’ State team program will now be full time and players selected will not be able to join or play for a club.

The selected players will train for two or three sessions a week and play a game each week of the regular season in an appropriate Southern-based roster.

They will train and play as a team in preparation for their national championships, which have been moved to Coffs Harbour in September and October and which will be held in conjunction with the Under-14 national championships.

The under-14 boys State team program will be a full-time program, while the boys’ under-15 State team program had been cancelled because there will no longer be a national championship for the age group.

The girls’ under-13 State team program will remain as a part-time program and players will be able to join clubs after the national championships in Canberra in April.

The State coach will work with the club that a player chooses to join in order to ensure that they are playing at an appropriate and challenging age group and in their identified position.

The State under-14 and under-15 girls’ teams programs will remain full time.

“These State and regional development squad programs to be formed in 2011 will underpin and provide a larger pool of talented players for selection in the Tasmanian National Training Centre male and female programs,” said Football Federation Tasmania CEO, John Boulous.

“Players identified through the State and regional development programs will have the opportunity to continue their development and identification opportunities in the NTC male and female program which includes the NTC Challenge.

“The NTC will also be able to facilitate appropriate identification and training opportunities with Hyundai A-League Youth and W-League clubs for talented players.

“The NTC Challenge serves as the national identification tournament for the most talented under-15 and under-16 players.

“It has been deemed that this competition will stand alone as the identification tournament for talented players in this age group.

“FFT are committed to entering our best children in the Boys’ Under-13 and 14 and Girls’ Under-13, 14 and 15 National Championships, which develop a larger pool of players for selection in National and Tasmanian NTC squads and the subsequent opportunities this presents at Hyundai A-League Youth and W-League level.

“FFT will continue to explore opportunities to ensure our talented players receive as many opportunities to develop and be identified as possible.

“FFT are committed to increasing the pool of talented players and coaches with the State.”


melikesfootball said...

And I thought Tasmania recently celebrated having the best female coach in Australia, surely she should have been given or at least offered a state coaching role.

Anonymous said...

Melikesfotball.. She would have to apply for the job to get it.Anyway isn't she the number 2 at senior side Zebras (as well as the leg rubber)..

Anonymous said...

anon 10.55 you have wrong person Supposed best female coach is involved with Nelson. Sandra Chisholm is involved with Zebras!as assistant and head trainer...

Anonymous said...

Good to see Bobby Nicholson still involved. Top guy.


Anonymous said...

“FFT are committed to increasing the pool of talented players and coaches with the State.”

Yet they give jobs to their own.

How does that offer a pathway for coaches? If only ones boys team is available to the public?

No doubt before the 15 boys were scrapped the setup would have looked like this:

13: Anthony Alexander (FFT)
14: Scott Gallagher
15: Dale Itchens (FFT)

Anonymous said...

How can that be one for the public , is'nt Scott part of N.T.C program.

Anonymous said...

i heard there were only two people who applied for under 13 girls

Anonymous said...

people moan about the selection of the state coaches, yet it s a known fact that the coaches appointed are the only ones who actually bothered to apply.

Maybe more local coaches should get the required qualifications, and then apply, and if possible show they are deserving of a position.

Anonymous said...

May be they don't want to have to work with Dean May.

Anonymous said...

the players don't have an option why should the adults - guess the kids are more desparate - and of course some subjects are taboo.

Anonymous said...

There are numerous coaches in the North and North West that would like to be involved, but due to the fact that the Teams will play in a Southern Comp each week, and no doubt have to train in Hobart during the week, means most coaches from the North, can not afford that time away, especially if they have a full time PAYG job (in self employed). Good to see that the same coaches get the jobs and not many young ones are given ago.

Anonymous said...

why don't you put all comments up?

Walter said...

Anonymous 12.17pm, put your thinking cap on and think about it. Some of the comments are so despicable that they simply aren't worth putting up, and they are always from anonymous. If they haven't got the courage to put their name to such disparaging comments there's no way I'm going to publish them. Some of these people ought to put their name where their mouth is and then we'll see if they're so brave.