Friday, December 10, 2010

Metro make two new signings

Photo: Metro coach Matthew Rhodes is pleased with the club's two new signings [PlessPix]

Metro have signed two new players.

Lars Englisch is a 17-year-old defensive midfielder and a German exchange student.

He played with 1FC 08 Hassloch in Germany.

Lee Yuill, 24, is a left-fullback who has playing experience in the Victorian Premier League.

Metro have also installed a weights gymnasium at North Chigwell.

“We’ll use the weights gym two or three times a week, in addition to our normal training sessions,” said Metro coach, Matthew Rhodes.


Just a reminder about the two practice matches scheduled for this weekend at Olinda Grove.

South Hobart will play New Town Eagles at 2pm on Saturday, while Beachside will meet Taroona at 2.30pm on Sunday.


In their latest game at the NTC Challenge series in Canberra, Tasmania beat the Northern NSW Institute of Sport 1-0.

Tasmania now has one win and four losses from their five outings to date.


English FA Cup

Luton Town 1-3 Charlton Athletic

Croatian Cup

NK Osijek 1-3 Dinamo Zagreb


Newell's Old Boys 0-1 Olimpo

Banfield 0-0 Boca Juniors

Argentinos Juniors 1-2 Lanus

Quilmes 1-0 San Lorenzo


Anonymous said...

those guys are gonna be HUGE

in Div 1

Anonymous said...

metro are also rumored to be signing jackson marsh

Anonymous said...

Why didn't Metro make use of "Brothers With Guns Gym" last season?
It close by in Claremont.

Anonymous said...

Good to be Matty Rhodes building a team to compete with the likes of Taroona, It's the only true Nth Suburbs club and if run correctly should be a strong and sucessful club ,positive steps forward good luck


Anonymous said...

I heard Garth has signed with Metro

Anonymous said...

all they need now are players who can use the gym, it will be pretty empty in there with just rhodesy,pedro and jaydyn

super ted

Anonymous said...

How do you figure they are the only true northern suburbs club?

Tommy said...

All I'll say is be wary of excessive weight work - everything has to be in proportion.

Too many players hit the gym and bulk up their upper body, they lose speed from having to carry greater weight without more power in their legs. Additionally they can suffer knee injuries and the like as they don't have the strength to handle the additional bulk when turning, twisting and stopping.

I'm Back said...


yeh mate. I see a lot of puny 100, 200 & 400 metre runners. Very small in upper body !! Much quicker than all of those muscly upper bodied athletes.

I don't think these blokes doing weight work for a few months pre-season is going to turm them into Arnie.

Anonymous said...

can confirm that barron garth and possibly sammy mac and possibly the tooth fairy will sign with metro.

Pixel 40 said...

Well one thing I can say, Mathew and the committee are doing everything possible towards the players, so that they can become better footballers, as to the negative comment is to be expect from people who only like to stir the pot, who are better to ignore let them be in their own wold.
metro is doing everything to have a good club structure like any other club

Anonymous said...

Got to give matthew credit his turn that club around in the last twelve months i actual thought he wasnt a great appoint

I must say i was total wrong goodluck to him and the club.

Anonymous said...

omg, another rebuild, another fall

I'm Back said...

Anonymous at 8.08. What club are you from ? Would love to hear and then chart your progress over the years to see how many titles you have one. Maybe as many as Metro.

Look forward to your response, but, once again, don't expect to see it.

Easy to mouth off !

I'm Back said...

Funny how the stupid bloody comments that any simpleton can make when something positive is put on this site comes fom either people at other clubs or people that have left that club.

Some of you morons must lead an exciting life.

Tommy said...

@I'm Back - you'll find that those sprinters have the leg strength to go with the upper body, nor do the have to do sharp twists and turns.

For the record I'm not bagging the idea of weight work or matthew's approach, I was merely making a cautious statement that imbalanced muscle development can lead to injuries. A certain level of strength is required, balance between upper and lower body is the key.

B.M.calies said...

I was lucky enough to watch matthew in his playing days as a keeper. One of the best i ever saw in is state .

People well now doubt knock him but i saw him win so many games with his efforts he was great . And sure walter can back this up and i can i played with him .

Metro have the right man for the job.

Anonymous said...

Im back I like how you defend your club we need more people like you, just 1 question though and im not having a crack but why do so many of your good players continue to leave metro as its been happening for so long, would like your point of view, jason bourne

I'm Back said...

G'day Jason,

first of all thanks for the good question instead of the bloody idiocy I see on some of the blogs on here. I would like to think that any person who is passionate about their club will support their club and I'm one of those people. I'll try to answer your question like this.

People have left Metro over the years and that is well documented. The people that have left that have actually gone on to do something at another club are people like Matty Sanders, Corey Smith, Chris Wass, Troy Kaden, James Hope and Adam Mckeown. I apologise if I have missed any players that have gone on to be something at another club because most of the ones that have left over the last few years have never gone on to be much at another club.

It might be worth noting that in the years commencing when Matthew Gasparin took over as coach of Metro FC, Metro have lost few players except for the year after he was replaced. You will have to ask other people who were involved with the club before that why that happened.

Yep we had the had the Scottish blokes. A great aquisition that cost the club a whole heap of money it could not afford but what benefit did the club get from that? None !

To move on, who have Metro lost this year ? Good question. Dawes. Sometimes you have to move on and think that your club will be better for it. With many of the comments that have been put on here by people obviously from Metro and from other clubs, that may be a good or bad thing.

Personally I think you will see a few younger players at Metro step up and take the opportunities they should have taken when he was at Metro.


again thanks for the question. Have Metro lost many "good players" as in the last 2-3 years. I'm not talking about players that have gone to other clubs not just to make up the numbers but to be a regular senior player.

Have any of our players gone to Kights in the last couple of years
and become a regular senior player or, Olympia, Eagles, Taroona, South Hobart etc ?

Maybe that happened in the past.

How many players have left clubs other than Metro and gone to South Hobart for example? Maybe our players aren't good enough to get a game with South. Only time will tell and if they are will they want to go there ? We will do everything we can at Metro to make sure that we get back into PL and stay there. Why ? Because we want to compete aginst the best.

Yep, I'm passionate about Metro.I hope eveyone associated witb their club is.

Thanks for the question Jason.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the reply im back, i hope to see metro back in the premier league very soon, would of been great to have kept all those players as you would of been one of the better clubs at the moment, hopefully your youth players can step up and even some of those players you mentioned returning to your club to help out, i remeber watching your team play in the mid 2000s and you were always a hard team to play against and not many teams like travelling out to north chigwell, jason bourne

Anonymous said...

These weight classes they would have to be long term yes? it would need to be for like a year if not more.... if its only short term the desired effect may not be achieved.

Anonymous said...

boo hoo jason ,played at metro for 15 years the culture will never change there players leave for a reason ,maybe that reason is gone now .maybe.just sad to see so many old players from metro that were b@f or life members watching their boys playing for other clubs just to name a few
hopes/garths/pitchfords/ and lots more .cant make them stay when they used to leave for a tracksuit.