Monday, July 27, 2009

Beachside move to within a point of Taroona

Third-placed Beachside beat second-last Christian United 6-0 tonight in their Division One match at Sandown Park.

The win moves Beachside to within a point of second-placed Taroona and 4 points behind leaders Metro.

But, Beachside has played one game more than Taroona and Metro.

Ben Davis opened the scoring for Beachside in the 5th minute with a tremendous long-range drive.

Goals by Colin Shepherd and Colin Wain made it 3-0 at half-time.

Second-half strikes by Craig Pitt, Sebastian Milford and Bernhard Klasen completed the tally.

"We will still try and pip Taroona for second place," said Beachside's player-coach, Nathan Robinson.

It was disappointing to see that two club assistant referees had to be used in support of referee Chris Ware.

This was surely the only game in town this evening and three officials must have been available.


Marty Nidorfer said...

Well said Walter, re officials. It is a problem enough that we dont have them, a greater problem they aren't distributed appropriately.
You with your comment make a difference, it did last year for my team, when the week after you made a similar observation, we received a full compliment of officials. It seems focus is only a week to week proposition when it comes to allocating officials.

Unknown said...

I just watched a byron bay v lismore workers game. the 2 assistant referees looked about 10 years old and were totally intimidated by the job they were doing, subsequently making fundamental errors This is a wednesday night premier league fixture where the points were equally important for both teams. There were many mature refs available to fill the linesman duties, but the refs assosciation want the kids to get proper exposure. The clubs are aggrieved at this happening and want change. What do you do in this kind of situation? are the kids involved entitled to learn their chops at the expense of the players?, so they can be competent in 5-6 years time.I think this situation is happening all over Australia much to the chagrin of the men and women who want to play a competetive game under optimal conditions i.e the best refs available