Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hobart United share the points with Nelson but stay bottom of Division One

Photos (Top to Bottom): Referee Mr Kavanagh tosses the coin; Hobart United coach Mark Broadbent deep in conversation with Mr Kavanagh; Nelson's Jayden Andrews gets in a sliding tackle; Nelson's Rowan Sakul clears the ball; Nelson scorer Robert Brooke tries to win the ball in midfield; Nelson's Nick Roberts goes for the ball; Nelson's Nick Roberts goes on a run; Hobart United's Lucas Prouwer clears upfield; Nelson's Luke Wallace closes in on United's Akuel Guot; Hobart United on the attack; Hobart United's Alessandro Bellini clears ahead of Nelson's Andrew Gaskell

Nelson Eastern Suburbs started strongly and had several good chances before Hobart United found their feet.

Luke Wallace headed a free-kick just over the bar and went close on another occasion, while Natsuki Futamura struck the United woodwork with a fine shot.

Solid displays by Nick Roberts, Jayden Andrews and Robert Brooke also put pressure on United, while Craig Stockdale, Rowen Sakul and Joe Vanderslink were up to the task at the back despite the clever and fast United strikers.

United soaked up the early pressure and then took the lead in the 32nd minute when Akuel Guot converted a pass from the right from Ngeeny Deng.

Alessandro Bellini made it 2-0 in the 50th minute when the assistant referee adjudged that the ball had crossed the line in a goalmouth skirmish.

Robert Brooke reduced the arrears when he netted for Nelson in the 66th minute following a corner by Wallace.

With two minutes remaining, Nelson were awarded a free-kick when Ian Walker fouled Craig Stockdale on the edge of the box.

Stockdale took the free-kick quickly and passed to Andrew Gaskell on the right and, when his shot was parried by goalkeeper Nathan Grandin, Wallace followed up to score and make it 2-2.


  • Hobart United coach, Mark Broadbent, said:

“I thought it was a well-contested game.

“I thought that our ratio was ten per cent in front of goal in the second half. Ten opportunities with one major, so really, it’s shooting at a ten per cent aggregate.

“That’s not good enough, especially when you’re looking at getting a promotion.

“So, whether it be now or next season, there’s a lot to work on, especially in front of goal.

“Defensively, we played well, but I think in front of goal we let the rest of the squad down.

“There’s too carefree an attitude. We expected another opportunity to come, so we thought we’ll finish the next one instead of being cross about not finishing the first one.

“It was unfortunate that we had Alex [Bellini] sent off there at the end. I’ve spoken to the referee and that shouldn’t be an issue as far as not getting a full reprimand out of something that he didn’t do. That’s not too bad. We’ll get out of that.

“I’m disappointed with the point. Very much so. Yeah, I am.

“I thought it should have been a guaranteed three points and that would have got us out of the bottom position on the ladder.

“Yes, I am disappointed.

“We’ve got three players coming back next week, which could make us a bit better, with Jackie Kuel, John Otto and Peter Otto. It gives us a bit more stability where we need it now.”

  • Nelson Eastern Suburbs coach, Michael Roach, said:

“I thought we probably should have closed the game out in the first half.

“I thought we had probably two or three good chances. We probably had four shots on but two of those should probably have been put in.

“We were very rusty because we haven’t been able to train outdoors for a while. It’s been a bit of Futsal when we can do that.

“So, yeah, that was a problem.

“Hobart are a very pacy team . They’ve got a couple of players back now and they’re very quick and I thought we had trouble all day with their forwards, Akuel Guot and Deng, just one on one.

“Eventually, they got their goal to go in front with our centre-back slipping. He sort of weaved at him and he fell over and put that one away. It was cut back over and Akuel finished it off.

“Disappointing that we fell behind and we continued to have trouble with their forwards.

“A bit of a messy goal, their second one that got them in front. We think it didn’t go over the line, but that’s football. I don’t know.

“We changed things a little bit after about 15 or 20 minutes and put Stockers [Craig Stockdale] in midfield, took off Nick Roberts, our striker, and put on Jordan Brighella and a young guy, Ollie Ireland. He’s only 15, I think, and came in at right-fullback.

“That just seemed to give us a bit more run and dash and we got that first goal back and fired home and then got the equaliser. That was just quick thinking for a free-kick.

“But, I think we had more of the game in the second half and for us, because it’s been a very, very difficult season for us with injuries and rain and basically just lack of confidence, you know, playing very inconsistently and poorly, I think today was a decent result.

“And Hobart have got some players back and they’re not a rubbish team and so we took something out of the game.”


Hobart United: Grandin - Smedley (Shaw 85(, Bellini, Walker, Brouwer - Woodward, J Letiko (Vu 71), A Otto (G Letiko 30), Rume - Guot, Deng

Sent off: Bellini 90

Goals: Guot 32, Bellini 50

Nelson Eastern Suburbs: Gibson - T Roach [Flynn 12 (Ireland 65)], Sakul, Stockdale, Venderslink - Gaskell, L Wallace, Andrews, Brooke, Futamura - Roberts (Brighella 62) (Substitute not used: Burden)

Booked: Gibson 50, Wallace 89

Goals: Brooke 66, Wallace 88

Att: 60

Ref: T Kavanagh


BigFev said...

Wouldn't be the first time a Hobart player has got off for spitting. At least the player got sent off this time around.

Heidi said...

I've been to every Nelson game and Nick Roberts is awsome. I watch him every week. I was like so devo when he got taken off. I left strait after. What a dreamboat, such a stong and athletic man. very underated...

Anonymous said...

Who's Nick Roberts. It's Oddball

Pixel 40 said...

Yeah good game credit to nelson they play hard and never give up and earn the point. HUFC look very poor in the forward poor clinical finish

Unknown said...

yeah i totally agree on nick roberts, he is amazing...but not quite as amazing as ben gibson. such a versatile player. has done well in goals and on the field. heard a rumour he's off to south hobart next year to chance his luck in the premier league.

iw said...

Kez....while i am not doubting Ben Gibson's outstanding talent or Versatility (How did he not make the Southern Squad is beyond me???) his attitude towards the ref on the weekend was average at best. As a former Ref i thought he would be all for the respect for referees campaingn that is going on. When H.U were given a goal (which didnt cross the line, so i can see why he was angry) Ben got up in the Ref's face and went off like a kettle. A kettle that had just boiled, making that whistling noice, then got an electrical fault and exploded all over the kitchen leaving a massive hole in the wall and almost hitting the dog. If he can curb his anger (passion) for the game, without a doubt he will be one of the greatest talents to play here. Why i can see his point in getting angry it doesnt change the decision. Ben try and remain calm, turn that anger into your amazing saves, flicks and tricks. You are easily my favourite player.

iw said...

Sorry Kaz not Kez....the thought of Nick the enforcer Roberts and Ben kettle Gibson playing in the same side was getting me a bit excited

iw said...

Is that stephen ireland that came on in the 65th minute?

Making his debut for Nelson Div 1 after his well awaited transfer from Manchester City.

Rumour has it Man City tried to retain him but couldn't match the wages that cashed up Nelson Eastern Suburbs were offering and Ireland put in his transfer request.

Also heard on the grapevine that Fifa are investigating tapping of player agents after News of the world reported Nelson Eastern Suburbs gaffer Mick Roach had made personal approaches to several player agents without the various club's giving permission.

Clubs are furious that this has happened and with transfer requests handed in for some high profile players the club's are suggesting a full scale enquiry be conducted.

It is alleged that players include Arsenal star Cesc Fabregas along with AC Milan striker Alexandre Pato but this is yet to be confirmed. Surely it is questionable whether Pato would be happy used as an impact player due to his limited chances of starting in front of the in form Nick Roberts.

There is also mounting speculation that former Juventus and Czech Republic Captain Pavel Nedved may be joining the Eastern Suburbs Club in the near future. Mick Roach was spotted at the popular Hotel Grand Chancellor with both Nedved and his agents in the early hours Monday morning and it has said that the contract could be settled as early as Friday if a medical is pushed through for the 37 year old combative midfield player.

Bruno said...

is there any truth that Nelson coach Mick Roach has accepted a job at Glen Knights for season 2010 as Club Technical Director?

Apparently the Sweeper could be implemented back into the club structure.

Anonymous said...

Best thread ever. We love you Gibbo, we do. Oddball goes well, too.

Anonymous said...

I'd prefer my junk in a blender than playing with a sweeper! Mick at Knights would certainly be something special, Haha!

Iw - Magic!

iw said...

Breaking news just in regarding Nelson’s transfer dealings! FIFA have found Mick Roach Guilty of tapping up players. It has happened on numerous occasions and because of this Nelson will start with a ten point deduction and be fined 4000 bottles of special Nelson water. Also word on the street is that Pavel Nedved has flown back to Italy with his agents, after the contract talks broke down after a medical was arranged for the Treasure Island Caravan Park. It is believed to be that Nedved was so disgusted by this he may be forced to play back in the Serie A. Disappointing for Nedved and Nelson! Patrick Viera is available on a free transfer and Mick Roach has expressed his interest on more than one occasion. Being World Cup Year it looks like he might make the trip down south. That is if he is offered a starting position, which may be a tough decision for the Nelson Head coach with an in form cook who gets the hook in great form on and off the pitch. Cesc Fabregas and Arsenal have agreed terms with Nelson and the deal will be concluded. With Ben Gibson being used as a player swap. Due to the levels of class, experience and ability, Arsenal will be throwing in 5 million to make sure the deal goes through. They have been long time admirers of Ben and and are over the moon about getting there star man. For future transfer dealings let’s hope Mick Roach has learnt not to go near the Treasure Island Caravan Park no matter how good the water smells…more to felow

googles said...

nick roberts needs to go to advanced hair yeh yeh, iw goodluck in your come back game today