Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wednesday night result

Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League

South Hobart 1 (Scott 73) b Tilford Zebras 0

[Match report to follow.]

* * * * *

Glenorchy Knights player Corey Smith was tonight handed an 8-game suspension for his behaviour in the grandstand after he was sent off in the 5-3 win over Tilford Zebras on 12 June.

Smith missed one game as a result of the dismissal and copped the 8-week ban after tonight's tribunal meeting at KGV Park.

* * * * *

Tonight's scheduled Women's Premier League match between Hobart Olympic and South Hobart was cancelled after South Hobart failed to field a side.

South Hobart had requested a postponement because they said they could not field a side as they had too many injuries and unavailable players, but FFT were unmoved and left the game on the scheduled program.

Some supporters arrived at the ground at KGV Park at 6pm expecting to see a game but were disappointed.

FFT should have realised what was going to happen - they had emails from South Hobart saying they could not field a side - and should have either scheduled a reserves game between, say, South Hobart and Tilford Zebras, or they could have had a Premier League double-header by scheduling the Clarence versus University match, which has now been postponed twice on Thursday evenings at Wentworth Park, for 6pm as the curtain-raiser to the South Hobart versus Tilford Zebras senior game.

It was also disappointing to see that the main building was again closed for the evening's games.

I know of several elderly soccer followers who have been deterred from attending Wednesday night games in recent weeks because the building, which provides warm viewing areas on cold nights, is closed.

The bar does not have to be open, but the facility does provide a suitable viewing area for elderly patrons.

On a recent weekend, the building was also closed and the only outside toilets were flooded. This is hardly conducive to attracting supporters to games and something should be done.

* * * * *

Four coaches from the Dynamo Zagreb club in Croatia will be at Saturday's South Hobart versus Glenorchy Knights match at South Hobart on a scouting mission.

The four are visiting NSW, Victoria and Tasmania to look for talented players.

They will be watching the Knights' Amadu Koroma in particular on this occasion.

They will visit Australia against next year and watch matches in Perth and Adelaide.


Captain said...

Sensational news!

Greg Ludford said...

Which bit captain ?

The Phoenix said...

im not the biggest corey smith fan , but what did he do to get 8 weeks ? And how can FFT ping him for his behaviour in the stands ?
this all seems a bit ridiculous to me !!

Amazed said...

Corey was sent off in a match (2 yellow cards). He went straight from the field to the stands. He was in full playing strip. As a registered player he is subject to FFA & FFT Codes of conduct and related provisions. The 8 weeks is certainly not the maximum penalty that could have been applied.

Sidney Poitier said...

Can FFT penalties please be carried across to this blog please? Or can Corey create his own blog - Corey's Tribulations? For those that give a shit ?

jerrie kruijver said...

benchie it is illegal to explode,but pouring petrol on the fire is ok.some spectators and socalled supporters need to take a hard look at themself too.the sad thing is that corey in form is one of the better players there is,however people know that if you needle him long enough he selfdestructs.there istwo sides to every story and as i said it reminds me of kids tormenting a dog until he bites and then blame the dog.

Anonymous said...

FFT, you are a bloody joke. 8 Weeks for what he did is ridiculous, the most you would give for his behaviour is 4, surely. Ruling him out for the rest of the season isn't going to help Corey, it's just going to push him away from Football all together. Seeing as he's one of the best all round talents in the state and we are trying to strengthen Football in Tasmania, how will this help anyone? I'm not condoning his actions, they were out of line and he knows that, thus he sent a letter etc to Zebras, fully acknowledging and apologising. If it was anyone else, it'd be two weeks. Love him or hate him, the kid can play.

Sidney Poitier, pull you're head in. Corey hasn't brought it up, everyone else has. As for Captain's comment, I hope you are talking about the match result.

Sir Mix a Lot said...

8 weeks for Corey, same as Big Bad Bustling Barry Hall for trying to knock the West Coast player out last year.
Very excessive for the particular incident in question, the 8 weeks must be to punish Corey for his apparent behavioural issues over the years.

Sidney Poitier said...

"Ruling him out for the rest of the season isn't going to help Corey, it's just going to push him away from Football all together"

A succesful decision then. Now that he has gone, is South or Zebras the favourite for the title?

jerrie kruijver said...

nice one sydney,keep pouring the petrol on the fire son

Dmitri Nester said...

Lets face it, the penalty imposed on Corey is due to FFT believing he brought the game into disrepute. Whether you agree with the length of the ban or not, there is no doubting that his actions were a bad reflection on the sport, especially given there were young children around him.
Corey is solely responsible for bringing this upon himself. It doesn't matter how good you are, if you act the way Corey does then you deserve everything you get. If he doesn't clean his act up then it is a good thing if he does not play again.

jerrie kruijver said...

sure yoda,clean the game up both on the pitch and more importantly off the pitch and maybe ban some so called supporters.

Captain said...

just to answer a couple of questions re my "Sensational news!" line.

rising star sought by foreign scouts
maligned teenager scores only goal in top of table clash
troubled veteran cops 8 week ban

... all sensational news items. Two very good, one a bit sad, all deserved!

Who cares said...
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The Phoenix said...

thanks for the info on Corey guys , not the brightest thing he has done then .

googles said...

OMG what a joke tasmania is,no wonder why everybody laughs at us,no wonder why our state is going no where,first thing 8 weeks for this is terrible, yes he did come up into the stand and yes he was out of line but come on if this wasnt corey smith do you think anything would of even happened the answer is no,i think fft might have dug them self a big hole here and i would nearly bet on legal action being taken against them,the most stupid point at all though is how are referees on the appeals board its a disgrace,another point kgv is a disgrace apart from the playing surface,toilets flooded up around your ankles,no bar open on saturday when we finally get 50 people through the gate and the only guys who get to have a beer were they guys behind the goals who had there own,last nights game supposed to be the best 2 teams in the leauge was a terrible game, i wouldnt go watch that again if someone paid me to, something has to be done and done quickly, i would love to hear walters opinion on these matters

Who cares said...

FFT should be commended for their swift and firm action.

Nobody wants this sort of behaviour from players that are supposedly "held in high esteem".

Tasmanian football has gone ahead in leaps and bounds over past few years evidenced by excellent performances by our youth teams and individuals at National and international tournaments.

Players like Amadu Karoma and Jessie Williams should become pinups for our sport.

FFT's intro of full time programs now sees Clubs taking a greater interest with "academy" set ups at several Clubs.

All this negative stuff is bullshit. Keep supporting the youth programs FFT and sort out the bogan element and our profile will continue to grow.

Chaffey said...

FFT got this one right!

Anonymous said...

Honestly, anyone thinking that deserves 8 weeks is obviously struggling upstairs - come on! Well said Sir Mix A Lot - how can a bloke knock someone out in an ELITE competition and get 8 weeks and he gets 8 for a bit of trash talk at the soccer. I understand it isn't as black and white as that, but dead set, give it a wash ay!

horror movie said...

corey got exactly what he deserves i bet he got bashed a lot in the playground when he was a kid because he now finds sanctuary in the shape of a football field where he can snipe at players knowing he is in a protected environment where he cant get hurt by the big boys .keep your lip up

Unknown said...

He got exactly what he deserved. If FFT had given him anything less ten they're just being soft.

On the other hand, what about the Eagles u-19 player that punched another player to the ground, with no apparent provocation - and only got 5 weeks! there's something funny going on here...

R U Serious Ref said...

Fred. I think you will find there is more to it than what u just wrote. The punch was in retaliation, stupid yes, but was just not a turn up & punch someone. The opposition player pushed him in th throat first as he was leaving the field of play. If your going to write stuff like that please write the whole story.

As for Corey. I played against Corey many many years ago and always found him to be full of himself & carried on on the pitch & then was nice as pie to the players that he'd kicked or mouthed off too. I do think that 8 weeks is well over the top. Maybe in the off season he needs to learn to control himself & steer away from wanting to be the centre of attention. Maybe a change of club would do him great. It would be hard to act proper when u have a coach that sometimes carries on like Corey. He can play but ruins it for himself sometimes

Anonymous said...

Reality, I've seen Smithers go and he can when he needs to, I don't think you'll find he gives a toss whether or not he is protected.

the Den said...

R U Serious ref did you actually see the incident in the under 19's game or are you just going from what the new town player has told you? If thats his story then maybe thats why he only got 5 weeks! There was no contact between the two before the punch. the kingborough player simply told the eagles player to leave the field of play after he had been shown a red card. Why was he still in the vacinity of where the send off occurred anyway? As the Kingborough players were pointing out to him, he had to leave the arena!

Who cares said...

chalky23 - why doesn't he go then?

simo said...

R U Serious ref, actually are you serious!!! i was involved in that game and the under 19 eagle, wasn't pushed in the throat by the lions player, earlier in the game the under 19 eagle headbutted another of the kingborough players for no reason. The under 19 punched the kingborough player for no reason end of story

horror movie said...

good point stupid if the boy is being persecuted for deeds of the past so be it lets have a look at his history /very long indeed .he coached my son 2 years ago and to hear him swear and curse at 13 year old kids was crap he was pulled into line but continued to perform .the game doesent need corey smith habitual offenders need to be punished .jerry i would have thought that you being a mature adult that you would not support this behavior /maybe not the person that i respected reading your comments now just showboating /catergory tosser

Who cares said...


smithers ol man said...

so many keyboard heros so many critics so much crap come on guys start looking at the reasons behind some players behaviour and some of the ways to help not rubbish.
corey has been kicked hit spat on fouled abused and more yet when he acts up noone remembers this they just look for a reason to abuse and hide behind a keyboard throwing insults ..
i recall after being involved with the old soccer tas elite squads how there official coachs berated and abused young players to the point of intimidation so think about this before abusing their prodigy for the same .sitting back reading some of this stuff its obvious the ones who squeal most are either jelous or poking the finger under cover of a computer screen so come on guys wake up and be positive not destructive

smithers ol man said...

jerry keep up the honest work mate at least you make sense and admit it if your mistaken

Corey Smith said...

I am not at all fussed with what is written on here as much of it is obviously meant to stir the pot and create a bit of a circus. I understand this so decided not to comment on the issue and will not do so.
However I would like to ask that the personal attacks stop! Threatening phone messages, anonymous emails, prank phone calls to work colleagues, un-informed comments about my coaching, negative comments to do with private life and family have crossed the line a touch!
I have written this on here as I believe that the people doing so do read this and enjoy the insults but there has to be point where it stops.
Feel free to write whatever you like but please I would really appreciate not having all of the rest. I hope this plea will help with this stopping and I hope that the people behind this grow up.
Spending your time trying to bring someone else down is the lowest form of behavior and would indicate a very unfulfilled and shallow personality, i also do not think it would indicate a high form of wit either.
Lets be honest with ourselves.. is it really making you feel good when you do these things?
I have been honest with myself and admitted I did the wrong thing and albeit a very excessive penalty I still did the wrong thing and need to learn from this going forward if I am ever going to improve as a person. Perhaps some other people can try and do the same and admit that all of these personal attacks are really not the right thing to do.
Lets hope so anyway.

Anonymous said...

Well said Smithers, that's the right attitude to have!

horror movie said...

i cant hold back the tears .need some tissues .fell on the sword mate

Captain said...

Corey - you are right. you have played the game on this blog and deserved to cop some flak.

You have made yourself a big target and seem to have enjoyed the attention.

It's a pity that you didn't acknowledge your unacceptable rants (at the ground) before the Zebras game. But - better late than never I suppose.

Low life killer said...

Some of you blokes really need to have a bloody good look at yourselves in a big mirror. F-me, yeah a bloke has had a brain snap, and a bad rep, but you really have small balls behind your little computer. seriously, if you only knew what he has gone through... a lesser bloke would of got the tissues out a long time ago, and i reckon all the posts on here really hitting out at him on a personal level are just plain old low. To have half the balls to go through his things he's had to deal wit, you would really see him in another light. Really it's none of your frigin buisness... but hey pull your heads in! this is a soccer forum, wake up low lifes, keep it on track. He has given more to soccer in his short life, so far than more of you phonies will do in a life time! I bet nonone on here has as much skill, of achieved as much. He spends most of his helping young kids, making soccer and futsal fun for them, furthing our sport single handedly. More than any other person by themselves of his age in this state! when you've played the game as long as he has, and coached, and put alot of his working career into this sport, then you may have a valued comment, but only on soccer, not persoanl jabs. Hope this actually makes you think a bit before you post again... And if you decide to post back, you are just as low, if not lower than posting previuosly. This is not an excuse to jab back at this post, read and obsereve. Swallow what pride you have left.