Monday, September 20, 2010

Glenorchy Knights' 2010 night of nights

Photos (Top to Bottom): Anthony Grundy (left) and Ben Peter won senior awards; Some of the attendees at the trophy night; Some of the victorious Division Two team; Georgia Griffiths-Lee, partner of Callen Griffin at the evening, and Brad Grainger; Sheley Cook scooped the Women's Premier League team awards; Yosef Kolelo and Elena Udovicic; Yosef Kolelo and Corey Smith; Brendan Garth and Paul Woodham; Corey Smith and Mrs Nerridene Lakoseljac; Jemma Dacy and Rose Wells; Alex Holmes and Robbie Huigsloot; Anthony Grundy and Michael Furjanic; Brodie Green and John Peter [PlessPix]

Goalkeeper Ben Peter was named as Glenorchy Knights’ best-and-fairest Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier Player for the 2010 season at the club's trophy presentation dinner held at the Australian-Croatian Club last Friday.

Central-defender Anthony Grundy, 35, was the players’ player of the year, while Corey Smith was the top scorer with 8 goals, despite playing only 7 games this season because of suspensions.

In the Premier Reserves, Chris Mrzyk was the best and fairest, while Callen Griffiths was the players’ player of the year and Mathew Nowicki, with 10 goals, the leading scorer.

The under-19s best-and-fairest award went to Harrison Thomas and the leading scorer was Jack Harrison with 10 goals. The coach's award went to Trent Le Rossignol and the players' player of the year was Yosef Kolelo.

Shelley Cook scooped the pool in the Women’s Premier League awards, winning the top scorer award with 16 goals and also being named as the best and fairest and the players’ player of the year. In the absence of Les Richardson, the trophies were presented by Rose Wells.

In Women’s Division One, Jemma Dacy also won everything on offer. She was the top scorer with 10 goals and also the best and fairest and the players’ player of the season and received her trophy from Rose Wells.

Dacy leaves for France shortly to take up a teaching appointment.

The Joe Udovicic Under-16 Encouragement Award went to Yosef Kolelo, who also took out the Vikings Futsal Junior Encouragement Award.

Joe Udovicic, who passed away in 1985, was one of the club’s greatest goalkeepers and a State representative. He also played for Devonport City.

His daughter, Elena Udovicic, presented the award to Kolelo.

The Billy Krawczyk Encouragement Award went to Brendan Garth and the trophy was presented by Paul Woodham. The award is named after the Knights defender who drowned in tragic circumstances while scuba diving at Gordon, in southern Tasmania, in December 1981.

The Milan Lakoseljac Top Goalscorer Award, named in honour of one of the club’s leading strikers and former coach, who passed away in 1999, went to Corey Smith and was presented by Mrs Nerridene Lakoseljac.

The Women’s Outstanding Achievement Award was presented to Gemma Dacy.

The Peter Huigsloot Most Dedicated Player Award, named in honour of one of the club’s most famous defenders, who passed away in 2001, went to senior-team defender Alex Holmes.

The Patrons’ Award went to Anthony Grundy and the Vin McKay Best Club Person Award went to Ray Green, whose son, Brodie Green, collected the award for him.

The Knights men’s Division Two side won the league title for the second year in a row, with Tom Huigsloot as their top scorer and Ben Finn as the best and fairest and the players’ player of the year.

Knights have advertised their coaching positions for next season and there is plenty of work going on in the area of junior development.

The club has five junior sides ranging from under-12s to two under-16 sides, while it will have two girls’ teams next season. The club has 38 registered women players.

Committee member John Peter has been working with Rosetta Primary School and Glenorchy Primary School in the area of junior development.

John Peter and vice president Craig Garland hosted the evening and presented reports on the season in the absence of president Zac Baltic, who is on holiday in Croatia.


Anonymous said...

Gotta love the encouargement awards! Interesting J Huigsloot didnt feature.

Anonymous said...

Huigsloot was very close for both the best and fairest and the players player. He was unlucky not to have won any to be honest.

Anonymous said...

nice to see corey is trying to become a model with that hair do aka derek zoolander

Anonymous said...

heard a rumor an ex futsal coach called mitchell swan will be the new knights coach with corey to be his assistant

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Benny Peter. You made a huge difference between the sticks.

Mike Mckenna

on the slide said...

better hope those junior teams have got some diamonds in them 'cos the Knights sure need them after the season from hell!

Anonymous said...

from what i here, the knights are about to lose there diamond in Fielding for next season

Anonymous said...

Knights don't even have a coach for 2011?

Anonymous said...

garthamello was on fire at the dinner going shot for shot with marsh

Anonymous said...

No Huigsloot or Fielding???

Anonymous said...

Good to see the old div 2 boys winning some silverware for the club. Agree with Peter as BandF. Dedicated player Alex Holmes? If Huigsloot was going to win an award, it would be this one, definately played with the most passion in the squad from what i have seen. would be fitting to have him win the award after his late uncle too

Anonymous said...

Wonder how long grundy will keep on playing for. He seems to have been around forever ... he will be a great loss ... gives his all every week even if he is a bit slow now... punnet

Anonymous said...

Alex Holmes got it because he coached kids. He Hardly trained and when he did all he got was rub downs and joined in the games according to his team mates. He was a great player for the first 2/3 of the year. Very good centre back.

Anonymous said...

Holmes also coached juniors.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5 31.

Pete was Jacobs father.

From what i understand, most dedicated player refers to things OFF the ground. Holmes coached. Huigsloot was dedicated on field, but didnt coach a team like Holmes did.

Anonymous said...

Knights need a top line coach and the return of Begovic to the first team.

How they missed him last season when the going got tough.

Corey Smith said...

knights will have a coach and also a good squad!

season from hell? they finished 3rd.. lol

who is mitchell swan and no i won't be anything to do with coaching the seniors!! I will have the 19s once again!!

Corey Smith said...

Well done Benny! By far the best player in the side this year along with Huigy in my opinion!

Anonymous said...

walter have you heard any rumors on knights or eagles coaching possabilitys

Anonymous said...

Heard that Eamon Kelly might be the new man at New Town Eagles for 2011. Also some new faces turning up for the upcoming season!

Anonymous said...

Very similar opening comments to this article and the Beachside one. Any chance the poster of the opening one here is the same person, or am I just too damn good to be true?

Seeing as Huigsloot and Cornish are good mates, maybe a bit of jealousy creeping in from someone who knows them? Get a mention buddy.

Anonymous said...

I wrote the first comment, and i did not post on another thread, and am not bagging out Huigsloot. I just love the encouragement awards! I also found it weird that Huigsloot did not win any awards. That is what i meant. Sorry for confusion.

Jade said...

All that recieved their awards deserved them this year no other person was good enough to take the awards away from them this year.. once again well done lads and to the girls also