Saturday, September 4, 2010

South Hobart and Northern Rangers reach Top-Four final

Photos (Top to Bottom): Devonport City's starting line-up against South Hobart; The captains shake hands with each other and the officials; South Hobart's Andy Brennan forces keeper Josh Smith to make a diving save; South Hobart defender Daniel Brown tries to play his way out of trouble; South's midfield schemer Shae Hickey passes; While Tom Roach chases Devonport's Kurt Howard, Shae Hickey prepares to tackle; South Hobart's Jonathon Lo holds off Devonport's Grant Ashdown while Devonport's Kamil Douglas awaits the outcome; South's Jonathon Lo tries to get in a shot on goal as keeper Josh Smith scampers across to block [PlessPix]

The State-wide Top-four grand final will pit the champions of the south against those of the north next weekend.

South Hobart, who won the southern Premier League, beat North-West Coast outfit Devonport City 1-0 at KGV Park on Saturday to make the grand final.

And, northern Premier League champions Northern Rangers overcame another North-West Coast team, Burnie United, 1-0 at home at the NTCA Ground in Launceston on Saturday.

South Hobart will now meet Northern Rangers at KGV Park next Saturday.

South Hobart should have won easily against a Devonport side that badly missed experienced striker Chris McKenna, who tore a hamstring last weekend.

But, despite having 28 attempts at goal, South managed to find the net just once, and that was 3 minutes from the end.

In the meantime, the brave Devonport outfit managed some dangerous counter-attacks and they may well have scored and embarrassed South Hobart but for some misfortune in front of goal.

South Hobart had chances in the first half that fell to Kostas Kanakaris, Andy Brennan, Jonathon Lo, Tom Roach and Daniel Brown, but all were off target or saved by Devonport keeper Josh Smith.

Smith did well to turn an early Kanakaris strike wide for a corner, while near the end of the first half, a Kanakaris right-wing cross caused confusion and panic in the Devonport defence before the ball was cleared.

In the 41st minute, Brennan missed an absolute sitter from point-blank range after Shae Hickey’s cross from the right.

Seconds before the interval, a beautiful through-ball by Hickey saw Kanakaris in with a chance, but Grant Ashdown saved the day for Devonport by conceding a corner.

Devonport should have had a penalty in the 54th minute when South Hobart keeper Sam Kruijver upended Nathaneal Cochrane, but Mr Jozeljic waved play on.

Minutes later, Keegan Downes played a ball into the path of Kurt Howard, but Kruijver got to his shot and deflected the ball for a corner.

South Hobart brought on Greg Downes in the 64th minute in place of Hickey and he ultimately turned the match. He was prepared to run at players and, after beating them in wide positions, send over dangerous crosses.

Devonport captain Nathan Gratton and Simon Wilson were strong in the centre of the Devonport defence, but they almost came unstuck in the 68th minute when an error by Gratton gave Jonathon Lo a clear sight of goal, but he somehow blazed over the bar when it looked as if he must score.

Gratton went on the attack in the 80th minute and played a dangerous ball forward to Kurt Howard, but he couldn’t control the ball at the vital moment and South Hobart cleared.

In the 87th minute, Downes broke free on the right and played a low ball from the byline across the face of goal. No Devonport defender could get a touch and the ball reached Brennan at the far post and he turned it into the net from two metres for the winner.

Downes repeated the move a minute from the end, but Wook Bum Heo fired straight at the goalkeeper.

A goal by Andrew Nicholson a minute into the second half gave Northern Rangers a 1-0 win over Burnie United.

Rangers coach Adam Whitemore said the conditions were atrocious and on a dry day his side would have won by three or four goals.

Burnie were reduced to ten men when Kaimon Johnson was sent off 20 minutes from the end after collecting a second yellow card.

Burnie were without player-coach Sam Cocks, who was in Hobart, where his wife gave birth to their child.

Defender Peter Van Ek, who had taken training during the week and who was in charge of the team, said his side fought hard and, even when down to ten men, rolled up their sleeves and launched some dangerous counter-attacks.


scolly said...

plain arrogance from the northern rangers coach.. next season cant come soon enough..

Anonymous said...

not arrogance when the guy is telling the truth!

Anonymous said...

Yes it might seem like arrogance but if you were at the ground you would of seen that rangers were in behind the burnie defense on at least 6-8 occasions only for the ball to stop because of the terrible conditions. From what it seems on the dev- south highlights south should of been behind via the spot!
Whatever differences of oppinion people have this is the final that we all wanted. Clearly the best teams from each region of the state for the past two seasons and i for one will be travelling south to watch the game.

Anonymous said...

how can you say that devonport were strong in the centre of defence when they conceded 28 shots at goal. doesn't make sense to me.

Gabriel Tams said...

Even your players said it Scolly! But whatever, bring on next year. Can't wait!!!

Anonymous said...

sour grapes Scolly?

Burnie put in a grand effort no doubt, but would have been slammed in the dry im sorry. sorely missed Gezza and Sam ill give you that, but its the side you muster on the day that counts. Rangers coach last week clearly stated that Clarence probably deserved that game, this week he took credit where it was well and truely due, you cant dispute class my friend, as for the zebs comments last week about fould and abusive language, I could hear from the other side of the vast expanse on the NTCA, Gez Debomford swearing at referee Mick Pel, so I guess there must be some Credit to the Zebs fans disapointment in the language used last week!

I didnt get to go to the bar after the game as I was just a nutral spectator and had better things to do, but eager to hear if there was any scraps for the boys?

Funky said...

Unfortunately i agree Scolly! I respect Adam hugely, he has done amazing things with the NR this year and his playes cant speak more highly of him! But, adam and Donk, come on give us a bit more respect guys, we had maybe more, if not better chances and were not dominated nearly as much as has been reported...until we went down to 10 men, then we battled! Conditions were SHIT though and you guys came out on top, All the best next week NR M'boys, im sure the all the north will be rooting for ya!

Anonymous said...

big call with the penalty. looks for all money a penalty on the video footage. But three players came together at relatively all the same time and the south defender did get a foot to the ball but Kruijver definately should have been penalised but in real time it would have been hard for Ivan. unlucky for devonport.

Captain Australia said...

Bring it on Scolly! but we just have another week to get through before we can worry too much about that. However, I think Adam has been more than humble during the year, happy to pay our opposition the cudos they deserve, think only back to last week when we defeated Clarence, I think he may have said something to the tune of, we barely deserved a draw. This game we deserved what we got, which was a win. Well done Dev! a fine show without Kenny, you boys should be proud of the effort, saw the highlights, your keeper had an outstanding game, he could do no more, just unlucky I guess.

Anonymous said...

In response to Scolly, I was simply implying that we were in on goal on a number of occasions, particularly as Burnie chased the game, only to have the ball plug in big puddles of water. Had it been dry these would have probably been one-on-ones. A number of neutral observers, and a couple of Burnie people made the same comment after the game.

We were poor, and a bit lucky against Clarence in the last round, and those were my comments after that game.

I was merely responding to a question on how I saw the game. Sorry for any perceived offense. Not intended.

Adam Whitemore, Northern Rangers coach.

Anonymous said...

Gratten and Wilson repelled the majority of Souths attacked. Most of the 28 shots were blazed or rushed becoz of there pressure annon 2:04. It could have been a higher score without them there. We should have put more away but our range wasnt on. Penalty call was fair. It all happened quickly. Yes maybe unlucky, but thats how it goes sometimes! Bring on Rangers

Anonymous said...

One can only hope that the final is played on Saturday day or Sunday so as to not clash with the AFL semi finals. A smart pragmatic approach like this will see a bumper crowd with no AFL being played. I will yield to the tv and AFL should it clash. I suspect many others will also.

Do FFT have the abilty to be sensible and make the good call?

Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Adam is a fine coach and a good man so his word is good enough for me.

Unfortunately I don't think his men are good enough to defead South Hobart this year.

Anonymous said...

Rangers as a request from a fan, please line up next week and face the crowd as is the habit of many of the southern teams this year. It adds to the occassion and is most fitting.

Or should I be saying this to FFT?

Anonymous said...

Delighted that Rangers and South are facing off in finals. Only fitting for top two to decide who is state champions.

Even with missed shots I still think South will win. Think Ken will be practicing goals this week!

Will be a great game and hopefully more fans will venture out for last game of the season.

Anonymous said...

Funky, sorry, but if you dont agree with Bias report on club website, you best come back to that club. I call it as I see it through Red White and Blue Sunnies mate. Reports are not designed to impress the opposition.
Le Donk!

Beardy79 said...

Northern Rangers v Burnie Utd highlights are now on youtube.

Anonymous said...

Bollocks Funky, Rangers were the best side all day with most of Burnies chances coming from long range efforts. You were their best player however.

Rangers were in behind Burnie time and time again and controlled well considering the terrible conditions.

Anonymous said...

As for all the club's down south, I reckon we will all be going for Rangers this week, PLEASE beat South and then they will have to suffer the consenquences of pre season monday night nodoubt!!!


A couple of things, for those wondering 4pm KO KGV confirmed by Mike at FFT this morning.

Funko old mate have to agree with Donks reports and Ads comments.

From where I sat Brem, Jago and Snicko were getting in behind you guys all the time. If the conditions has been better at least 4 of these incidents would of led to goals. You guys created a few half chances, and had a fewlong range efforts but really didnt look like scoring. The Examiner said in yesterdays report tht Kaimon hit the post, when? Marsh even rang me and I quote "When in the &^%***( did Kaimon Johnson hit the post" lol

Finmally mate you look far better in a white shirt :)

Anonymous said...

cant wait for next year to watch for what? burnie to implode? congrats to chris smith and sam cocks though the leadership seems to have helped their control and temper. Now next year they may want to try 11 co captains to see if their teammates can show some self control and discipline to

Anonymous said...

This is coming from a spectator from the South so you can't play the bias card; Isn't it time the North hosted one of these South v North Finals?

Thats three in a row if I remember correctly.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:58, 3 funny moments on the youtube highlights you might get a further kick out of! Kaimon kicking water and peley after being sent off and Ash smith, two birds at once when he heard the whistle blow. just turns and holds em up and says, "here you go then Mr Pel, look at my canaries!" Golden!!!

Then old Pete throws the ball at Gibbles even though its clear it came of his boot. Are you right Gibbs?

Anonymous said...

surely the burnie bloke who kicks water at the ref will get at a minimum half a season ban? that is disgusting!

Gabriel Tams said...

anon 4.43, I had a big laugh at the youtube footage too. Looked like I was going for a smother/rejection...depending on what game I was playing. Certainly didn't look like soccer!

Anonymous said...

Agreed annon 5:11. That is totally disgusting to see a player who has been sent off kick water at the ref. Plus who was the bloke who threw the ball at the player from a throw in. He lost his cool!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 4:43pm - Sadly all these actions are pretty stock standard from SOME of the Burnie boys. It's sad to see someone like Chris Smith, who has had a career of ill discipline, change his ways only to be let down by blokes like Van Eck, Kamon Johnson & Ash Smith. And I bet that they'll be blaming someone else for their loss just like always.

I've never heard a club whine about how they get nothing from referees as much as they do. Time to look at why that may be I think.

Shut your mouth, play the game & realise that you won't get every free kick you feel you deserve. You may however get a few you think weren't there so it all balances out in the end.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5.11
What a crock of shit!! minimum of half a season ban??? Nick Treloar shoved a referee and only got a 6 month suspension and ended up only missing 4 matches and your suggesting a half a season suspension?! Think your kidding yourself mate.

Anon 4.43
I cant say i've read a comment on here where burnie have been blaming someone else for their loss and been whinging so i dont know where you are getting this info from?!

Anonymous said...

In the end Burnie bring this on themselves, though the game on the weekend wasnt spiteful, they get too many cards for "mouthing" lets call a spade a spade.

Just shut up and play

Anonymous said...


Certainly not half a season for the water incident, however should get more than the mandatory 1 week he is due to receive for 2 yellow cards.

Will be interesting to see if Mr Pel added anything to his report

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure your the only one bringing this on to Burnie mate, as this whole post has basically been a slinging match towards Burnie. It's pretty obvious you don't like the club but this isn't the place to display it.
This blog isn't for personal attacks on players or clubs but to instead discuss the matches!

Anonymous said...

lol booohooo a little bit of water kicked walking off.

Should get a warning that's it.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what all the fuss is over. We didnt expect anything less when playing Burnie on the weekend.