Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tasmanians put up good performances but cannot grab a win

Tasmania’s Boys' Under-14s lost 1-0 this afternoon to Capital Football in their third outing at the national talent identification series being played in Coffs Harbour, NSW, this week.

A penalty 10 minutes from the end did the damage.

Tasmania hit the woodwork, but the ball bounced down and back into play without crossing the line.

“It was a good game and very competitive,” said the coach of the Tasmanian Under-14s, Dale Itchins.

“It could have been a draw as we had chances and hit the woodwork.

“It was a good performance and we were happy with that.

“We were stronger in today’s second game than we were in the first, really.

“We excelled. It was a good performance but we just couldn’t put one away to get a decent result.

“But, we were happy with the performance.”

This morning, in their second game of the series, Tasmania lost 5-1 to Queensland Country.

Angus Souter was Tasmania’s marksman.

The Tasmanian Under-15s lost 4-0 to NSW Country this afternoon.

"We conceded two early goals and a third seconds before half-time," said Tasmania's coach, Gary Slicer.

"The first two were very soft goals coming from chronic defensive mistakes.

"The second half was a lot better for us and we played a much better game with a much better structure.

"We also had a couple of injuries and had to make substitutions and restructure the team.

"We only conceded one goal in the second half and had quite a number of chances.

"All in all, it was quite a promising performance in the second half."


Anonymous said...

seriously let's stop the spin. 3 losses by the 15s in the 2nd tier group (no NSW Metro, no Vic Metro, no WA, SA, ACT, NNSW) including a loss to Northern Territory. This is not good enough and FFT must ensure the best boys are repping Tassie or our reputation will go downhill further. There are many players in TIS and Morton's School that should have been in this squad. Somebody needs to explain this rather than pretend things are going Ok.

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree Anonymous 6.11pm. Many boys were not considered or asked to try out for this years state teams. Apparently, because they were involved in Morton's Soccer school. Surely, the best boys should be selected regardless of where they choose to train. Surely if we want to compete on the bigger stage we should spend more time on the ball and does it matter if it is with Morton's Soccer School. Fair go for all.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.11 pm part of the problem is no longer here.Things are not Ok as you say. A touch of nepotism still about and friendships between parents and coaches influence decisions also.How can you choose a state team based on 2 1 hour trials. This is why Tas soccer will never improve.

Anonymous said...

System as dictated by FFA will mean that those who choose to stay outside of FFT system - i.e regional U12 sides and southern squads will NOT be eligible for State team selections. Those attending Mortons (or anyone elses ) Soccer school do so in the knowledge that they are choosing to stay outside the FFT/FFA system. 2011 will see a more structured approach to trials and ALL who are good enough to be considered will get an opportunity - but FFA are likely to insist on full-time squads which would normally mean attendance at a 'school' would be unlikely to be possible.

Anonymous said...

lets go back to 2008 when both u14 /u15b state sides included tis boys .under 15 played against vic metro wa metro nsw metro ,nsw country n territory and possibly vic country and had the best result for 20 years under 15s beat vic metro to just miss out on a semi berth /good coach franco previdi provided both discipline and a pathway for both state and tis players to combine but fft seem to have ignored a blueprint that could have been duplicated for future success ,you would have thought itchens could have picked up on some of francos ideas .noooooooooooooo

surf's up said...

Again with respect to the State boys presently doing their best in Coffs, these results are a long way behind the 2008 U15's who finished 5th overall at Nationals after beating Vic Metro convincingly in the playoff final.

That squad included 3 TIS athletes. Bring all our best boys back into the picture and restore Tassie's pride.

Anonymous said...

Name three better under 14 players? You guys are a joke. Tas loose games, not because they aren't good enough, it's because the quality is not just for 20 min a half. The quality of the opposition lasts from the first whistle till the last. Tas lack consistancy over the game, not skill level. The tassie kids smashed under 19 opposition down here, this suggests that the best players are there, and also that it's hard to prepare in tas itself. Congrats to the lads. Good luck in their next games to come.
xoxo gossip girl

Anonymous said...

Sorry Walter, I am always amused with comments, but unless names are given, it is hard to take seriously. Maybe as a thought, register bloggers.
This vein of arguement is stifled without a name, as most are on this site.
I would guess it is a reason dialogue with 'interested' people is stifled.
Bring comment back to the man or woman that is prepared to put an identity behind a comment.
Also as an aside, would love an article on alternative State League options. It would be good to read alternatives.

Cheers Marty Nidorfer.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing that we get on to the blog and criticise those who are playing and representing the state. These were the players chosen whether the selections are right or wrong is not for me to say. But should a player stop trialling for the state team because allegedly there are better players?

Wake up... let the kids enjoy their opportunity and for once think about supporting Tasmanian Football.

Anonymous said...

went to an information night for olympic tues night /good value some good players/maybe recruits there .good presentation by george and chris hey and facilities looking great at clarences old site .good to see olympic getting im before beachside in recruiting boys with talent.

Anonymous said...

No-one is criticising the players themselves , so "gossip girl" get off your high horse.No-one suggested or referred to the U14 in particular. The comments are made in regards to the process used to select some squads this year.
While we are on the subject of quality, you dont measure quality in minutes. You cannot say that we have quality for 20 minutes then lose it.You also stasted that the quality of the opposition lasts from the first whistle.Tasmanian sides have always been able to match interstate opponents for a while and then drop off. This is due to the lack of consistent intensity/standard of the game at that level in Tasmania. That is why these state sides play in higher leagues during the year hoping to get that intensity. However even in those leagues ,the standard is not there to improve these kids to the level required.They do improve certainly but not sufficiently. You also state that the U 14 smashed the U19 sides down here.You mean the U19 Div 1 sides , not Premier League U 19 sides. What does that tell you about that standard then ?

Anonymous said...

the under 15's from 2008 were a great tasmanian side but you can't compare them to this years. most boys from that under 15 side are playing senior football now. you look at the quality of that side... sam mcintyre, cameron sweeney, ben phillips, brayden mann, andy barron, will abbott, jeremy walker, joel stone, jim pennicott all playing senior football or having trials at A-League clubs.

Anonymous said...

'people should not confuse comment on how this program has broken down with comment on the players.

The boys have had a tough year with the Div 1 competition and most Tassie teams going over to these competuitions struggle.

The point is that there are possibly half a dozen top players that should be there that would have made a world of difference.

To the boys that are over there flying the flag for Tassie - we are proud of your efforts and no doubt a number of you will be playing senior football in the next couple of years - hopefully at Olympia :)

Anonymous said...

That 2008 team also included Di Falco (senior squad member at Sth), Hall (reserve captain at Zebras), Postma (leading scorer for South U19s,Sam Reibel who has played seniors with CUFC this year and Sam Jacobs.

Not to be left out was super coach, Franco Previdi, who knows how to win. The side beat NNSW, NSW Country, NT and that great 1-0 against Vic Metro after losing Barron to a controversial send off with the score at 0-0 early in the first half.

The hope was that this was the beginning of an era for Tassie Fottball but things seem to have fallen away????