Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Advice to players in 1971

Referees are essential to the game of football.

If there’s no referee, there’s no game.

In another one of the regular flashbacks to the past, above is a page from the publication “Soccer Forum” from March 1971.

The author of this tongue-in-cheek piece of advice for players in regard to their attitude towards referees is unknown.


Anonymous said...

Luckily it's not "If there's no OFFICIAL referee, there's no game" or the social leagues would be in deep trouble!

Unknown said...

It is crystal clear that lovers of our great game are wasting our time buying the Mercury.

Don't even bother reading their on-line news either. Why, because I have finally received a lame excuse for lack of currency on football news.

The editor of the online Mecury advised me that Mercury traffic figures show there are not many people who read soccer stories; not surprising I say when their news in outdated and infrequently updated.

For all your lastest local, and national and historical perspect, continue to read Walters blog


Adrian Pickin